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Yesterday was the first day that I was not embarrassed to write down what I ate. No, it was not perfect, but do-able. I had a pretty busy, though not overwhelming day, so my purpose of eating was to keep my stomach out of my mind during each days event, rather than eating out of boredum or hunger.
I did not, however, get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to run like I had planned. Sorry, my sore throat and tired eyes said no. With this desicions, I have not run in over a week. This has got to change.
Happy February

A good idea?

Yesterday I had a pretty productive day, despite being sick. Being forced to stay home all day does seem to have its benefits. I am feeling quite better this morning, though I am still going to take the day off from running.
Yesterday was a pretty carboholic day. I made a whole wheat waffle for dinner, topped with peanutbutter and 1/2 a banana. Lunch also involved peanutbutter ontop of 2 cracker sheets. I know, not the most nutricious, but filling non-the-less.
I just finished my sunday morning breakfast. I switched it up a bit from the usually cereal. This morning I have a yogurt/granola mix with included:
-Almond granola
-NF yogurt
-1/2 banana
It was quite a delicious breakfast and hopefully will hold me into the late afternoon where I plan to eat a hardy late lunch before heading off to work.
Last night I also came up with the idea of Saturday cooking. My work schedule does not allow for me to really cook. Yes I can make pasta and simple quick and easy meals, but nothing time consuming or nice. I think, granted I eat wisely during the week, that Saturdays can be dedicated to making myself a homecooked meal and possible dessert. It will be a nice treat. Let's see how it goes.

Please cold, go away

I woke up this morning still feeling awful from this pestering cold. I just will not go away. As I awaited for my morning medicine to kick in, I enjoyed a bowl of cereal. Same mix as yesterday, minus the banana:
-Trader Joes Cheerios
-Trader Joes Corn Flakes
-Almond Granola
-Almond Milk
Sometimes a cold bowl of cereal just makes my throat feel better. Does anyone else feel that way, or am I just weird?
Anyway, I do not think I will be able to workout today as I had hoped. Maybe tomorrow?


I guess I should discuss my workout schedule. Well, I do not actually have much of a schedule, but working out is a pretty big part of my life (?) Fitness has been instilled in me since I was a kid, and ofcourse has sometimes taken a back seat in my life. Around 4 monthes ago I decided that I want to run a 1/2 marathon, so I have been running ever since (I just got serious about it a month ago). I run whenever I can, and try to mix up my workouts with long runs, short runs, intervals, and speed training. I also try to do weights 1-2 a week. My current long distance run is 8 miles.
I have had a few set backs just within the month of January. January 1st I woke up to a horrible throat infection that kepts me off my feet for 4 days. Following that I began having pains in my left foot, only to discover that I had achillestendinitous (spelling?) an injury that then put me out a week and a half. I am now recoving from a bad cold, so I have not be able to run since last Mondays (Almost 2 weeks ago!), so lets just say I am a bit of a mess. I am hoping to get back to the gym this weekend if my cold is gone!
More updates as workouts progress.

Lunch and Dinner

And the weekend is here!
I spend my day counting down the hours at work. The morning seemed to drag, and I felt very tired and cloudy, but lunch re-energized me and I made it through the rest of the day.
Lunch: prepacked (which I am quite bad at)
-1 orange
-1 diet coconut atkins bar
-2 mini chocolate squares
-1 1/2 slices cinnamon bread (Friday work tradition with my colleagues)
-1/2 cup pasta with tomato sauce, sasuage, and cheese
Overall, not the best day of eating. I do not usually eat snacks, but today was a friday tradition, and the added cheese to my pasta was not necessary.
I am not sitting down with a warm cup of fat free/sugar international mocha coffee and a biscotti.
Happy Friday

Fast and Simple

Good morning,
Fridays are always pretty early and quick mornings for me, so I always need a simple and fast breakfast. Unfortunetly, I have about 6 hours between breakfast and lunch, so I have to make sure I eat something hardy. On todays menu was cereal, which included:
-Corn flakes (trader joes brand)
-Cheeries (trader joes brand)
-1/3 banana
-Sprinkle of almond granola
-Almond milk
Over all it was quite delicious. I had this breakfast yesterday and measured it out. I was around 260 calories. I did not measure it out this morning, and the granola was a new addition, so I am going to say today's breakfast was around 300 calories. Let's see if it keeps me full till lunch. I work a pretty fast paced, hands on job, so I am constantly moving and get hungery pretty easily.

To a new Beginning

I am not just here to loose weight, but build a relationship with food and find happiness with myself. I am looking to cook more and make better decisions. I understand the dynamics of a healthy diet, though I tend to let my knowledge fall by the way side and binge. Sometimes I act as if I will never eat again, so I must eat everything then.
I am looking for motivation, support, and help.
Here it goes...