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Dr. Ian's 4-Day Diet

**Thank you to all of my cyber friends who have left such kinds comments. I appreciate you all and look forward to reading your progress.
**Ok, just so that you know, I have another blog that I'm managing, so if I'm not here you can certainly find me there. There you will get the uncut, the gotcha gotcha, the no she didn' please visit and follow me there...with an open mind of course.***it's new, so bare with me***
So today I'm embarking on Dr. Ian's 4-Day Diet. Surely I can follow along for a mere 4 days right? Well, I'm certainly gonna try....actually, no I'm going to do it! Are any of you familiar with this program? Well it's quite restrictive to start hence the "Induction" phase. I'm basically eating only fruit, and vegetables. It's a little more to it than that, but not much more. It's cool though b/c spring/summer brings about a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables. This morning on the drive in a saw a watermelon truck and I almost wanted to follow him (even though I would have been late for work...who cares about that, right?) I wasn't really all that prepared to start today b/c as you all know this was Mother's Day weekend and my mama came in on Saturday.
Mama flaked on me and didn't get here on Friday to do our annual Susan G. Koman Race For The Cure 5k with me, so I walked with some soror/coworkers and we had a good time taking pictures and cutting up. I had to leave them just after the first mile b/c they were walking a little bit to slow for me and my heart monitor just kept ticking letting me know I had just to get my heart rate up. Although it was fun and for a great cause, it was also my exercise for the day so I had to make it count. I finished the 5k in just under an hour (53 mins).
When my Mama arrived we went to G's Mom's timeshare where she was having a fish fry. Yep, at some fish and one too many desserts. I love sweets and there was peach cobbler, cake and about 3 other desserts. I had peach cobbler and chocolate cake. I know, I should have done better but those are two of my FAVS!! Anyway, this weekend was a dietary wreck and I won't go into any more details. Let's just say, the fact that I'm not eating anything but fruit and veggies for the next couple days more than offsets the allowance I permitted myself this weekend.
Ok, moving on. Sunday, we went to dinner and then to see the movie The Soloist. If you've seen it, you know how great it is, if not, what are you waiting on? As a psychology major with a geniune interest in the why and hows of life, I was really moved by this movie. Jamie Foxx did a phenomenal job playing "Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Jr." Didn't you just love how he kept spelling his name out. Great movie! I was almost moved to tears. ....almost..LOL
I'm trying to keep this post weight related so that I won't be redundant on my other blog. Well, I guess I'm kinda short on weight news today. Maybe I'll have more after day 4 of this diet to see if its worth its press. Back to work for now.
Holla, Man-down, Code-10!!!


I am so very humbled by all the concern over me. You ladies are absolutely wonderful, amazing in fact. You are the best cyber friends a gal could ever begin to ask for. I must call you by blog/name, Lindy, Endurer, Miss V, Ranetta, Kim, BringingSexy Back, Dani, Phattygyrl Shouts owt to all of you. If for senility I failed to mention your name, please forgive me and forget about it b/c I U 2.
Believe it or not, I have been in and out of EP, just not posting any blogs. I've been reading you all, just sometimes not able to leave any commentary. I really have misssed writing and sharing with my EP community. I really want to get back into it, I need to get back into it. Its free therapy!!
So much has transpired since I last posted back in August 2008 and I don't even know where to begin. I won't overwhelm you with too much info in this entry, I'll just hit the highlights.
December 20, 2008-I was initiated into the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Prior to that date, I was in my process.....thats all I'll say about that. My experience into the sisterhood of DST has been nothing less than amazing. If you're Greek, I'm sure you can relate to the relationship that you and your line alone have. It's beautiful. I love my linesisters, chapter sorors and Delta, period.
Let's see...I've been back to Jamaica, this time Negril and Montego Bay. G (my man) and I went in March and it was spectacular. I do love Jamaica, its a beautiful island and the people are so welcoming. If you've been there then you understand, if not, add Jamaica to your list of places to visit.
So since I've mentioned my man, G, I suppose that I should expound. Well, he was first mentioned some time last year and our relationship has truly flourished. We haven't even celebrated our first year together yet but it seems like we've known one another for years! We've been out of the country together and will have taken 3 major trips before our 1st anniversary. That should be an indication of how well things are going. He's amazing, wonderful, kind, gentle, passionate, loving, attentive, honest, funny as hell and just a great guy. He was truly a Godsend and arrive on time!
Ok, enough about personal stuff....lets talk fitness right? Well, I'm not where I once was but I'm not were I used to be. Is that vague enough? Good. I refuse to get on the scale b/c its just too emotional and I don't want to deal with it, I choose to evaluate my success based on how I feel and how my clothes fit. To that point, I have some 14's that fit great and a size 16 pencil skirt that doesn't fit. I guess it all just depends on the cut of the garment. G and I get up and work out at 5am at LA Fitness before work and then shower and head off to work. It feels great to do something for myself first thing in the morning. Its also wonderful to leave work and not have to rush off to the gym to fight for machines or to get into class. At 5am we can have our pick of machinery. I've been experimenting with my diet again. The best way to describe it is that I eat what I feel like my body tells me it needs. No my body never tells me it needs pepperoni pizza but when I feel like I want that, I limit it to Lean Cuisine or make my own. Some things just can't be forgotten, pizza being numero uno for me b/c its one of my fav foods.
Okay, this 4:30am wake-up time is starting to get to me....I'm tired but I just felt like I needed to write something to let you all know how much I really appreciate you and that I'm still in the battle with you, winning daily! Until the next time....
be and do well
ps. The guy in the picture is not G, rather thats my good friend Smitty.

I'm going down.....

on the scale that is! Closer than ever to the 190's...this is just amazing to me. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was trying to get into ONDERLAND and now here I am solidifying my place. GLORY!!!

I don't know whats up with this .8 stuff, 197.8 and now 194.8 but that's 3 lbs so I'll take that!! This makes me happy b/c sometimes I get a little discouraged when my efforts are not reflected on the scale. I know, I know, I'm always preaching against the demon scale but it does feel wonderful to see those numbers decline. This week people have been complimenting me left and right. "Oh, you're really losing weight!", "You look really good girl", "Alright now, don't get too skinny", "What are you doing...crack?" I do take it all in stride b/c I know how hard I'm working to meet my goals. Not only exercising but also closely monitoring my diet and tweaking it as needed.

It's weird b/c I still look at myself and I see the same fat stomach, sagging underarms and thunder thighs. Yes, I'm smaller but those things still stand out to me like a sore thumb. I'm very self-conscious about my stomach b/c its very pouch-like. I have a kangaroo pouch, like 2 stomachs literally. I don't know how this great divide occured but I need them to unite as one! Also, I could probably do more ab work too, sigh. My waist is wittling down and my legs are noticeably smaller, even to me. My workout gear is starting to look as if it belongs to someone else. My favorite yoga pants are now shameful. I really need to get new stuff and I will, soon I suppose. I need clothes too for that matter and I don't even want to think about shopping for clothes right  now. As soon as I get my wardrobe up to speed I'm down. My 16's are literally looking like M.C hammer pants, I'll be getting them altered. Shopping is only fun when you're at your goal weight, interim shopping SUCKS!!!

I've been drinking green smoothies in the morning for breakfast. For those of you who are like, green smoothies? They are literally green. Mine have been made up of kale and other frozen fruit like mango, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, etc. It's pretty good but it does take some getting used to. It certainly makes one feel more akaline and less acidic. I'm eating a lot more fruit and vegetables. My goal is to be 100% raw vegan so thats what I'm working towards. I truly believe this is the healthiest way to consume our foods (Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Seeds). Uncooked, just as nature intended.

be and do well.....


Polar F6

This is my new fitness gadget. It's the Polar F6 (in Tea Green of course ) "The F6™ is the optimal choice for group exercisers like in-door cyclists. Coded transmission prevents crosstalk with other monitors so you'll get a personalized workout, even in a class environment. More than just a stylish model with 4 color options, the F6™ is an excellent exercise motivator. It includes all the features of the F4™, plus guidance with OwnZone® to automatically establish your personal target heart rate zones and feedback with OwnCal® to track your calories and % of fat burned, making it a perfect exercise companion." So I copied it straight from the site instead of trying to paraphrase.

I got my new HRM yesterday which I was able to order at a discounted rate through my jobs fitness club. I was so excited to get it and start playing and programming it. Just like I new kid, I put it on once I had my info saved and basically walked around all day with two watches on.. I didn't have the HRM portioned on under my clothes so it wasn't doing anything but serving as a cute little watch on my other arm. After reading up on all that it could do I was ready to put it to use in spin class last night. What I learned was a little disheartening. Based on my age, weight and sex, I only burned around 800 calories in that class where I thought I was burning at least 1200. Thats a HUGE variance my friends. I'm glad to have the accuracy, now I will adjust my caloric intake accordingly. All-in-all, for my workout yesterday, I managed to burn right at 1,000 calories including an intense weight lifting session after cycling. Its funny b/c my watch kept beeping when I was within my HR zone and even though the music is always blasting I could still hear its tiny little chirps, so could the ladies riding next to me. This made me turn up my intensity a bit, but I can and will do better. Tonight is step w/abs, so I'm wondering how many calories I'll burn tonight?

This weekend my dear friend Smith will be celebrating his 30th B'day here in Atlanta. We're going to Luckie Food Lounge (which I highly recommended) for dinner to celebrate. This is my spot, although I no longer eat many of the things that made it my fav spot, the ambiance is always stellar. I know he's going to enjoy it. I have this lovely little strapless satin black dress that I plan to wear. I'm going to take pictures (promise!!) and I'll add them to my pic page. My boo is going with so you'll get to see us together! Can't wait to party and cut up with my friends. Did I mention that they're coming in a limo? Yes indeed, he's sparing no expense and it's a 2.5hr drive from where he lives to Atlanta, so that should be a fun ride. I'm sure they'll all be drunkards by the time they make it to ATL city limits. Anywho, I guess that's all I have to share right now. As always, there will be more in the coming days. I will drop this nugget on you. I'm making some pretty drastic changes.........I know, I ain't shit for leaving you hanging, but that just means you'll come back to read what those changes are right? Until the next time....

be and do well......


GO PINK!!!!!



Such a freakin tease.....

being in ONDERLAND. Well, I guess I'm not too surprised as I was barely admitted weighing in at 198.6. This weekend just totally went to shit. Friday evening I did my spin class from my kick-ass instructor, Saturday morning I was at Six Flags as soon as the gates swung open. We were determined to ride the coasters first thing. In fact, we walked on just about all of them. A short success story about Six Flags. About 6 years ago I was in line with my younger guy friend (think Stella getting her groove back) for the then relatively new Superman roller coaster. A am an avid coaster girl. Love them, always have, always will. So we're in line for like 2 hours and finally are next up to ride. I go to get into the seat and barely fit. Then I can't fasten the harness over my big, protruding belly. It was so embarrassing. He says, "Let's just get off." I told him, "No, you ride. We stood in line too long for somebody not to get to ride." I lulled my fat ass over to the side so that others could board and watched in complete sadness and embarrassment that I couldn't fit. I just wonder what he must have been thinking. I remember that experience just as vividly as if it happened yesterday.


This time, my friends, I got into all the seats on every single roller coaster and didn't need anyone jumping on the thing just to secure me inside. I was thrilled!!!! I no longer have to avoid theme parks and rides b/c of my size. I can ride....I can ride!!!!Where I messed up, I wanted a funnel cake. I haven't had one in like 10 yrs. Thinking my friend would have some of it I got one and then he says his stomach was gripe. So that left me with the funnel cake. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. I murdered all but a small piece of that funnel cake. It was horribly delicious.

So after completely exhausting ourselves at Six Flags my friend and I went back to my house and completely crashed. I think he showered first and then fell asleep in my office and I just laid across my bed and was out for like 5 hours. We both woke up hungry and decided to go to Carraba's Italian Restaurant. I wasn't really sure what I would eat but I knew a salad was in my future. Out comes the bread. Normally, the bread basket doesn't bother me but Saturday I just couldn't get enough carbs (that damn funnel cake is to blame) so I started with one small piece dipped in olive oil (that was healthy right?) and Italian spices. It was so yummy. The bread was warm and I was like Cookie Monster to cookies on that bread. I'd probably eaten 3 slices by the times the salads came out. Then my thin pasta with some really nice sauce came out and I couldn't even eat it, but you know I ate at least 3 forks full. GREEDY!!!. We had some great conversation and then left and decided to watch a movie or something on tv. I feel asleep, that bread made me tired. How could I possibly be sleepy? Such a lard ass I swear!

Sunday, was a leisure day. I knew my friend would be heading back to home to B'ham at some point so we just sat around and talked. He warmed up his leftovers and I had a few bites of his pasta and yes, two slices of the Italian bread loaf I'd started on the night before. No, I didn't leave the bread there. I followed me home. Jumped right into my takeout container and everything, can you believe that? He left and then I had everything to do still that I didn't get to do on Saturday. Laundry, Wal-Mart, cleaning, etc. I still needed to shampoo my hair and retwist my locs. Just the thought of doing all of this was overwhelming but I got ass in gear and got'r done.

So to my pink team, I'm going to be back on track today. This was truly an isolated incident. I overindulged and now I'm back in 200 land and I'm busting out of this joint by the end of the week. Promise. Hope you all had a great weekend that didn't end up in food sabotage. I'm tripping, it's all good. I know this will be gone by the end of the week. Period.

I'll be around...checking, encouraging, supporting....let's win this PINK!!!

be and do well...

Felecia (Pillsbury Dough Girl)


Felecia in ONDERLAND!!!!!!

 This picture about sums up how I felt and looked when I weighed myself this morning. 198.6. Honestly, I cannot remember being under 200 lbs. This feeling is indescribable. Thank you all for the support, swift kicks in the arse, and encouragement, it is simply immeasurable. Please do keep it coming.

I'm headed to Tallahassee, FL with my man for his best friend's wedding. He's the best man and I know he's going to be so handsome in his tux. I love going to weddings,especially when in a relationship. I've packed (3) different possible dresses to wear to the wedding so that I will be just as fly as my man. There is no such thing as packing light when it comes to me. Although we're coming back Sunday, I've clearly packed for a week. My boo looked at me this morning and said, "Baby.....we're coming back Sunday.." to which I replied, " I know, I just like to have choices, so I overpack. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." That's my philosophy anyway. My suitcase is 29" and its full, but it does have everything in it. Toiletries, several pairs of shoes, several changes of clothes, accessories, etc. He just kissed me and said, "Ok." I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!

More on my man in a later post (stay tuned)

I'm outta here.......sexual chocolate!!! (like in Coming to America)

be and do well.....




Colonics: The finale

So for those of you who have been following my blog about colonics, this post is completely dedicated to the 3 colonics that I had in one weeks time. So my second one was on Tuesday (7/15) and the final one was on Thursday (7/17).  Well, it was indeed an experience. Nothing gets you used to sticking the tube up your butt, but its what you just have to suck it up and do. I hope I'm not painting too terrible a picture, but more of a realistic one.

How much weight have a lost? Well, it's hard to tell b/c I have since started my menses and I know I'm carrying water from that. I did however, lose 2" from my pouch area prior to bloating up for my cycle.

Do you feel different? I feel better knowing that I've released a lot of crud and crap from my colon and that my digestive system is working optimally now that I've done so. I think there is some placebo effect here, in that you expect to feel so much better that you actually do. I have had several people tell me that I'm glowing. I don't know if I should attribute that to the colonics or my sweet thang.

What's next? The next step in detoxifying my internals is to do a liver flush which you actually do at home. I have a large pdf. file to read that tells me what to do and so far I know that there is a lot of olive oil to be consumed so I'm already afraid, very afraid.

After I complete the liver flush I intend to continue with colonics at least one a month, maybe twice, just depends. Overall, its been a good experience and I would recommend it, especially if you've never had one.

I just got home from spin class a little while ago and I'm tired and now going to the chaise to watch tv and nap until its time to get up in the morning and get the cardio/weights going again. Man, I'm motivated!!! Wait......does that sign say ONDERLAND AHEAD!!!!! C-ya there!

be and do well.....


Colonics: Part Deux

This morning was my appointment for my colon hydrotherapy (this is the new fancy name for colonic). I'd mapped the place out already but with morning rush hour traffic and the fact that I would be passing through downtown Atlanta (traffic oasis) I decided to leave home an hour early. Surprisingly, I got from my house to Nile Wellness Center in just under 30 mins.

I was kinda full of water b/c I drank almost 70 oz from the time I got up this morning until I parked in front of the bldg. They tell you to drink 64 oz the night before. Well, after drinking almost 100 oz and sweating it out at the gym I thought it might be best to have too much than not enough. I digress...

Shortly after I'd settled into the book I checked out from the library, " Half-Assed: A weightloss memoir" by Janette something (the book is in the trunk of my car) Dr. Imani pulled up. It's 7:35am. He gave me a friendly smile, spoke, unlocked this office and walked in but left the door cracked. I didn't want to just walk in since I was so early and I knew there were preparatory things he needed to do. Around quarter til, he walked up to my car and asked if I was Felecia and invited me to come in so that we could get started.

Dr. Amani is a very patient and well-spoken man. I had a thousand questions for him and he answered a thousand twenty-two. He gave me so much information in about 15 mins, that I'll have to post separately about those. Back to the point of order: the colonic. He takes me into this room that is lit with candles and has some nice music playing. I feel like I'm about to be romanced. There this machine, called the Colonez (I think thats what I saw). He sits down on and it shows me how I need to mount this thing, give me lubricant, a latex glove, and that thin, thin, piece of tissue paper like you get at the doctor's office for the pap to cover from the waist down.  I knew this was going to take me a while.


He gives me instruction and tells me to ring the bell when I'm ready and he leaves the room. I have never, never, eva had anything inserted into my anus/rectum. No, not even the doctor has so much as placed a finger in that zone b/c I clinch up like your face would if you bit into a lemon. I knew would I had to do so I talked myself through it. About 6 mins later I was on the machine ready to go. I ring the bell.

Dr. Amani comes back in all smiles and starts talking as he starts turning things on on this huge contraption. As he's talking I can't really hear him b/c one I feel really weird laying on this thing with something stuck up my ass, and worse now my colon is being filled with water (as he's talking) and I have this urgent need to push. So out comes the first batch of waste, toxins, God only knows what and he's acting as if birds are chirping. I'm feeling a little embarrassed but he assures me that everything is happening as it should. He talks some more, all I can here is what's coming out of my rear end. He leaves the room and comes back with a warm compress to put on my stomach. I lay there telling myself to relax the butt muscles and just let it flow and I do and it did.

They recommend that you have a total of 3 within 7-10 days. I've scheduled my remaining 2 for Tues. (7/15, my Brother's b'day...ha!) and Thurs. (7/17). I feel really good about this. I left feeling clean, internally. Lighter. So today I'm eating light and drinking mostly fresh, natural juices from Arden's Garden. After I left Nile, I stopped at this whole food co-op, Sevananda to pick up vegan probiotics and some digestive enzymes which he recommend to help further assist in detoxifying my body and replacing some of the healthy stuff that may be washed out with the bad. Now, I'm at work blogging about my morning.  I had a jerk tempeh sandwich, which was really, really quite delicious.

For the rest of the day, I'm drinking water and juices until dinner. I feel great, really I do. I can't explain it really. Plus I know it's only going to get better. If you're interested, please check into it. The average person is carrying 10-50lbs of waste and toxins in their body and colon. Don't let that me you any longer.

Be and do well...

Felecia (no longer feeling shity!)


Colonics: You're full of shit!

As I delve deeper and deeper into holistic ways to improve my being, time and time again I keep being confronted with colonics, colon cleansing, colon hydrotherapy; whatever your taste. Since what goes in, or whats packed in is just as important, if not more so, as how we maintain our external selves, I decided to do a little research on colonics.

There is, in fact, much to be said about colonics. The practice of cleasing one's colon has been around since the days of the Egyptians. The process itself seems rather simple, although I'm uncertain as to how comfortable this is. I've never had anything in my rectum.....well, maybe that thermometer when I was a baby, but that surely doesn't count now. I can't really imagine laying there allowing someone to insert a speculum apparatus into my ass. Sorry, but I just don't know about that. So, you know me, I hit the internet and searched colonics in the Atlanta area. I've never had one so I had to at least try and get as much comparitive information as possible. I came upon a number of sites with a wealth of knowledge. I settled on Nile Wellness Center. The reviews on Citysearch were pretty impressive and consistent and the price was definitely right at just $55. While browsing their site for more info, I clicked on the testimonials and while the page loaded I started reading the very first one, shortly thereafter I was looking at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of one of my friends. She looks amazing, always has, but definitely has a glow about her and is a few pounds lighter. I called my friend, b/c now I have a point of reference and someone who would shoot it to me straight. She and I talked for almost an hour and she just went on and on about how pleased she's been with the results of her colonics.

They recommend that you have 3 within 7-10 days, initially. My friend said she's had 9 of the recommend 12 so far. She goes once a month. Maybe this is the solution to this kangaroo pouch that I can't seem to get rid of. Is this old fecal matter? Mucoid? YUCK I can only hope my girth will reduce with the colonic and that my sporadic acne clears up. In speaking with Dr. Imani he says that the skin is another way the body detoxifies itself. Well that would explain it. I've gone to dermatologist after dermatologist, had facials, micro derms, etc, etc and no real, lasting improvements. Yes, I have really high expectations of this colonic and possible series of colonics.

Have any of you had a colonic? What was your experience? Anyone interested? Well, I'm kinda nervous anxious about it. I will definitely blog about my experience, hopefully its a good one. I'm going in Friday morning, wish me luck!

Be and do well.....



Veganism: A month into the life


Vegan-(most commonly pronounced “vee-gun”) - a person who does not eat animal products, including meat, fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products.

Yesterday, July 6th marked my first month of veganism. I didn’t even realize it had been a month already until today. I’m sure many of you may not even know what vegan is, which is why I provided the definition above. This is not the only definition out there, but it’s the most general and easily understood, in my opinion. There are some vegans we also do not buy or use any product produced from animals, such as leather and wool, including honey.  I am not this type of vegan, I maintain a vegan diet. I’m currently reading the above book, “Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating” by Erik Marcus and it’s quite an eye-opening read. Did you know that many cattle ranchers feed their cattle protein concentrates which are really the internal organs, blood, and condemned flesh from cattle and other livestock? Feed factories grind up everything at high temps, when it’s all done; the protein concentrates have the look and feel of brown sugar according to a former cattle rancher referenced in the book by Marcus. This has a great deal to do with Mad Cow disease. I find this quite alarming. In other words, feeding dead cows to live cows. YUCK!!!
“Mounting scientific evidence shows that a low-fat diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes can ward off many kinds of cancer. Experts are now saying that Americans may cut their cancer risk in half by adopting vegetarian, and especially vegan, diets.”- Erik Marcus
Also in this book (am I plugging this book or what?) there are a number of citations of research conducted that proves that a vegan diet promotes optimal health for a number of reasons. There is just so much information available in books, on-line, on blogs about the vegan diet. If you’ve ever been curious or are even remotely interested in the vegetarian or vegan diet, please search it out. There is so much fantastic cuisine available. Most people think they could never not consume diary, but once you replace cow’s milk, with soy, almond or rice milk, which to me are equally as good if not better , and cheese with soy cheese; which there are a couple of good brands, but most find it’s a hit-or-miss, and butter with Smart Balance, you’re there. I love Soy Cream, one of my favorite kinds is Soy Creamy Mango and Vanilla by Trader Joe’s, it’s delish, but like all good things, should be consumed in moderation. What I enjoy most about the vegan diet is that almost everything that I eat can be utilized in some positive fuel, nutrient, phytonutrient, vitamin and mineral way. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ll probably plug my new lifestyle at every monthversary. I hope to win my Mom and Brother over by example. I’m going to go home soon and cook them some great vegan meals b/c they are some big skeptics. My Mom thinks all I eat is salad. I’ve told her otherwise, but she’s kinda stuck on that. I’ll just win her by being the proof in the diary-free pudding. Ha!
I’ll share one last thing and I’m out of here. So yesterday, Sunday, I’m at my guy’s house and we’re sitting and watching some new movies he purchased. He’s just gotten home from Wal-Marting and grocery shopping at Whole Foods (I completely turned him out on Whole Foods). So he washed off his “organic” grapes and grabbed a bottle of water and asked me if I wanted anything. I asked what he was eating for dinner and he said, “Well, I had some watermelon earlier and I’m going to eat some grapes and drink this water.” I said, “Ok, so you’ve gotten the fruit in where exactly is the food babe?” He goes on to say, “Well, I didn’t want to cook any animal flesh around you.” I thought that was just so cute. I told him that I was not that sensitive to the cooking of animal flesh and that he should go ahead and prepare his dinner, and he did. I think he’s considering the idea of going vegan but had not committed to anything nor have I made that request of him. If he does decide to veganize his diet, I know it will have tremendous benefits. He’s such a great guy!!
Be and do well....