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Hey everyone. I was just wonder if anyone had any side effect to Phentermine and how much if any progress you have made while on it. My doctor just perscibed it to me three days ago and i have lost 4 ibs already but im a little worried about taking it even though the only side effect i have had is not wanting to eat and having lots of energy .

Posted: 2008-05-01 09:24:52


I'm not taking it, but I want to know more about it. I'm new to this site and I've seen a lot of mention about it. Tell me more!!!!! LOL

Although, I'm nursing a newborn, so I'm assuming it's something I'd have to wait until she's weaned to take anyway, huh?

Is it hard to get a doc to rx it?

Posted: 2008-05-01 17:01:44


Well I started phen 37.5mg as of wednesday this week.. today is day 3 on the pill. So far so good,, I have a lot more energy. I have to remind myself to eat and if I do eat, I eat a quarter amount of food compared to before and I feel so full and bloated. I do however have very dry mouth since starting this and I am drinking a lot of water.

Posted: 2008-05-02 17:56:56


I started my diet on the first of May due to my doctor telling me that if I dont lose the weight fast I could on insulin shots by September. I am currently on phentermine 30 mg and I am looking for someone to set goals with. I would like to set a weekly exercise plan with someone and go through this with someone as dedicated as I am. Plus it always nice to have someone push you when you need it. 55 pounds in 3 months...

Posted: 2008-05-03 02:46:57

Mama Cruz

I just started taking phentermine today. I am on 15 mg. I hope that it will be enough. So far so good. The only thing I do notice is the aforementioned dry mouth. Which I think it is a good reminder to drink lots more water! Any one else have success with only 15 mg?

Posted: 2008-05-05 16:17:13

Toni Louise


I just started taking Duromine/Phentermine, so I'm going to wait a month and see how I go.
I'm on the 40mg.

Good Luck Everyone

Posted: 2008-05-09 00:30:57


Hey there, I have taken Phentermine once before and now I am on it again. This drug was the fist diet drug to be passed by the FDA back in the earlier 60's late 50's, so it's pretty trustworthy. The only side effect that I am having is restlessness at night, but hopefully taking it earlier in the morning will soon cut that out. I am on 30mgs. It is a really good drug, however it is not to be taken for long periods of time maybe at the most 3 months. Just long enough to give you a good kick start on your diet. Plus you may not feel hungry, but it is important to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, skipping meals will not help train your body. Stay away from smoking, caffeine and control your sugar intake while on the meds., that will keep you from getting jitters, and will also prevent your body from becoming immune to the drug. Good luck.

Posted: 2008-05-13 21:04:16


I will start tomorrow and I'm very excited.Don't know much about it,will post after I have been on a little bit.

Posted: 2008-05-27 11:43:57


I have now been on phentermine for 30 days and I have lost 23lbs so far. I also lost 4lbs in the first few days. The only thing that I found wrong with it was the no erge to eat and too much energy. I will take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night like the doctor said. I will do this for about 3 days. Then for the following 2 days I will only take 1/2 in the morning and nothing in the afternoon. Then I go 1 day of taking nothing at all and then I go back to the doctors order. This has kept me from feeling sick like I am not eating enough or I have so much energy that I am so tired I could faint. I do it like this and it helps regulate my body and I still am loosing weight. I still watch what I eat everyday with or without the pill. I drink plenty of water it even makes me sick sometimes all the water I drink. I also walk everyday. You would be surprised the differance walking everyday for a month will do. I didnt think it would work that fast. So besides these things I have not had any probs with the pill so if anyone has any other tips please let me know. Thanks.

Posted: 2008-05-28 13:49:24


I take 37.5mg per day. I have lost 13 lbs total in the 5 weeks I've been on it.
I didn't get it through my family doctor, but through a place called diet doctors (which is an MD but practices only here)
I love it! I was 32 pounds overweight when I started and have tried forever to get it off and just couldn't.
It does have the side effects of "can't eat" and when you do, you can only eat small portions. This, for me, was in the first 4 weeks. I've noticed, as well as several others I know, that your body gets used to it and you have to learn that it's still working, because you'll want to eat more. So, I and the others I know on it definately have seen that effect definately diminishes after 4-5 weeks. It is still working, but you have to use more self control. I still can't eat large portions, but i find I get hungry more often. Which when you eat 4-6 times per day, it speeds up your metabolism.
The loads of energy is short term as well. As my experience has been. When i first started taking it, I had to be up doing something because of all the energy. Now, I still have energy with it, but I've noticed, it doesn't make me get up and get going, but when I get up on my own, I can really tell that I have energy that way. Make sense? lol...I highly recommend it. The only side effect I have had that I don't like at all is it tends to constipate you. But, to lose the weight I've struggled with so long, I can handle that part! Hope this helps :~)

Posted: 2008-06-30 23:46:03

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