Losing 40+ Pounds

I have no idea about what is going on.

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  • Name: EyeCanSeeYourSec
  • City: Blythewood
  • Region: South Carolina
  • Country: United States

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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 185.00lb
Current weight: 190.00lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: -5.00lb
Remaining: 40.00lb

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I'm finally ready...

To lose weight and keep it off. 

Finally got some clothes for college (there is a dress code at Gupton Jones).

It's not because of my weight

I have to wear a heart monitor device for three weeks. It's due to my seizures and they just want to check if it's caused by a heart problem, like an arrythmia, or w/e. 

I've been having seizures since I was 10 years old (these are partial seizures, not grand mal). So it's nothing that serious, but I did really want help.
Also I've had an MRI and EEG both came back fine.
They think it could be my blood pressure (usually it's normal). 

Oh...wow, I am very confused.

I thought I wrote in the blog this evening.

Apparently I did not.
Well I'm starting at 185 lbs, woo.
I've been under 200 lbs for a couple of years thanks to being a vegan.
I just want to be under 145 lbs, and stick to it.
That's all I want... And I want to be able to buy some clothes for college soon.
It's going to be a busy and annoying summer. 
Just have to finish the next 5 weeks of senior year.