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New to group, I am trying to  get back on track  I have lost 100 pounds and gained 23 back would love to lose 88 lbs , I have  a bad back and have trouble exercising but i know i can do it, just trying to get some support and I will be there as well for you. If you are wanting a buddie you can add me. I am married and just interesting in support.


Posted: 2012-01-24 08:07:00


Hello! I am also trying to get back on track. A visit to the Dr and a shock on the scale made me realize just how bad my weight has been getting. I need to loose 87 pounds at the moment. I would love to join forces with you so we could motivate each other.

Posted: 2012-02-24 23:17:00

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New member. Need support, Encouragement is a big plus please! I'm a housewife. My 4 kids are teenagers. I'm always in my house.
Thank you in advance for the help and support 💜
03/02/2015 08:11
Hi. Old member here. Ready for a serious start again but need friends to encourage and be encouraged by. Hope you'll contact me!
02/05/2015 07:22
new too. lost 120 over last 4 years,but gained back 45 after back injury. nothing seems to work this time.helllllllllp!
01/29/2015 07:58
so glad to find online support for my 57 lb weight loss. I really hope I can achieve it in 2015 after carrying so much baggage for so long.
01/05/2015 10:01
Hello to everyone, I thank God that I've found a online support group that can help me in my journey to losing years of baggage that I kept on me. 2015 is my year! To God be the Glory!!!
01/03/2015 05:03
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