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Hi Everyone,

Well it's a New Year and It's time for a smaller me. I am trying to lose 55 lbs by my 32nd Birthday. I think it's time to stop with the excuses and really get onboard with losing this weight. I lost about 6 lbs last year while that was a start I don't think that I did too well. I am going to workout 5 x a week. I hope I can contiue to stay motivated and reach my goal.  Good Luck to everyone on your weightloss journey!!

Posted: 2009-01-12 22:38:00



Good Luck! I am looking for a smaller me in 2009 too!
What are you doing to workout? I am doing the 30 day shred right now but have some firm videos and Walk at Home. They are all good but the 30 day shred kicks my butt and get's me sweating!

Posted: 2009-01-21 14:42:00


I had not worked out for at least 6 mos before the beginning of the year. So I am trying to start a little slow. I am doing  some cardio on the eliptical, jogging and walking. I also do some weight training. Alternating different parts of the body everyday. Im hoping to start on some of the tae bo videos again. Haven't strarted on that yet maybe in February. I figure as long as I do some sort working out it's a start.

Posted: 2009-01-27 16:59:00

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I just joined this great site today. I hope to make many new friends and maybe even be a motivator to some. Remember it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, it's who you are on the inside. Love yourself and all else will fall in place.
02/04/2014 06:46
I just jioned and I too have problems with my weight due to medications as well as physical limitations.
04/28/2011 11:09
Shonda 23

I am new as well and also have medication issues which affects my weight. Feel free to message me if I can help

Sarah xx
02/03/2011 01:57
HI New to the group, need some disciplined support to hold me accountable to my goals and keep me motivated! Anyone else struggle with weight gain due to medications?
01/22/2011 02:29
heading towards the end of 30s - and don't want to be fat
01/15/2010 08:26
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