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Height: 175.3cm
Start weight: 250.00lb
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Goal weight: 180.00lb
Lost to date: 4.00lb
Remaining: 66.00lb

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A point for the home team :)

Last night I scored a victory for myself. My knees were bugging me and I had made my mind up to skip woring out. And out of no where a little voice grew louder saying no get your butt on that treadmill, and I did!!! I know that for most people this isn't really a victory, but for me it was huge. I am at the usual point in working out and dieting that I have a habit of falling off the wagon and resorting back to my old ways.
After working out my knees hurt like hell but the feeling of accomplishment out weighted the pain by a million to one!! I now know that this time is really going to be different, if the little voice that wants to work out can become that loud in my head then I know it's only going to get louder the more I continue on this journey. I am going from couch potato to runner and running a 5k if it kills me!

Plugging away

Well week one of being back on track and I'm pleased to have a 2 pound loss! I've been good about using the treadmill everyday. So over all everything is good. I have always struggled with nightime munchies and binge eating, but I have discovered that because I'm working out at night, I have not munched on a single thing. It seems that the exercising is curbing the appetite and the boredom munchies!! What a great bonus!!
I hope everyone is having a great week :)

I'm BACK!!

Ok I fell off the wagon really hard (like 2 months hard!!) But I am back on track and even though I fell I didn't gain in those 2 months of not giving a crap :) So for the last 4 days I have been getting on the treadmill every night for 30 minutes....... Now I know it's only been 4 days but I feel great!! I'm motivated and focused so now all I need is everyones positive thoughts along with my own that I can keep focused.
As I stated in one of my previous blogs I knew that I would fall but I vowed to pick myself up, brush myself off and keep going, so here I am dusty as heck, but I'm back!
Now off to catch up on everyones posts :)  happy losing everyone!!

Still here

I now wish I hadn't screwed up my weight log on here when I started posting again, because it's showing that I'm only down a pound, but I'm really down 6 pounds so far, oh well!
Well things are plugging along here, I'm still working on fighting my night time munchies some days are great and some days not so much. Eating in the evenings is my biggest challenge right now......well that and drinking enough water through the day (I know that I suck during the winter months with drinking water)
Well not too much to report, I hope everyone is having a great day!

pep talk with myself

So I was talking with a friend about motivation, and what is motivating me to keep going with my weightloss journey. As I stated in my last post I strugle at this point with my diet. I lose all motivation because it's becoming "hard" it's not exciting or new anymore. Its hard as hell dealing with my demons, and I call them that because they are!! For some reason it's easier to choose food that is bad vs good healthy food. And why is it...could it be convience? lack of preparation? or just being lazy? for me its all of them.
I have lost 4 pounds in January 1 pound short of my 5 pounds a month goal. So instead of beating myself up and throwing in the towel like I normally would. I am sitting down and re-focusing its a new day. And as I have stated before this journey is going to be filled with slips, falls and mistakes. But it is also going to be filled with victories and success! So I'm going to spend the rest of the day reminding myself of all the reasons that I want to lose weight. I'm going to re-focus and face tomorrow with a smile, and the mantra " I can do this"

4 weeks in

Always at the 4 week mark I start to slide down hill, I lose all motivation and slowly fall off the wagon. I'm trying to keep myself motivated and on track but I'm just having a heck of a time right now. I need to see a loss on the scale this week, I think it will be just what I need to keep myself motivated. So I'm crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms and anything else that I can  that the scale will be kind to me this week!!

Feeling pretty good :)

Well the funky mood has past and I am feeling more "normal" thank goodness! I have been struggling with the evening munchies this past week. I need to try drinking water when I have the urge to eat. I will say I am making MUCH better choices when I do have a snack at night BUT the problem is my nightly snacks are putting me over my calories for the day. So this needs to stop NOW!!! So any ideas on what the heck I should do to get my evening munchies under control??? any and all comments welcome
Not much else to report on it's been a crazy week so I am looking forward to the weekend when I can kick back and not be on a schedule for 2 days!!

d-day (weigh in day)

I haven't posted in awhile, I did type out a long post on monday but it disapeared into thin air and I just didn't feel like re-typing it again. I weighed in this morning and I'm glad that I lost a little of what I gained last weigh in. I need to keep focused on my 5 pound a month goal. Just feeling blah right now, I think it has to do with the time of the year. I just need to get out of this little funk and get going with my weight loss goals.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Done with the pity party

So yesterday was my pity party day, I had the blues so bad that one minute I was on edge of crying and then the next I was so angry that I would bite your head off. But after a little self talk I'm back to normal today (or at least what is normal for me!) And I am back on track with my diet.
We got a letter from my husbands mother last night and it contained 2 pictures, I have no idea when these pictures were taken but holy crap what a wake up call those were!! I look freaking HUGE and miserable! Just another kick in the behind that I need to keep going.
Today so far has been good with my food intake I've just finished lunch and so far I have only consumed 500 calories I still have my afternoon snack, dinner and a little evening snack to finish off the calories for the day. So looks like I'm on track so far   I try to leave a little extra room with the calories on Thursdays as I go to my parents house for dinner and no one knows I'm on a diet. I try and make good choices and watch the portion sizes but its a little easier knowing I have a little "wiggle" room.
Other than that theres not too much to report on today. I hope everyone has a great day!


My first week on a diet went really well I lost 5 pounds and then the old me kicked in. I got arrogant, I slipped back into some bad habits thinking that it wouldn't hurt. Well guess what....it did. I seriously thought about not recording it here. But it's time to be accountable for my actions. I gained 1.8 this week, and the only thing I can keep thinking about is how I lost a week. A week that I could have lost weight, instead I gained and now I am only down 3.2 pounds instead of 5. Well i guess it was the kick in the butt that I needed. I need to remind myself daily that I can not slack off, that if I do a weight gain is in my future.
I know that every year I go on some sort of diet, and every year I fail for whatever excuse that I can come up with. I say this now....This year is different.....This year is different....This year is different...I'm going to keep saying this until I get it through my thick scull. It's time to make changes because it's pretty obvious that what I've been doing for the past 38yrs aint working.....Hello I weight 251.8 pounds. I think thats a pretty BIG sign that I need to make some changes. I will make this MY YEAR to SUCCEED. No more lame a$$ excuses from this girl. It's time to be accountable and it starts this second.