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Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and I am a SAHM to 4 in Missouri. I am so looking forward to getting to know you all and learning everything I can from you to help me on this long journey I have ahead of me. I have got so much weight to lose but seeing the success stories here really help me out!

I am struggling to figure out how to use the extrapounds website though so I will apologize now if I do anything wrong! Everything I try to do I seem to keep getting thrown out back to the sign in page. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

Again thanks for this great website!

Posted: 2007-10-11 11:36:29


Hi there, and welcome! I have no advice about the sign in issue, as the site makes me sign in a million times over before letting me do anything... it can get pretty frustrating! Congrats on finding the site and signing up, though! The support here and on the blogs is great, and it can help you through a few rough patches that everyone comes across on their journey... signing up and getting started is the first step!

Posted: 2007-10-12 04:42:04


Hi Lisa, i am also new today and finding my feet getting around the site. I am sure as each day goes it will get a little easier!
Good luck and hope to get to know you all better soon xxx

Posted: 2007-10-12 16:29:00

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Pulling. Myself up and out I want like minded ppl.
04/22/2014 07:41
Looking for weight loss buddy need to lose 151 pounds
03/16/2014 01:19
Check me out!! I'm loseing. My weight!!
03/04/2014 06:24
Check me out!! I'm loading weight!!
03/04/2014 06:23
Lookin for a weight loss buddy! aim to lose about 100lbs!!!!!!!!!

02/23/2014 11:53
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