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here we go again!!!

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Height: 157.5cm
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Lost to date: -11.00lb
Remaining: 111.00lb

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ummm hhmmm

sheesh its been forever since ive been here and i think you all know why

its so much easier to be in denial when you avoid the issue

ive managed to gain another pound and officially weigh what i weighed when i gave birth to rachel in 2003  so very sad


i can not understand why i can not just put the effort forth to do this

three of my dearest friends are winning there weight losss battles and instead of it incouraging me i will sometimes feel jealous or envious of their success  i know they deserve it tehy are all working very hard to reach their goals


it has been so long since i have been here i cant figure out how to view my friends blogs or even my own for that matter my weight loss page says i have lost 24 pounds when i have actually GAINED it and i cant figure out how to fix it



on two week two

lol ok so i didn't blog as much as i was suppose to lol

i can sum up last week with this

1.5 litres of water    everyday!!

one serving of fruit everyday

no snacking after 9:00 everyday

meds missed sat and sun  :(

steps    not nearly as many as i had hoped


so far this week

1.5 litres of water ever day

2 servings of fruit everyday

no snacking after 8:30 everyday

medication  everyday

steps  a little better this week

tues by 3:45 5000 steps

yesterday by 4:00  10,397 stepd

so far today (1:20) i'm at 8620


my time at home is really really stationary i knew iwas inactive but i had no idea how bad it was until i started watching my steps

once i get home my step count just barely crawls along  next week i may need to add some kind of step goal for each day to my goal 


now that i have finally posted i am going to go check in with my support group

i hope everyone is having a fantastic week


not a great day yesterday

it wasnt terrible but...  i did work from 3:30 to 11:00 i got hime about noon and had a drs. appt at 1:30 so i thought i would sneak in an hour long nap before heading to the drs.

i took my pedometor off and forgot to put it back on  :(

so i do have numbers but for only up until noon

here they are

steps 5352

which is aprox 1.43 minles

and about 310 calories burned

i did take my med

drink 2 litres of water!!!

 eat a serving of fruit

and didn't snack after 9:00

so it was just really the pedometer thing that kinda sucked

i just remembered to clip it on now  lol

so we are starting a new day

hope everyone is having a great week!!!!



good and bad

well there was some good adn some not so good goings on yesterday


took meds

drank 1.5 litres of water

had 2 servings of fruit!! yay me

didn't snack after 9:00

not so good my steps were way down!!! i only worked 6 hours yestreday but we went shopping at walmart adn costco

i did change my pants yesterday and am wondering if i maybe didn't have the pedometer on correctly but anyway here are the numbers

number of steps6041

which is aprox1.61 miles and

350 calories burned

i am hoping for a much higher step count today


hope everyone is havinga great day

to all my challange buddies its a new day go out and own it!!!!

i'll post tonighta bout todays results  :)


so i did it i finally stepped on the scale and reality bite me right in the arse

259 i gained 9 out of the 10 pounds that i lost earlier this year


it could have been worse but it never should have gotten this bad

 i joined a sept challenge so i will post my results for each day here

i did take my thyroid med today  yayy 

i was hoping to drink 2 litres of water but realized that i am just not ready for that much water yet so i have set my sights on 1.5 litres which i did drink today

i used my pedometer today and was suprised to see how little i really do walk

i had heard 10,000 steps will help you maintain your weight

and 12,000 should help you loose well at 8:47 i am at

9186 steps

which is aprox 2.46 miles

and aprox 532 calories burned


i guess next month i will be adding some steps to my challange

tomorrow is go day!!!!

tomorrow is monday and a new week with a clean slate

time to get back on track and do my body good!!

i found a great support group, i plan to join tops on thursday and with our trip to vegas in december as inspiration i think i have the makings for a great start

since i don't way in until thursday at tops i canuse the beginning of the week as a warm up because i am sure that i have gained back some of the ten pounds i lost earlier this year

chelsea let me borrow one of her pilates dvds so i think iwill give it a shot

i was abck and then i wasn't lol

ok so i said i was back and then i disappeared again  lol

thank you bethany for reminding me to check in  :)

i'm back

with five weeks left until vegas i'm back

i haven't lost a dang pound but i haven't gained anything back either(which is nothing short of a miracle)

i don't know if my ass will fit on the plane when it's time to go but i will cross that bridge (or try and lap that seatbelt) when i get there

thank you bethany for checking in on me it was exactly what i needed to get my butt back here to touch base

my new plan is starting tomorrow to check in every night with a mini report of my day

how much water

how many points

did i take my thyroid medication and my viatamin

 i am now going to seek out some of my favorite bloggers and let there successes encourage me and their struggles remind me we are all human

have a great day get out and enjoy yourself and be good to you!!!!!



ok so i just got back from stalking everyone and since i have been gone i have lost two of my favorite bloggers  :(

time to find some new people to stalk i guess  ;)

its been awhile

you can always tell when i have hit a wall in my weight loss struggle becasue i disappear

i think its been something like this two weeks with no loss a gain of two pounds a loss of two pounds and this week i have gained the two pounds back


i have 10 weeks until vegas and a goal of 22 pounds

its funny the fear of not being able to do up my seatbelt on the plane has driven me to the cupboards looking for food to ease my fears instead of making me more accountable for what enters my face

10 weeks are going to go by so quickly

i wish i could say that i hae been trying but i haven't the weather has been lousy and we have all been sick so i haven't walked in weeks

i have been eating pretty much whatever i want if there is a miracle here it is that i have only gained 2 pounds because i swear i should have gained more

i haven't even been drinking my water which was a huge hurdle that i was confident that i had overcome but even that has gotten tossed aside


so here i sit bottle of water in hand (almost finished my second litre) having eaten 8 points so far today (it's 2:00) and in a sweaty tshirt having just sweated my ass off to the oldies thank you very much mr. simmonds  lol

i am not liking the tape as much as i hoped but will buy more to find the one that is for me until then richard it is  lol


i am hoping so much that this is it and i can get my groove back  22 pounds in 10 weeks is doable but is going to take hard work and dedication



up two pounds


thats all i have to say about that