Journey to 30 pounds

This is a support group for those that are trying to lose approximately 30 pounds.

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I just joined and hope to gain some positive support here. I hope to see a lot of activity here .... maybe because I'm so chatty.

My name is Cyndie, I am about thirty pounds heavier than I want to be. I was lucky enough to have a personal trainer at the gym last summer was very happy with the results after the three months with her. I did not maintain and find myself unhappy with my body again.

A friend pointed me to this site and I think it's great!

Posted: 2008-04-03 14:59:38


I'm sorry things didn't work out!!
I'm trying to lose 30+ also...
well... Im here!!!

Posted: 2008-06-18 11:57:18


30 is the magic number for me, too (used to be 10, then 20 - oh oh, I see a pattern . . .)

I hope there are still folks out there.

Anybody out there who's 5 ft 3 and needs to lose 30 lbs? Can we compare notes?

Posted: 2008-08-24 01:08:51


Hoping this group is active as well. Guess I can check on tomorrow and see who is up.

Posted: 2008-08-25 17:49:11

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Hi.. I believe we can all do this together. Good luck to all of us.
01/08/2013 02:01
I made a new "resolution" to take better care of myself physically and mentally~ That includes making healthier food choices. Here we goooo!
01/08/2013 12:50
hello. Im the total newbie. I'm looking to lose 35 pounds in 4 months! hope you guys support me. :)
08/13/2010 04:50
I'm new to this - looking for someone with a sense of HUMOR and the ability to call fat FAT! I am contemplating doing one of these lemon-maple-syrup-cayenne cleanses to jump-start even though something tells me it's bogus. Any thoughts?
04/09/2010 04:20
Heya! I'm new here
04/06/2010 03:52
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