the biggest loser

for those who need an extra push here is a 5 month challenge anyone can join at any time - challenge ends May 5th why not commit and share your weekly success of weight loss and achieving your goals winners get two tickets to the Bahamas -kidding :)

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I'd really like to have a big L on my forehead and be a big loser! Can I count on all of you?  I'll try to help others too!

PS - It's going to be a tough road. Hope I can travel it.


Posted: 2008-09-24 15:04:00


Ditto...I too want a very big L on my forehead. I want to lose 74lb by my next birthday in April. It is certainly going to be a long tough road to travel but I am soooo dertermined to succeed. Can I add you to my friends list, we can support and motivate each other. Good will succeed.

Posted: 2008-09-26 06:27:00

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Is anyone still active in this group??
04/04/2013 09:45
joined 2 days ago
now i am 87 kg
i hope to be 60 by january 2012
07/10/2011 11:19
I would like to know how this challenge works to...
03/20/2010 09:43
Doing Biggest Loser Workout on the Wii every day for 1-2 hours, walking, stopped drinking pop and I've been dieting. All of this since January 1st.... And I have not lost 1 pound!! AHH!!!
01/27/2010 10:44
I am from Cincinnati Ohio. This is my first time getting back on this site. I am interested in the biggest looser challenge. How does it work
01/13/2010 03:35
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