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A new beginning..... finding the way out of fatness.

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  • Name: wanttobeslimsoon
  • City: Dublin
  • Region: Dublin
  • Country: Ireland

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Height: 175.3cm
Start weight: 17st 8.00lb
Current weight: 17st 5.00lb
Goal weight: 13st 0.00lb
Lost to date: 0st 3.00lb
Remaining: 4st 5.00lb

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The scales revealed........

....what I knew already, I AM FAT. I decided last tuesday to weigh myself and get the ball rolling, 17st 8lb there you have it I am seriously overweight and unfit. I am going to follow the weightwatchers plan as ive tried this before, after my 1st DD i lost 21lbs by sticking to the plan altho the last couple of months i was on it i was playing up 1lb down 1lb most weeks.
Cant afford to go to meetings as we are in a RECESSION.... (so sick of that word)
So Im going to come on here for motivation, inspiration, and hopefully i might meet a few friends along the way.


Well i've decided to take a new approach to dieting, im going to blog, so i can read and remember all the ups and downs of my journey.
40 is creaping up on me real fast........ and its scary!!!!!!
I have a year to get myself fit and healthy. i want to feel sexy not frumpy on my 40th.
I have 4 wonderful children 2 older from previous relationship, and 2 under the age of 2 with my wonderful husband of 4 years.  
My weaknesses..... Vodka, wine, cheese and crackers, white bread oh and did i mention vodka!!!!