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  • Name: amendez
  • City: Dublin
  • Region: California
  • Country: United States

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Height: 167.6cm
Start weight: 259.00lb
Current weight: 251.00lb
Goal weight: 165.00lb
Lost to date: 8.00lb
Remaining: 86.00lb

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iPhone app please!!!!

I wish this website had an iPhone app!! Then I could blog and track my success more, most of the time I'm on my phone, and I'm at work, at a family members house, or at a store, so yeah , an app would be soooooo nice just sayin 

the dreaded pizza party

It's like i love party's but wen ur on a healthy plan, its hard to see everyone eat, so i'm doing the points plan like weight watchers, so i stuck with that and i feel good! it was actually OK got to eat what everryone had, just smaller portions!

here I go again

I been here before, but now i'm here to stay, i have a goal of 5 pounds per week, and 145 days to lose 96 lbs, so i can really use encouragement, and i love to see success stories