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Trying to find my mark on the scale

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Gotta get moving

Finally went to the Dr. to pick up some phentermine. The nurse weighed me and her numbers were 226. I came up with 230 that morning before breakfast. Not sure who has the correct scale but I'll take 226 over 230 any day.

I wanted to join an AquaZumba class today but stopped past a Community College to see about starting school again (as if I need anymore stress in my life) so I'm hoping there is still space on Thursday for a newbie.

Eating has been better...I haven't been gorging on food but I do need to hit up the grocery store for some more healthy goodies. I also need to work on logging food and workouts. I also need to start working out! So while you read this I'm going to go get my butt in gear!

Happy losing everyone!

Fat Pains

Current weight:

Really doesn't count because 1)I weighed in during the middle of the day w/clothing on  & 2) most ppl shed inches before pounds 3) I JUST started so why AM I EVEN ON THE FRIGGIN SCALE!!!  Ok so from here on out I will weigh in only on Mondays and try not to step on the scale before then.

How I'm feeling:

Sore & Fat! I been inside all day and snacking on everything (not good). I call myself resting today since I did gym for two days and my thighs are cussing me out.  Monday I did weights (upper body) and burned 317 cal (treadmill & elliptical). Tuesday was (weights) lower body and I burned 352 cal (treadmill & elliptical).

I need to start logging my food because other than my junk binge, today I felt fat...no joke. I can actually feel my thighs touching and it's been a long time since I felt that! The scale confirmed that I had gone up 2 pounds.

Getting a jump start!

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get some Phentermine with my Dr. I use it every now and then to help give me energy. The most I've lost while using it was 30 pounds.  Hmmm... if I can lose 30 pounds that would put me ahead of schedule for my short term weight loss. Oh well so start phen Thurs and start food journal plus hit the gym despite any soreness.

I vow to press on!


Current weight


How I'm feeling

Like Crap! It's been a long time since I've seen 227, and I'm kinda pissed that I let things get out of control. It was only a matter of time though...stress/long hours at work...I stopped working out.....and began eating everything in sight esp late at night!

My body is trying to tell me things are headed in the wrong direction. I'm experiencing headaches everyday, I'm tired, my blood pressure has gone up AND let's not mention how unhappy I am with what I'm seeing every time I pass the mirror.

My plans for this week

  • Check out some gyms (and join one)
  • Purchase some healthy foods
  • Research some exercise classes
  • Start a food journal
  • Start calorie counting
  • Start taking b-12 or some type of vitamin

Where's the Ben-Gay & Icy Hot?

Thanks to the  leg exercises I did yesterday my poor glutes are screaming for a rubdown  .  I ditched my  plans to go to the gym earlier today due to the  soreness but I'm still determined to make it to Zumba class tonight. I don't know but there is something about the music and dancing that I love that and the fact that my brain will keep telling me a day missed is a day leading to laziness.

There used to be a  point in time where  I was able to tolerate a class and a trip to the  gym in the same day but since I'm still dusting myself off, I have to work my way up to two workouts per day.

I'm hoping to at least reach a goal weight of 200 pounds by June so I can look scrumptious while on my St. Martin trip (been stuck at 218.60) forever (or at least it seems that way) so Zumba, frequent trips to the gym, with a few water aerobic classes are on the regimen ( oh & don't forget to add in eating healthy).

 Oh well off to class I go (I'm keeping the  Icy Hot in my bag just in case)

Barely holding on!

Hmmm looking at the last time I posted, the skimpy workouts here and there, combined with the ended trips to fast food/buffet places I'm not sure if I fell off the wagon or if I am hanging on by a thin thread. Either way I have to get my mind and body on the right track.

So simple goals are planned for this week:

  •  Go grocery shopping and weekly menu (to eliminate fast food purchases)
  • Start hitting the gym early in the am (maybe doing this will have me on time for work lol)
  • Zumba 2x's a week
  • Start a food journal
Seems simple right??? Ok wish me luck!

What comes up must go down

Up, down, up, down yep those would be  the numbers on the scale. See back in June I weighed in at 214 now my weight is starting to climb up up and away! So in an effort to keep it from going higher I am stopping here at 218 and starting  again with the downward trend.

My goal is simple or should be simple

  • Lose inches
  • Reach my goal of 190
  • Stay active ( by going to gym, and trying new classes)
  • Eat right (and drink water)
  • Feel great 
My reasons for weight loss

  • I want to be healthier
  • I want to look slimmer
  • I want to look fabulous this fall/winter
  • I have a trip to St. Maarten next year!!! Whoo yeah !!!
My workouts mainly consist of me going to Zumba and (I used to) hit up the gym. Thanks to my new job, my schedule is jacked up so I need to do some tweaking in order to keep my membership from going to waste.

My goal this week:

  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water per day
  • Get to the gym at least 4 times this week
  • Do Zumba class at least 3 times this week
  • Go to bed by at least 11 (rest is needed since I want to hit up the gym early before work)


Sooo Much Fun!!!

Just getting back from Cancun and I had a blast.  Everything was all inclusive...we had pool parties, did ATV riding, I was brave enough to go on the zip line and more.  Granted I had to take my spanx along to get into some of my dresses I still rocked them! My weight was 216 and we ate junk every night (cheese burgers, sodas, and fries) plus whatever was on the buffet lol.  I'm trying to deprogram my body and get back into fitness mode...because soon the group I am traveling with will be taking deposits for next years trip!  So in order to be my best I have to get back at it.  New weight loss goals will be coming soon and I have a whole year to get with it.

New workouts are on the horizon...Bellydancing, Strip Aerobics, Kickboxing, Swimming Lessons and Zumba of course so I am trying to do it up ! So until next time No pain no gain!

Time to push it

Only 44 days til Cancun and I have to really push myself and stay focused. While I'm not looking for a miracle (losing 20 pounds overnight) but just looking to get in as much exercise and good healthy food as possible since the pounds tend to add up overnight lol.

So all fruits, veggies, water, and meats for the next 6 weeks. Friday has been my fat day (no workout, eat whatever day) and I think I may still keep it that way just have to be strong and not go off plan the other days of the week. Oh and noooo alcohol (aka my wine coolers since I'm not a drinker)

I went did go to Zumba last week and although it's been a while I was beat at 1st but feeling GREAT by the end of the class. So I can't wait for this weeks class (back to doing it 3 times a week).

The scale is up this week 221.0 thanks to the Mothers Day cookout I attended. I didn't go overboard but the food was sooo DAMN good (sorry) but it was! Someone made a homemade Strawberry Shortcake and Banana Pudding. I lie to you not as I ate the first spoonful of banana pudding I immediately felt the sugar and sweetness of the bananas melting in my mouth. The look on my face must have been priceless because a family member looked at me and asked "Are you ok?" I just replied "I'm in heaven " lol.
The food was so good it was all I talked about after leaving. Sad I know (please stop laughing at me)

So the saga continues. Big water jugs, hugs, and weight loss to you all. I'm off 


Feeling Blah

Soooo having headaches lately (maybe pollen or hunger related) and losing motivation for the gym .  The motivation is lost due to me being tired.  We may have a new person starting next week (good for me no more doubles) so that's a plus. Also I will be hitting up the Vitamin store to purchase some b-12. Not sure if it will help (already take Prenatal Vitamins) but it's worth a try.

Going to search around for some calorie counting websites so I can keep track of what I eat and don't eat lol. Yesterday was bad.... I went so long w/o eating and I know that is like starving your body.  So note to self *** must eat more***

Didn't make it to Zumba last night (Gee thanks severe storms that plagued our area) but did make it to the gym.  I wonder if I'm doing to much by going to the gym and going to zumba on the same day?

A crazy thing happened today.. I was at the gym and there was just and older guy and myself working out.  The guy was really old, so I'm using the Lat Pull-down machine and I hear *THUD* I look over and the poor guy had fallen off the treadmill.

I checked to see if he was OK (he was thank GOD!) and then proceeded to show him how to use the treadmill.  He said he had started walking just last week b/c he was told he had problems.  Shoot I was the one about to have a heart attack!

Oh well I guess each one teach one.  Have a great day ladies!

I have to do this

Sorry for not checking in I've been busy socializing (parties, clubs, etc) and as a result my weight has been up and down. At one point the scale read 219.6 and then went as high as 226.4.

Sooo I'm thinking I have to really watch myself when going out that means limited hot wings and maybe saying goodbye to the Patron Martguerita (see ya in Cancun) and saying hello to more water

In hopes of seeing the scale numbers drop and I really going to try my hardest to stay on track. If not I may invest in a personal trainer.  My coworker who is also going to Cancun has some guy in mind but she loves the St. Harvey  (see Celebrity Fit Club) type of trainers. Where as little ole mild mannered me responds best to motivation not yelling so idk but I've put the word out and may be getting yelled/coached soon.

Have a good week everyone...keep moving keep pushing keep going,.