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All Military Branches welcome! Everyone is welcome to join. It doesn’t matter if you are a Military member, Wife, Family member, Friend, or a Supporter. The Military comes with it own unique set of circumstances. It can be hard at times to find someone to talk to that can relate. Whether it is the normal stresses of Military life, Deployments, PCSing (Moving) ..... There are a lot of excuses for not losing the weight now. No More Excuses! We now have a place to come to for the support, understanding, and motivation we need to lose the weight once and for all.

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Amber Leigh

 And I'm eating everything in sight. I even tell myself don't eat it and I end up doing it and not even noticing. Its only a couple weeks away I know afterwards I can pull it together.... I just wish I could figure out how to do it now. Any suggestions girls?

Posted: 2009-01-13 13:37:00


Keep yourself busy. You can do fun stuff with the kids to get them ready. Arts and crafts are always time consuming and fun. You could have the kids help you put together a picnic then yall could go the park with daddy for food and fun. You could do errands for hubby to get stuff he might need or want to take with him. It's never to early to start getting together care packages.

One of our favorite things to do is make cookies. We make sugar cookies so the kids can decorate them. If you put the sprinkles in a bowl, and have the kids dip the cookies in the sprinkles before you bake them it makes much less of a mess. I have bad teeth so I MIGHT eat one. The kids and hubby always devour them though so it's not a temptation for long.

You could have the kids make somethings for daddy and then stick them in one of his bags so he will get it when he gets there. Yall could have a movie night and make a healthy snack to go along. My son who is 3 doesn't sit and watch movies to well so the movie is normally geared towards him, but something my daughter will like as well. Something really entertaining that has a few chances to get up and dance along. You could even make a tent and get some flashlight and watch the movie from the tent.

If you can't tell keeping the kids active and truly entertained takes a lot of focus for me so there is little chance to stop for a bite to eat. My kids are very high energy but with the right amount of attention and focus they aren't that destructive. Those fun times with the kids can be very draining but they will have a blast. Going through so much time away from daddy they need those kind of memories.

Posted: 2009-01-13 21:29:00



It has been a while since I last logged in, and I don't know if your hubby is already gone.  But I was wondering how you were doing, now? 

Posted: 2009-01-22 02:13:00

Amber Leigh

I'm doing ok Neese its been almost 2 months since he left the 4th of April it will be 2 months down. Trying to stay strong and I have a lunch date with a girl I met on the net and an meeting up with another sahm on saturday at wazoos so the kids can play and we can get to know each other so I'm working on making some friends too! Little nervous usually don't put myself out there like that so hopefully they go well!

Posted: 2009-03-23 19:31:00

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Yeah it does look kind of abandoned doesn't it.
02/15/2010 06:25
hello im new to anyone here it looks like no ones posted anything since sept...hello?
02/08/2010 07:12
Hi Amber, thanks for creating this support forum. I really hope I reach my goal and keep off and I look forward to talking with you. Sara
03/09/2009 05:07
Hey Amber! I like it ok out here. It's a huge change from southeast Georgia but we are getting use to it. I haven't made any friends yet but we've only been here a month.
01/23/2009 05:00
Amber Leigh
Hey maggie I saw on your blog your in el paso. How do you like it out there? My brother is stationed out there. We are at Hood not our favorite place!
01/19/2009 02:58
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