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I saw your support group as part of this website and I was thrilled that there are other people on the same journey that I am on.  My good news:  I am back on the scale at 351 pounds.

Posted: 2012-01-17 16:29:00


Hang in there and keep coming back! IT HELPS! :)

Posted: 2012-01-24 17:41:00


Lost 2 pounds in the past week.  Thanks for the encouragement.

Posted: 2012-01-27 22:01:00


CONGRATS on the 2lb loss!  Hey, I do not need to lose 100lbs or more. In fact, I lost over 200lbs and have  23lbs to go. The reason I wanted to be in this group is that I am wanting to give motivation and encouragement to others. In fact, I use to have 2 best friends and they lost all thier weight. That's great but their attitude changed and make fun of other heavy weight people. I told them off and now I have no one to talk to about weight loss.
I hope ya'll will accept me......I will leave this group if you want me too, but there's no one else out there in the other groups who will talk to me. *I think I might have cooties!?* LOL!
Take care and HAGD!

Posted: 2012-01-28 06:12:00

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Hi last month almost did sleeve surgery. Walked away 2 days before, i' m gonna do it on my own. New here, just to say hi!
02/21/2015 08:16
Hi,gastric bypass 2001.
Reversed 2007...after almost dieing,no weight loss.
RNY 2007....little weight loss. From 220 kg to 176 kg. in 6 months.now back to 192.............what to do?
09/26/2014 08:03
Hi everyone, I'm new here and just started blogging about food addiction. Looking for some people who also blog so I can flollow your progress, i find it helps :)
08/11/2014 04:21
Hi ladies...I need help! I got alot to lose and don't know where or how to start. Since I had my baby 5 years ago I can't stop gaining weight! I did WW points before she was born and did dang good at it. But now I'm the only one who needs to lose. HELP
08/06/2014 12:44
hi, i live in reno nevada. looking for people to help me through this
07/23/2014 01:51
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