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For members who started their weight-loss journey with at least 100 pounds to lose.

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Hi, i am Mandy and i am new to EP. I have lost 27lbs but i have about 90 still left to go so i am in here for a while!

Mandy x

Posted: 2007-10-12 16:11:00


Thats awesome! Good Luck!

Posted: 2007-10-28 15:53:30


Welcome to the group!!! I look forward the day when we all reach our 100 lbs (or more) goal!! We can do this!

Posted: 2007-10-30 11:21:36


Welcome Mandy and way to go on your weight loss so far! This is such an awesome and inspiring place to be and it really works.

Posted: 2007-10-30 17:38:31

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hi, i live in reno nevada. looking for people to help me through this
07/23/2014 01:51
Hello I am new and I am looking for support and talking to others that are in the same or similiar postion. I would love to share and encourage people as well. Just looking for a starting point. Good luck we all can do this!
07/04/2014 04:50
I run an online support group on FB
that's a link to my page to be added- I find ppl do not post here everyday so I started my own group- we post daily and hold each other accountable! join us if you want help
07/02/2014 11:25
Glad to find a 100 weight loss support like this with hope of finding friends to share the journey and support. I am retired grandfather, led active life -- Fred B
06/15/2014 06:34
Pulling. Myself up and out I want like minded ppl.
04/22/2014 07:41
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