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I'm in Alberta, Canada.

It's great for exercise late spring thru the summer and early fall. Winter is harder to get out and exercise, unless you are a skier, but it gets pretty stankin' cold around here, so I avoid the snow!!! Also my asthma makes it nearly impossible for me to do outdoor sports.

Posted: 2007-08-24 20:21:11


Im in Florida, but am from England originally and my husband from Ireland originally,
Its the reverse for us, too hot to excercise in the summer, so Autumn - Spring are the months to get out and about,

Posted: 2007-08-26 20:11:03


I'm in Massachusetts

Posted: 2007-09-03 08:26:25


I am in Post Falls Idaho. It is Northern Idaho.

Posted: 2007-08-27 11:18:04


I am in New Baltimore, Michigan

Posted: 2007-08-28 00:52:11


I'm in Ontario, Canada but I'm headed out to Alberta to visit family in September!

Posted: 2007-08-28 16:08:27


Oh neat, where in Alberta is the fam?

Posted: 2007-08-28 17:07:19


My Dad and brother are out working in Ft. McMurray right now. I'm going to visit them with my 9 month old son. Grampa hasn't met him yet. :)

Posted: 2007-08-28 22:15:45


I live Chicago, IL born and raised. I now live in the suburbs with my husband and kids.

Posted: 2007-08-29 10:34:22


I live in Alberta....about 20 minutes highway driving from Edmonton.

Posted: 2007-08-29 15:47:02

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