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i'm brand new to this site. i desperately need advice on how to start my weight loss. I need to lose 100 pounds to be considered healthy, but i would be happy with 50 as a first goal. Any advice on what to eat, how often to eat, exercises i can do with no money for a gym or equipment???? I need all the support and advice i can get, as i currently have none in my life!

Posted: 2012-03-04 22:13:00


Hi.  I think this is one of the best places you could go for support on how to lose.  There are people on here doing any number of diets and plans that you may find good for you. I started off with different plans on many occasions, but recently just had a lap band.  The most successful plan I've ever been on outside of my lap band was counting calories, lowering carbs and fat and routinely exercising.  The exercise doesn't have to come from a gym, its just the personal choice I have right now and it keeps me more motivated.  Check into some DVD's like the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  If you have a Wii, use the Wii Fit or Dance games as a form of exercise. Of course, walking and jogging are good.  A friend on here turned me on to C25K, which is a program you can download to your MP3 player or whatever, and it coaches you to jogging.  It is set to music so it's a good thing.  The more active you are on here, reading people's blog and responding to them, the better support and helpful information you will get.  I wish you the best of luck! :)  Just don't give up. :)

Posted: 2012-03-05 15:00:00


Hi, I am Lorrie. I have lost 95 lbs in a little over a year. I was 258 and now I am 162.6 . I recommend starting off slow. To figure out how much you should be eating. I recomend using caloriecount.com. I used that website for that. It calculates how much you should be eating based on your current weight and your current activity level. Remember if either your weight changes or your activity level changes significantly then that means you need to re-calculate your calories. When I was 258 lbs I could eat 2,000 calories to lose 2 lbs per week with 6 days of the gym. Now that I am down to the 162 I have to eat 1300 calories with the same amount of exercise to lose 2lbs per week. It also has thousands of foods in its database so tracking what you eat is relativelty easy. The website also tracks your nutrition and gives you tips on how to get more vitamins in your diet.  When it comes to losing weight it's basic...Calories in (your diet) and Calories out (exercise). Not to say that it is an easy journey. Having healthy nutrition on the other hand is a different story. If you don't want to end up an unhealthy skinny person than focus on having a rainbow of fruits and vegetables in your diet. The bigger the rainbow on your plate the more variety of vitamins you are getting out of your meal.

Posted: 2012-03-26 16:17:00

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08/06/2014 12:44
hi, i live in reno nevada. looking for people to help me through this
07/23/2014 01:51
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