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A group for those of us in our 50's. Our bodies and lives are changing, but we can still be healthy. Let's do some challenges to help keep us on track.

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How do you add the weight tracker, so that it will show up in all your post?



Posted: 2008-09-30 14:23:00


I don't know....but let me do some playing around ....they have recently made some changes to this site....and we are all on a learning curve here!

Posted: 2008-09-30 15:19:00


     OK....I got it.  Go to where your trackers are; right click on the preview; click on properties; copy the url......then when you add a on the image icon....7th from the left...a window will come up...right click and paste the url in the text box and hit OK.....

Posted: 2008-09-30 15:28:00

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Hi, I just joined this group to give and receive support for those in the 50s like me, who want to loose some weight. I'm still trying to figure out how this works.
01/14/2013 01:50
Hi There! I think this will be a great group because I feel in your 50's, you really let go of the unimportant stuff in your life. I turned 50 last April and I'm lovin' it!
02/13/2012 03:30
Let's re-energize us over 50 folks to be lighter and healthier in 2012! I'm in.
01/18/2012 06:29
hello,, is this a dead group or it active?
03/07/2011 04:42
another monday
Hi I have just signed up hope to write more and eat less on my way to loosing 80 pounds.
11/22/2010 08:44
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