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Hi guys my name is Veronica and I am new to the blogging scene (just joined today). I am 18 years old and 261 lbs. I started dieting last week and I lost 4 lbs already!!
I want to be 135 lbs so badly, that is a healthy weight for my short stature. I just can't believe that is 125 lbs away!!! It scares me that I have to lose SO much weight -- a whole person pretty much.
How is everyone else handling the stress of having so much to lose? I'm only 18...I can't believe I need to lose 100+ lbs!! Then again, it's just a number! I can do it

Posted: 2010-11-07 22:06:00


The support on this site and blogging about it, has helped me lose 2 lbs this last week. Good luck on your journey!

Posted: 2010-11-08 01:09:00


Thank you so much!! I really do believe that this site is going to help me!! :)

Posted: 2010-11-08 01:41:00


Hey Veronica! Welcome to EP =). I'm Sarah and I have 100+ pounds to loose also. I'm in the same boat as you it seems - I can't figure out how at 22 I managed to get up to 250lbs. Eeek! The good thing is that I feel that ExtraPounds (especially the blogging and the people you meet here) will really help you become motivated. I'm loosing weight very slowly, I've lost 9lbs in like 2 months, but I'm not discouraged because of everyone's kind words (and trust me, in the past I would always be discouraged!)

Just keep up with your journey! If there is anything I've learned from this its to never give up, but at the same time, don't beat yourself up (I say this because today I gave in and had McDonalds - oops!). If you need someone to talk to that is going through the same thing definitely hit me up! We can motivate each other together to loose our weight!


Posted: 2010-11-08 02:44:00


Hey Sarah! I completely feel ya, it's hard to stay motivated especially when it seems like time after time things don't work out.
My dad asked me why it's so hard for me to lose weight and I said to him..."dad you know when your room is so messy....it seems like it'll never get cleaned? so why bother? that's how I feel with my weight...it is so much,,,it seems like it'll never go away. so why bother?"
But now I have a positive outlook and hopefully will make it through this. I hope that we can motivate eachother and help one another on our quest to be thin!!!! Ahhhhh we can do this girl :) we're young and deserve to be in shape!

Posted: 2010-11-08 03:06:00


Hi ya Veronica
You have come to the right place, great to have people communicating with you that are in the same boat!  You will find everyone here is sooooo supportive and encouraging.
Like you I have just started (AGAIN!) but am so determined to do this this time!  I really am.
With the help from everyone here and the inspiration and advice you will receive you will get there, you have made the first step and that is fantastic, great result for the first weigh in!
My advice is to keep reading blogs and picking up hints and tips, seeing everyone else succeeding can only help, one lady on here has nearly lost 200lb and she looks like a totally different person, she is loving her new life.
You have to stay postive and focused, at the end of the day it is a small price to pay to be the person you want to be ... we only get one shot at this life and I for one intend to live it the way I want to ... healthy and slim!
Sending you lots of luck from Ireland as you face your challenge.

Posted: 2010-11-08 10:26:00


Your words are so encouraging!! Thank you so much for the comment, every little bit goes a long way that's for sure.
I look forward to keeping up with you and your weight loss and hopefully each and every week we'll be able to tell eachother that more and more weight came off!

Posted: 2010-11-08 17:34:00


Hey Veronica!  Just take it one day at a time.  We all have a LOT to lose, but we are closer now than when we started.  Just keep trying and NEVER give up!! You can do it! 

Posted: 2010-11-09 04:14:00


Awh! Thank you so much for the positive insight!!

Posted: 2010-11-09 04:31:00


Hi Veronica,

I also need to lose 100 lbs to reach my ultimate goal weight. I am 26 years old and has been over weight since I was born. I've finally reached the point in my life where I'm tired of being fat I have faith that I can accomplish this goal. It is going to be hard, but as long as we stay focused and motivate each other to strive we will make it. I'm new to this website and I'm looking for a friend for support. 

Posted: 2010-11-12 22:30:00

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