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The Week That Was.

Well! Had an interesting week, full of challenges, eating-wise.

On Monday and Tuesday, for whatever reason, from 6pm on, I was just *starving*.  And yes, my TOM is coming up, but it's not due until this Wednesday, so this whole extreme hunger thing was happening over a week in advance.

And it's not like I'd done anything different: I drank my water, I continued to have white beans on my daily salad to add protein (and fiber), had my usual meal items, all of which usually fill me up just fine. But, this past Monday and Tuesday, my body just wanted more for some reason.

I did pretty well coping, I think. I was looking to get fiber in me to help deal with the hunger, so on Monday, I ate a bunch of baby carrots and drank even more water than usual. And on Tuesday, I had two bags of Kettle Corn (100 Calorie packs) and lots of water. So, I only ended up going over my targeted calorie intake by about 100 calories each of those days, but it was really weird that it happened at all...

Then(!), on Friday night I had my first real social outing since I've started (the other times I've gone out since starting, I stuck to iced tea and Sprite Zero). We were helping a friend celebrate her birthday, so we did dinner and a bar afterwards. To help cope, during the day I made low calorie choices wherever possible.  I didn't starve myself by any means, I just always choose the mean option that "ate up" (sorry, bad pun) the least amount of calories. And then at dinner I, of course, only ate half of my entree (which was always my M.O. anyway, but I was more conscious of it this time), and brought the rest home for lunch on Saturday.

I actually still managed to lose 1 pound this week, which was great considering that, with the challenges I'd faced, I was just pretty well going to be happy if I just managed to maintain.

Of course, like many others, I have TOM coming this week. So, we'll have to see how that goes. I didn't manage to fit in any exercise last week, so I'd like to aim for getting in some time on the recumbent bike at least 3 times this week and definitely will drink *tons* of water and iced tea to deal with the water retention/bloating.

Good luck to us all, hope it's going well for you and have a good week!

A Nice Surprise / For Future Reference

Well, what a nice surprise! I wasn't so sure that EP would be able to recover our old posts and still maintain the new ones, but then again, what do I know about computers? :-)  So, yay EP!

Hey, I don't know if any of you subscribe to the "Hungry Girl" newsletter (if not, I highly recommend it. It's good and fun reading. Visit the site to sign up:, but today's newsletter had an interesting tidbit:

"A recently published study shows that the rate at which your body burns fat could be elevated if you break up your long cardio sessions. The researchers found that breaking up a 60-minute treadmill workout into two 30-minute ones (with a 20-minute break in between) caused study participants to burn more fat than they did during one super-long session. If this really works, THAT ROCKS! Wanna read more? Click here!"

Granted that I haven't been exercising regularly (YET), but it's definitely something to keep in mind for when I do.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


Wow! That was unexpected! 3.4 lbs during my 5th week?!?!?!

Now, I'm sitting here trying to recall whether I did anything particularly different this week...

The only things I come up with are: (a) I've been trying to add more protein to my daily intake by including a 1/4 cup of white beans on my salad; and (b) After doing a bunch of reading, I switched from having a daily cup of green tea to a daily cup of white tea, which [supposedly] provides even more of the great properties that green tea does.

I didn't even really get in much exercise this week. Just a 25 minute walk on Tuesday and last Sunday I helped a friend out with a dedication ceremony that she was in charge of... Otherwise, my daily step totals were always in the 5,000-6,000 range.


Hope it holds!!!


Went to get dressed for work this morning and found that a pair of Size 14 pants that I'd been squeezing into for several months now, were actually (and very obviously) starting to get roomy!!!

Yay, Non-Scale Victories!!!

Wonderful Onederland!

Wow. I made it.

I think I'm almost too stunned to write anything.

I mean, I know that--for me--it wasn't all *that* far to travel to get here, but still... before I finally got serious about getting this weight off, I'd been staring at a variety of 200s (usually in the 208 - 210 area) for a long, loooong time. And I think I pretty much let it psych me into immobility.

I knew I should eat better and exercise. I knew perfectly well that it was the only way the weight was going to come off, but I just kept staring at that scale and those numbers, and would feel depressed and eat things to make myself feel [falsely] better, like ice cream and Marie Callenders and onion petals.

I'm still not 100% positive what finally got me "on the wagon" for this--I suspect my College Housemate Reunion at the end of thiscoming February may have something to do with it. But, honestly, I've known about that reuion since early summer, and it still took me 'til late, late September to get going.

Well, whatever the reason--the upcoming reunion, the not wanting to have to buy Size 14's anymore, whatever--at least I'm on the road right now.

Every time I see that scale drop another .2, or I feel my pants fit a little less tightly, or I take my measurements and see that another .25 has come off, that helps keep me going. (I even did 5 minutes on that damed recumbent bike on Friday!)

And, the beauty of it is, with eating every 3 hours and with all those 100 Calorie servings that they have available now, [so far] I haven't felt particularly deprived. Do I still, occasionally, want to have more than one of those Oreo or Goldfish packets? (Or another one of those amazing WW Mint Chocolate Chip Sundaes?) Sure. But then I think about the lovely downwards movement on that scale, drink some more water (maybe pop a few baby carrots or almonds), and it helps me deal with the cravings.

Onwards and downwards, mateys!!! Good luck to us all!!!

Still Here.

Subtitle: Somewhat Quiet on the Xari Front.  ;-)

Having a pretty quiet week, posting-wise. Ever have one of those weeks where you don't have much to say yourself, but are just happy to follow along with how your friends are doing? That is me at the moment.

I'm still tweaking my little personalized food/exercise program. For instance, I mentioned to someone the fact that, for *whatever* reason, I have not been able to get myself to work out on my recumbent bike. Despite the fact that it's right. there. I could very easily do it while I'm watching TV in the evenings--in fact, that was the whole reason I got it in the first place. But, it just hasn't appealed so far.

But, somewhat surprisingly, I *have* been able to get myself to take 20-30 minutes walks (when it's not too terribly cold outside). However, the weather is turning pretty quickly here though and I really dislike being cold, so I wouldn't think I'd still be willing to go out for my walks when it gets much colder--that's where the bike should come in...

Le sigh. (*laughs*  It makes me think of Pepe Le Pew whenever I type that!)

I guess that's another one of those things that I just have to keep working towards. Wish me luck!  :-)

Le Sigh.

Last night, I promised myself that I wouldn't let myself feel disappointed if the scale didn't show much progress when I did my weigh-in this morning. After all, I said to myself, tomorrow I'll just be finishing up my TOM so, really, I should consider it a small victory even if I just maintain at last week's weight.

Well, I did manage to go down by 0.2, but--of course--no matter what I told myself last night, I did feel a little disappointed when I didn't see more progress on the scale.

Rationally, I know perfectly well that it really is a small victory not to have gone up during my TOM, and I had plenty of other small victories this week (resisting various food temptations at the Staff Day, fitting in three walks, etc.), but I guess it's only human to want to see it reflected more concretely on the scale.

OTOH, I did lose some more inches off my chest, waist, hips and thighs, so there's some progress right there. Time to buck up!


Well, yesterday was the "infamous" Staff Day which, this year, most of us had to admit it really wasn't too bad.

As previously determined, I brought my own lunch and snacks along, so I could stay "on plan".  And all went very well and easily... until the afternoon snack break. Which featured miniature desserts: eclairs, brownies, etc.  But, I remained strong and broke out my 100 Calorie Bag of Cheddar Goldfish. Temptation met and resisted.

Then, afterwards, a bunch of us headed off to a local bar for some good-bye drinks with a colleague who is moving on to another job. Since I was still taking pain meds for my TOM, I was good and stuck to Sprite Zero.

Then came the hardest temptation of all: Since it was dinnertime, several people went over to the pizza shop next door to the bar and came back with pies to share. MAN, did that pizza smell good.

This is literally the strongest temptation I've felt to go off-diet since I started on Sept. 30. BUT, even though there were definitely voices in my head saying, "One piece can't hurt that bad, can it?" and "Maybe you can just stop at Arby's on the way home?" and "Wow, does that pizza smell amazing or what?", I (somehow) managed to remain strong. (It didn't hurt that my pride was on the line, since I'd been answering questions all day with: "No thanks, I'm on a diet.")

So, my will power was *severely* tested, but I managed to hold temptation at bay. Oy!


Man, I cannot *tell* you how crabby I am today. ($*#(@)@*$()# PMS.)

It's so weird. When I was younger, I *never* had any problems with my TOM. No cramps, no fatigue, no irritability. Nothing.

Then, all of a sudden in the past year, ALL of those. The past three times especially, I've noticed a HUGE increase in my level of irritability in the days before my period starts. I even broke down and bought some Pamprin the last time, because even just hearing my cat 'meow' was irritating me. (And if I had *any* way of conveying to you *just* how much I love my ball of fur, you'd know just how big *that* is.)

Plus, of course, the scale isn't moving 'cause of the stupid water retention. Grrrr!

Sorry for the negative post, just needed to vent, I guess.


Well, it's been two weeks and I've already lost 6.6 pounds!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to keep it all in perspective, of course, because they say that in the first couple weeks (with this modified Jenny Craig-esque version of a diet I'm doing), you'll see that kind of "dramatic" loss, 'cause with all the extra vegetables/fruits you're eating--increasing your metabolism--and all the extra water you're drinking, you end up shedding a lot of water weight. But still!!!

It really helps to see that kind of progress on the scale to start though, 'cause it helps to inspire me to keep going. To not stray from my daily food schedule, write everything down, stay within my target caloric intake and work to get more steps taken each day.

To that end, three successes I've had this week:

  • Every year, the place I work at has a "Staff Day". We close up shop to the public for the day and all the staff gathers in one place. Some years they bring in a speaker, sometimes the speaker(s) come from within. (Much as I complain, there's usually at least a few good moments to be had throughout the day.) Well, since I just started this diet and don't want to do anything to sabotage it, I sent an e-mail to one of the planners to find out what they're planning on for lunch (from past experience, I know that it's not usually "diet-friendly"), and sure enough, this year is a cook-out with hot dogs, hamburgers, metts, etc. Now, if I were further along, I'd probably be willing to give myself a pass that day and just do some extra walking or no dessert or something to make up for the lunch. But, since I'm still early in the game on this (and I am seeing some success), I'm not willing to do anything that could even remotely possibly mess up my progress, so.. I 'm planning to have some of the salad that they'll have on hand, but I'll just bring one of my own meals for lunchtime (and, of course, my morning and afternoon snacks).

  • And, speaking of walking, I've actually done some the past two days! I had a 3-day weekend this weekend, and I knew that that would probably mean I'd take less steps than I usually would if it were a work day, so I set a goal for myself to take a 30-minute walk each of these three days and I did so on both Friday and Saturday!!! (I'll get in today's walk later this afternoon, once it warms up a bit more.) Considering how much I don't really care for exercise, I'm pretty happy with myself. (Thinking about the movement I've seen on the scale while I'm walking doesn't exactly hurt!)


  • And, lastly, I'm already seeing some improvement in the fit of some of my current pairs of pants/jeans. They're all just a bit less snug than they were two weeks ago. (I'm tracking my measurements and I've lost an inch off my hips and ¼-inch off my thigh -- ½-inch off the waist. Yay, progress!)


So, the next goal is to make the journey into "Onederland". I'm not really letting myself get my hopes up for it happening thiscoming week though, 'cause I'm scheduled for my stupid TOM. (Grrrr.)  But, I figure during TOM, all I can do is stick to the plan and let the rest take care of itself.