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It's not just about a diet, it's a lifestyle!

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  • Name: thyckchyckmama
  • City: Birmingham
  • Region: Alabama
  • Country: United States

My Weight Loss

Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 231.00lb
Current weight: 227.50lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: 3.50lb
Remaining: 77.50lb

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Shame On Me

It's official.....today I missed my 3rd WW meeting.  Why???  I fell asleep.  Let me explain.  I work at night, 10:30 pm to 7:00 am.  When I got home this morning I had every intention of going to the meeting because after all, I've missed 2 already.  I set my alarm, laid down, & the next thing I know, I've missed another meeting.  I'll try again next week

Here I Go Again!

     Yes, here I go again.  I have done this before, and before, and before.  But this time is different because it's not a temporary change to attain a goal....weight loss.  This time it's a permanent change to attain a lifetime goal of being as healthy as I can be.  I chose Weight Watchers to assist me because I need the support of others like myself.  Their success shows me what I too can accomplish, which in turn encourages me when I may be tempted to give up.  It's a win-win situation.  So what have I got to lose?....weight, weight, & more weight!!