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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 252.00lb
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Goal weight: 130.00lb
Lost to date: 3.00lb
Remaining: 119.00lb

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Holy Cow! Yay me!

Well, I have lost a total of 22 pounds since January 7, 2012!!! Yay me!!!  I am so happy I am able to do it!  I was in a bit of a funk but buckled down and found I could easily do it!  I have about 80 more pounds to but I am working so hard at it that I am also posting this on FB so I won't embarrass myself in front of my friends and hold myself accountable.  I hope everyone else is as successful as I have been so far


Well, I was a little bummed that it rained like there was no tomorrow here in Big D.  I was ready to go walking but when I left the office, it was dark and gray and thundering.  It was sprinkling when I got home and I was ready to put on my walking gear when I saw lightning and decided against it. Dangit!  This is one time I wish I had a treadmill. I love walking outdoors actually walking the 2.2 miles and seeing my neighbors rather than being stationary on the belt.  Oh well, the husband wants me to check out treadmills so I won't miss my chance to walk when it rains.  Maybe next week will be better.

Weight gain

Well, I gained two pounds over the weekend and believe I can attribute that to working out fiendishly Saturday and Sunday.  I walked a total of 11 miles last week and is the most I have ever walked in a single week in my entire life!  I will measure myself this Thursday and hope the inches came off so I can attribute the weight gain to muscle build up.  I  mean I lost almost 20 pounds in 21 days (17 pounds, actually) and am feeling really great.  My hair is shinier because I am eating so much better and have not had a hankering for any kind of junk food at all.  I was not a big sweets eater, per se, but I do love my bread, pasta and butters.  YUM!  I have switched out my breads to whole wheat with grains, whole wheat pasta, and butters with less fat and more Omega 3s.  They actually taste better than the fatty ones I used to buy.  I am so pumped to reach the 20 pound mark by the end of January!  Gotta work hard!!  Good luck to the rest of you.

Peace and LESS GREASE!


Well, I lost the pounds I thought I gained!!  From what I understand it was muscle build up which is a good thing!  I have been powerwalking 2.2 miles every day, 3 reps of 10 bicep curls, 6 mins on the Shake Weight to tone my BATWINGS, 150 crunches and eat extremely healthy.  I am following the blue plan on the LAWL plan and it's working wonderfully!  I am so proud of myself that I have lost 16 pounds from my heaviest weight of 256 and am now down to 239!!! OMG you cannot imagine how happy I am right now!!  I hit the mark to get to the 230s and I know that from here it's all going to go my way. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I am so excited for myself!  I wish the rest of you out in cyberworld the very best along with tons of prayers that you meet your goal!  God wants us to be healthy and happy.

gained 2 pounds

How the heck did i gain two pounds??? I have been following my meal plan and don't know why I gained.  I wonder if it's because I am now adding weights to my exercise; no idea.  That's the only thing I am doing different now. Hope this two pounds goes away soon!  I want it gone!

Yep fell off the horse! Back on again...

So many things happened between 2009 and 2011 that I just plain fell off the horse but am now ready to get back on again.  I am doing the LA Weight Loss program now and am hoping to stay motivated.

Haven't written in a while

Well, today I went out and got a hair trim and color. I colored it a deep auburn and got my ends trimmed and added some bangs. I'm letting my hair grow out for the summer; I usually keep it in a bob and now wear it like Victoria Beckham wears hers. Anyhow, I searched like hell looking for my tools that I got when LA Weight Loss was in Dallas. They closed their doors in Texas and filed bankruptcy. I paid them some money (not all of it because I wasn't satisfied with them) and then they closed their doors. They even so far as to push all kinds of their supplements and try to make me buy them saying that they couldn't guarantee my weight loss if I didn't buy their supplements like their LA Lite Bars and other snacks. Well, lo and behold if they didn't file bankruptcy! Nevertheless all I paid for their stuff was $90 vs. $3000 they were asking! I wrote them a check and then they had my husband come in and pay with a credit card and we stopped all that mess because after they got the initial $90, they didn't want to bother with me anymore as far as "counseling". Everytime I went in for counseling, they were too busy and never kept their appointment with me so of course I canceled the membership. I have the cookbook and the food diary along with the meal plans. I have to say that so far this week I have lost a total of three pounds in 3 days! I am really sticking to it and I am not hungry at all!!!! Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens by Valentine's Day as that is the day of my personal goal of a 10 pound weight loss from January until then! I can't wait!!! If anybody wants a heads up on the LA diet, email me or answer this blog and I'll email you the list...I paid for it and can use it in any way I want, anyhow. They filed bankruptcy and can't touch me. TOODLES

Wow! Obama is President!

I haven't blogged in about a week and so much has happened in that week of not blogging! Let's see....Obama took the oath of office; I got teary-eyed watching him and Michelle dance their first dance!  Wasn't that something?  Being alive today and witnessing the first African American take the Presidency??!! Wow!  Abe Lincoln must be clapping his hands and high fiving the poor slaves that weren't able to see it happen, huh?  Wow what a day and age to live in, I tell ya...Then there was the whole week's worth of food I wasn't able to  enter into the food diary or even enter my weight because of "techinical difficulties."  That totally sucked!  I waited for a week after emailing them every day.  I think I better email them and tell them I should get another month's worth of free membership because of that...Well, today I had coffee, water, a sausage egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast.  Today for lunch I am going to pick up a chef salad with Walden Farms ranch dressing (this dressing has 0 of everything like calories, sugar, sodium, etc) and a Fuji apple, and for dinner I am going to have orange roughy, small side salad, steamed snow peas with lemon and pepper, and probably some gluten free egg noodles boiled then sauteed in olive oil and onion w/garlic and a pinch of lite salt.  Yeah that sounds good!  Still going strong with 30 Day Shred!!!  Hurts and I am moving on to Level 2, yea!

Yea it's Friday!

So Glad it's Friday!!!  I started Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred on Wednesday and I have to say that it's a hell of a workout!  I feel sore but a GOOD SORE after the 20 minute workout...Yes, it's only twenty minutes!  It's a hell of a work out but if you want to feel a good burn  then I suggest you go with her DVD.  She works in cardio, strength and ab work in the whole 20 minutes.  My muscles are tighter after only 3 days!!! I can feel the tightness in my obliques, thighs, triceps and biceps.  My lower back is feeling some muscle soreness but nothing out of the ordinary; it feels somewhat stronger.  I did the lifting of the butt with my legs in the air what she calls a "reverse crunch" and I could never do that!  I can do it with a little struggle here and there but I can at least do it!  I think I am going to cancel my membership at Curves because I feel this is all the workout I really need..I like Curves and all but I need to challenge myself and the Curves Circuit wasn't all that challenging.  I can't wait to check myself in TWENTY SEVEN DAYS!!!!!  I will be putting a picture up on February 13 to see the difference.  Can't wait!  I know it won't be real big (like a 3 month challenge) but I am going to work real hard so I can a see the difference and keep myself motivated....Wish me Luck Y'all! 

Duh~ I didn't put my weight in my post!

238.6; which means I lost 2.4 pounds !!!!!! Yea I hear the heavens parting and the angels singing!!!!! Yea for the Fat Chick!