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Are your main areas of weakness and again your main areas of strength?

For me weakness comes with boredom... being alone with noone watching and nohing to do the old secret binger sticks er head out and says "just one" I have had to work so hard at shooshing her and re-programming my thought process to yes you can have one if it's built in and planned and it's not for today so if you have it you have to sacrifice something that is planned... like dinner... hmm dinner or a cake... I'll have the platefull of nutritious filling tastey dinner thanks!

Strength or me comes from looking at my son and never wanting him to struggle like iI have and the masses of support, motivation and inspiraion i get on here readig blogs and the support network I have of those who regulary comment on my blog, I have met some fantastically inspirational people and surrounding myself with them has made me believe it is all acheivable! Know I CAN do it... that make me strong rather than hoping I can do it.

Posted: 2009-10-30 07:57:00


I KNOW you can do it too.  It's funny to read about boredom because I rarely think of you as idle, without something (100 things!) to do.  It's great that you can so accurately pinpoint the moment when you are making the choice.  Too often, I have found myself halfway into overdrive shoveling food into my mouth before I realize (too late) how much I have consumed. 
I have learned much from you.  I'm so glad you are here!  J

Posted: 2009-10-30 17:24:00


Donna I still find myself picking it up then halfway into my mouth I realise I'm doing it and not even thinking about it... scraps off Adam's plate the broken cookie in the packet.... adam freaks if his isn't perfect so i'd eat the broken ones.... now i realise it is ok to throw them out... ot to crumble up and put in a bowl with a spoon for Adam to play cook with they do not need to be consumed!
I'm rarely bored now as I fill my time, reason being boredom leads to eating for me.... when I was a 24.5stone SAHM I'd sit about watching crap TV eating most of the day....

Posted: 2009-10-30 21:54:00


Titaniaster, U are so much more then your looks.. U have powerful kindness in you that many of us do not.. I think I am a very nice person. If you ask some here they may say different they don't know me .
You see I grew up In a very Irish family that we don't wash things under the table we talk things out and make changes......example my idea that we change we the leader in the is group wellI see that alot of people read it but nobody said a word I wonder why that is? If the leader had read it and cared she would have said something..... If something has happened to her and I hope not then we really do need a new leader..
My weakness I talk to much.. My strenghts I talk to much....
U are doing great and I love to read your post..

Posted: 2009-11-02 01:07:00


hahahaha my boss at work has ofte told me at appraisal times my honesty is both my weakness and my strength lol

Posted: 2009-11-02 08:20:00


I don't think I have much strength... my weakness is definately in stress and being overly emotional.  These are both things I have a say so about, but all to often I let them win. I don't have any more choice but to conquer them!  I agree with GirlNextDoor about being halfway through before I realize what I'm doing.  Sometimes I am really good at this and others...not so much. This is absolutely something i need to work on! There are some great peopel to look to for inspiration here.

Posted: 2009-11-02 16:14:00


You are a tower of strength Id be rocking in a corner by now after he past couple of months you've had! and what are you doing? losing/getting on with it and back in the gym! .. I don't have much strngth.... righty oh then!

Posted: 2009-11-02 17:21:00


Well, I see strength in you that I admire more than my own I guess. But this is a good thing - and I'm grateful you show it so well because it does pick me up!

Posted: 2009-11-02 18:04:00


I don't know.. as far as weakness stress like others is the most. you should see me freak out at times maybe having probably anxieties especially with the way things are now everything being getting tougher and tougher.. When I have the opportunity to sit back and relax I would say I would just watch tv and grab a snack but one becomes too many and then I get all lazy at times which is my big concern and problem and then the stress builds up again.

My strengths would be my intentions to work. Always giving my 110% to everything I do but when it comes to myself it becomes more hectic. any motivactional tips. I wouldn't want my daughter to go through the same.. my wife gets a bit worried because all I do is just sit at home do nothing and making it a routine.. :(

Posted: 2009-11-04 17:07:00


endoftheline- i totally understand where u are coming from not even two months ago i ate when i was stressed, bored, excited or hell just because. secret is...training ur body. my body now when im stressed...heads to the gym to walk/run. i no longer have those cravings and when i do...i find something to do. it took a lot of effort and determination but anyone can do it. just gotta realize no one else can do it for u.

Posted: 2009-11-06 15:09:00

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