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I would love to start blogging butI really don't want anyone to know how much I weigh! Esp. people who know me. Is there anyway to make it so if I post a blogmy weight chart won't show up?

Also is there anyway to make certain blog post only viewable by me, like a diary kind of??

Posted: 2008-09-17 10:58:00


Hi bean213

Welcome to the Extrapounds.com site and our Support Group.

Yes you can enter your stats into your weight log and trackers without showing them in your blog.

If you go the My Blog section of your account and click the 'Blog Settings' tab you will see a list of things you can decide to either show or not display in your blog.
Check the appropriate boxes and then remember to 'Save Changes'

Hope that helps.

Posted: 2008-09-17 11:28:00

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