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Hey! I have set a personal goal to lose 80lbs by July 31st! I would love to have a weight loss buddy to go along on this tough journey with me!!

Posted: 2012-01-19 04:57:00


Hi! I would love to join you! I have 85 to lose, that I am working on as of Jan. 1st of this year.  I hope it's going good for you so far!  

I have 58 more pounds to go.  I'm trying to shoot for Mother's Day as my goal, if not then, by Memorial Weekend.  We'll see if my body cooperates! 

I know it is tough, but WE CAN DO IT!!!!  Quitting is not an option!!!

Posted: 2012-02-04 23:29:00


Hey I have to lose 100lbs. I just started last week so I dont know if I can lose 80 by July 31st but I will go for it, what do I have to lose? If I cant make it then I will just keep going till I do.

Posted: 2012-02-21 16:23:00


Hi there!  I need to lose the about the same amount and that was close to the goal date I have for myself.  It always helps to have buddies with similar goals.  I'm in! 

Posted: 2012-02-22 14:05:00


Hello everyone, I'd like to join, I just started today and I can also relate to the amount desired to lose by July as well. Count me in too.

Posted: 2012-03-01 21:35:00

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Hello everyone.
I just joined up this morning. I am in need of a place to chat with people who are fighting the same battle as I am. I no longer need this extra weight or these bad habits, it is time for change.
10/23/2014 05:43
hi all,
I run a support group for diet and exercise on fb where we are accountable daily
is the link -friend me if you want to join and i'll add you- we are exercising and losing like crazy!
07/05/2014 12:28
Hello there! c:
My name is Ashley, and I'm new here. I just joined this site, and I'm already excited. I need all the help I can get. Good luck with your journeys as well!
05/20/2014 09:13
So thankful to God! Yest. ate 3 healthy meals and did not feel slighted. Jogged 3x this wk in my liv. rm. to Christian music. More energy! Grandbabies here, playing with my 3 youngest kids. Thank you, Jesus. Blessings to all my new wt loss frnds.
02/14/2014 08:42
Blessings to you all! I am glad I found your community. I am feeling hopeful today. I want to encourage everyone...cfrench that is great you want to go to the gym on Sunday--you can do it!!! I am jogging laps in my living room today to music from youtube.
02/13/2014 05:51
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