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Just another weight loss blog of an insecure young woman.

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  • Name: willow22
  • City: Brisbane
  • Region: Queensland
  • Country: Australia

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Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 75.00kg
Current weight: 65.00kg
Goal weight: 60.00kg
Lost to date: 10.00kg
Remaining: 5.00kg

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Have linked this blog to my ClaimID page because attempting to change my life in such a big way on my own is foolish. I need encouragement and if my friends are going to be negative or make fun of me in any way for doing so, then they are no friends of mine.

Did see the doctor the other day, and he suggested a bit of testing. I'll hopefully get to do that next week.


Hi again, how are we all going?

Yes, gave up on the vegetarianism a few week's back and actually hadn't noticed until halfway though the meal that my nanna had so lovingly cooked. It was really hard too, living with two men who clearly need their meat.

However, I've not exercised at all since... a month or so and even then it was that half-hour walk with house mate and friend. I've not done anything since save for watching lame gossip TV about 40-something celebrities being healthier than I. And having kids. Blech.

I really need a change of mind to get started. How can I do this without spending any money? The simple stuff just isn't going to cut it after a lifetime of squirming my way out of sport.


Wanting to try going vegetarian for an indefinite period. How does one do it on a budget while getting all the healthy stuff? I've never done this before and have limited knowledge about nutritional substituting.

Help, anyone?

Intro Post

My gosh, this is the worst blog site functionality I've ever come across. Maybe except for Freewebs those years back. Oh well.

Basically, I'm who the little box to the right says I am. With a BMI of 29.3 or so, I'm thinking of going to the doctor for a chat about my weight.

Not much else to say except that I've had health issues for a very long time and I want to stop. Possible eating plans are:

  • Vegetarian
  • Lemonade (LOL)
  • Dairy free
  • Yeast free
  • Great Granny Diet (If it didn't exist when you great grandparents were alive, don't eat it.)
  • The LOLCat Diet
  • A combination of these

I don't have a lot of money (student), so we're leaving the paid groups like Weight Watches where they are. I'm not telling many people about this blog because I feel they will laugh at me, so I feel the only support I will have from other people will be from those lovely strangers I meet online.

My goal? Lose 15kg and be 60kg before my twenty-first birthday: July 26th 2008.