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Are you a home exercise diva? Do you own so many workout DVDs it's slightly embarrassing? When you hit the mall do you cruise the sporting goods shops for new workout clothes? Do you rush home from work or get up at 4.30 AM to get your fix of Cathe, the Firm or P90X? (If you aren't quite there yet but would like to be, come on in and let's talk!) Welcome!

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Hey Everyone, I have been away from EP for a while but am so happy that they have these forums now. It will be a great place to be able to get instant feed back for questions we have.

I would like to know how to kick start the motivation to begin working out? Any ideas? I have a ton of DVD's at home so I can change them up so I don't get bored. I just can't get my head around to get going

Posted: 2007-08-28 08:32:24

Tawa Chihuahua

My first suggestion would be to put a DVD in the player, stand up and start doing it. You don't have to create some sort of elaborate rotation or ritual. That will come with time. Just put on your trainers and start moving. That will be one day down, anyway. Then once you're over the shock of having actually done one of your DVDs, you'll have a whole day to think about which one you might do next. Then the next day, grab one and do it. AFter you've done that a couple of times, you might realise that it is actually possible to get up off the sofa and do it, then you can do a little planning for the next week's workouts. Try it! As soon as you even find yourself considering working out, as soon as the thought of your workout DVDs crosses your mind, just go grab one and get in the living room (or wherever) and do it. It could work!

Posted: 2007-08-29 02:51:03


Thanks for the advice. I will try this tomorrow morning!!

Posted: 2007-08-29 08:31:00

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Hi all, found my plastic box of workout dvds so I am glad to have found this group, too! I'll decide which one to start for the morning. Can't wait.
08/18/2010 06:11
i just bought biggest loser cardo max and i really think it is awesome i sweated and felt energized afterward i felt the burn and maybe some tightened muscles
01/13/2010 02:28
Hey everyone! About to start 30 Day Shred! Wish me luck!
11/30/2009 07:27
Hey! I just joined today. My name is Lia, and I am currently working my way through week 2 of p90x. =)
06/25/2009 02:11
Hi everyone, I'm new to this group. I'm looking for support to keep me motivated to work out !
02/25/2009 01:36
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