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for those who need an extra push here is a 5 month challenge anyone can join at any time - challenge ends May 5th why not commit and share your weekly success of weight loss and achieving your goals winners get two tickets to the Bahamas -kidding :)

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Hi all...I'm new to this website and group...I'm just really trying to lose some weight.  I see the new season of TBL is coming up and i'm hoping I can find some motivation through their stories.  I'm finding myself getting depressed about the weight that I have gained and could really use some help.  I lose roughly 65 lbs 2 years ago when going through a divorce.  It seemed easy.  It was stress.  But now that I've gained 20 of it back i'm finding it harder and harder to maintain my weight.  I hardly eat and am on my feet all day at work.  Nothing is working for me.  Just wondered what this group was all about and if anyone out there has a similiar situation.  I'm struggling :(

Posted: 2010-10-03 14:54:00


The only thing I can suggest to you is what has worked for me. I have lost 50 pounds. I walk on my treadmill or outside for 2 miles at least 4 times a week. I eat low carb and I drink alot of water and no sodas. If I eat more protein and less carbs I lose it. When I walk, it just seems to melt off. You can do low carb instead of no carbs.  You can make small changes at first like instead of eating a burger with the bun, take top bun off and cut the rest in half and fold it over. Instead of eating all of the fries, eat 1/2. I try to  make sure my carbs come from green vegetables. I also save up for holidays and special occasions.  I eat really well prior to the event (at least 2 weeks worth). When that day comes, I treat myself but in moderation.

Posted: 2010-11-02 17:06:00


how long did it take you to lose the 50 pounds? and great job by the way!!!

Posted: 2010-12-08 23:06:00

Fitegic Planner

You've taken a very positive step by joining this group and asking for suggestions and support.

Research studies have shown that joining both online and in-person support groups greatly increases success rates.  

I'm a Short  Italian Woman (SIW) who used to weigh 210 pounds, lost 100 pounds almost 30 years ago and have maintained a healthy weight since - and I have stories to tell that provide direction, information, motivation, and hopefully more than a few reasons to smile.

As a matter-of-fact, here is a post that deals with one of the issues you mentioned - not eating all day.  It's called "When You See a Fork in the Road Take It - Unless It's Going the Wrong Way"  

I'd also like to suggest that you visit the Mayo Clinic Weight Loss site.  Their information is health-based, easy to follow, easy to understand.  There are calculators that will provide you with personalized info as to calorie intake, nutrition - they even give info as to "what foods to buy".  

My experience is that weight loss and weight maintenance isn't rocket science - but you must have three things working together:  Meaning, Motivation, and Method (see my blog for posts on that subject).

Glad to see you are here.  Please feel free to private message me :)

Posted: 2010-12-18 21:32:00


Hey I have been missing and like the information people are sending you. I was on Phentermine for 6 months and lost like 30 pouns have gained back about 7 now and am sitting at 178. But I feel miserable and am looking at a fresh start and information to get me going.Fitegic great post

Posted: 2010-12-26 18:29:00

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Is anyone still active in this group??
04/04/2013 09:45
joined 2 days ago
now i am 87 kg
i hope to be 60 by january 2012
07/10/2011 11:19
I would like to know how this challenge works to...
03/20/2010 09:43
Doing Biggest Loser Workout on the Wii every day for 1-2 hours, walking, stopped drinking pop and I've been dieting. All of this since January 1st.... And I have not lost 1 pound!! AHH!!!
01/27/2010 10:44
I am from Cincinnati Ohio. This is my first time getting back on this site. I am interested in the biggest looser challenge. How does it work
01/13/2010 03:35
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