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All Military Branches welcome! Everyone is welcome to join. It doesn’t matter if you are a Military member, Wife, Family member, Friend, or a Supporter. The Military comes with it own unique set of circumstances. It can be hard at times to find someone to talk to that can relate. Whether it is the normal stresses of Military life, Deployments, PCSing (Moving) ..... There are a lot of excuses for not losing the weight now. No More Excuses! We now have a place to come to for the support, understanding, and motivation we need to lose the weight once and for all.

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Amber Leigh

Leave is coming up soo soon I can't wait! I have been on phen and seeing a weight loss dr for a month and 6 days and am happy to say I am well on my way to getting some of this weight off!
Its been 8months so far into the deployment and I'm so ready to see my husband. MaggieKC I miss you! I just wanted to say things have been wonderful lately and i hope everything is going well for you all as well!

Posted: 2009-09-21 13:57:00

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Yeah it does look kind of abandoned doesn't it.
02/15/2010 06:25
hello im new to anyone here it looks like no ones posted anything since sept...hello?
02/08/2010 07:12
Hi Amber, thanks for creating this support forum. I really hope I reach my goal and keep off and I look forward to talking with you. Sara
03/09/2009 05:07
Hey Amber! I like it ok out here. It's a huge change from southeast Georgia but we are getting use to it. I haven't made any friends yet but we've only been here a month.
01/23/2009 05:00
Amber Leigh
Hey maggie I saw on your blog your in el paso. How do you like it out there? My brother is stationed out there. We are at Hood not our favorite place!
01/19/2009 02:58
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