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A support group for women. The goal of this support group is to strengthen our minds and bodies.Calling on the power of Christ to help us through this struggle.

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i was wondering if anyone has any trouble getting down 1200 calories a day......i took phen 2 years ago and quit taking it after a week because i couldn't eat at all....and it caused me alot of discomfort if u know what i mean...anyway ive started back and i do make myself eat 3 times a day but its like a special k bar a yogurt and then a salad or lean cuisine....but that isn't near the 1200 my doctor wants....any suggestions on what i should do

Posted: 2009-03-10 01:20:00


after a few weeks the hunger starts to come back for some people i have days where my appetite is almost normal and days where i dont want to eat at all

Posted: 2009-03-18 05:33:00


I find it easier and cost efficient to eat a lean cuisine meal. They are 200 to 320 calories and a good variety. I have one at 2p.m and then one at 6 p.m. inbetween meals I eat snack bars or string cheese, anything low in calories, if I am at the office I drink a atkins drink 200 calories but it is low in sugar and I am a diabetic.I don't allow myself to eat after 7 p.m. just trying to make new habits.

Posted: 2009-05-02 14:45:00


I am from Canada, so we don't have appetite suppressant drugs that are prescribed here. How do you maintain your weight when you have lost all the weight? Do you stay on the drugs forever?

Posted: 2009-11-11 21:30:00

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Hey everyone,
Glad to find this group. I hope we can encourage and strengthen each other as we all journey towards healthier bodies. I know I'll need the help, for sure!
God bless!!
01/10/2013 06:15
I am so glad to have found a place to connect with other Christians who struggle as I have. I am endeavoring to create a live book-study of Think and Grow Thin..
God's best blessings to you,
Jennifer Wideman
12/02/2009 04:56
I hope you find your self blessed on this beautiful Sunday! I am so happy to be a part of this group, I hope we will help to encourage and lift up all to the Lord! believe that we can do ALL things through CHRIST! Be Blessed!
08/23/2009 09:12
Hi, well here I am... I am blessed to have found this group. I need prayers and encouragement and the Lord gives us endurance! 52 and finally after 30 years of being overweight I am no longer in denial.Dr. has me on phen. and I am off to a good start.
05/02/2009 02:29
Lillie Girl
Hi SolaGratia111!!! Welcome to this support group. :o)
03/30/2009 12:59
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