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  • Name: dotsy1990
  • City: Coxhoe
  • Region: Durham
  • Country: United Kingdom

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Height: 162.6cm
Start weight: 9st 11.00lb
Current weight: 9st 12.00lb
Goal weight: 8st 7.00lb
Lost to date: -1st -1.00lb
Remaining: 1st 5.00lb

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Hello Everyone =)

Hi All,
Well I've been dieting since i was 16. I was 13st 3lbs when I first started dieting so decided to do something about it and went on the slimming world diet (red and green days) I never atteneded any meetings and just attended the gym regularly. I managed to get my weight down to llst 3lbs, but then i just seemed to stick.
After pursuing with the slimming world diet for a few more weeks and seeing no changes i decided to join Weight Watchers. I have managed to get down to 10st 3lbs with weight watchers but am now not currently following the points plan (havent been for about a month) and have just been monitoring what i eat by keeping a food diary, attending the gym 5 times a week and also going to exericse classes such as body combat and pilates. I have decided to leave weight watchers as i dont really see the point in paying monthly just to get weighed, so I'm going to try and lose this final stone and a bit of weight by myself.
I am now 19 and am going into my second year of university and i'm hoping to get to my goal weight before the start of the next term (Oct 5th)
Any help or support would be greatly appreciated and I dont mind helping anyone else with their weight loss =)