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All Military Branches welcome! Everyone is welcome to join. It doesn’t matter if you are a Military member, Wife, Family member, Friend, or a Supporter. The Military comes with it own unique set of circumstances. It can be hard at times to find someone to talk to that can relate. Whether it is the normal stresses of Military life, Deployments, PCSing (Moving) ..... There are a lot of excuses for not losing the weight now. No More Excuses! We now have a place to come to for the support, understanding, and motivation we need to lose the weight once and for all.

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Hey All! How is everyone doing? What part of the deployment cycle is everyone in? (be general please, no dates) How is it affecting your weight?
We have been through 2 deployments so far. We are gearing up now for an end of the year deployment. I haven't total forgotten about my weight loss goals but they have taken a side seat to everything else. I need to get back on track. I'm not to my goal yet and I am going to get there. I am convinced I am going to get to my goal weight and maintain it. That means I am going to have to learn how to make it through every step of the deployment cycle.
I don't seem to care much normaly in the pre-deployment stage. I think with all the stress and the thought that I will lose weight while he is gone I normaly maintain my weight during this stage.
During deployment it is normaly an anything goes type of deal. Our goal during deployments has always been to survive. I go into it with the idea I am going to lose so much weight and when hubby gets home I am going to be smoking. I never get things into gear until it's almost homecoming time. I actually lost 15 pounds right before hubby got home from this last deployment.  
During redeployment I gain a ton of weight! Hubby is home, he wants to go out to eat here and there, he wants all kinds of special meals he has missed out on over the past year, we visit family and they want to stuff him full of goodies. I go overboard! I don't hold anything back and I pay the price.
Then the adjustment phase comes and I realize what I did. I actually lost some weight after the first deployment but then gained it all back when we got pregnant. We don't plan on having anymore children though so I know there is nothing stopping me this time. I just need to learn how to make it through the rest of the deployment cycle.

Posted: 2009-05-14 10:10:00

Amber Leigh

Well maggie pretty much knows where I am since she reads my blog but for everyone else. We are 3 months in on our 3rd deployment. 5 months before he deployed I started working on losing weight. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it while he was home because like Maggie stated up above, when my husband comes back is when I gain it all back.
We aren't having any more children and I had reached a dangerous weight for me. I'm down to 230 although my new wii fit tells me its more I'm sticking iwth the scale though because its been with me this whole journey so far.
I started out so gungho at the begining of deployment but then I kinda am losing it because I just feel like its so far to go.  I'm trying to break the deployment gain lose cycle though so hopefully I can.

Posted: 2009-05-14 15:16:00

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Yeah it does look kind of abandoned doesn't it.
02/15/2010 06:25
hello im new to anyone here it looks like no ones posted anything since sept...hello?
02/08/2010 07:12
Hi Amber, thanks for creating this support forum. I really hope I reach my goal and keep off and I look forward to talking with you. Sara
03/09/2009 05:07
Hey Amber! I like it ok out here. It's a huge change from southeast Georgia but we are getting use to it. I haven't made any friends yet but we've only been here a month.
01/23/2009 05:00
Amber Leigh
Hey maggie I saw on your blog your in el paso. How do you like it out there? My brother is stationed out there. We are at Hood not our favorite place!
01/19/2009 02:58
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