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Please forgive my MIA-ness... and final WI

Okay, I have to start with I'M SORRY for being MIA this week.  Things have just been nuts... and add to that this is my last week at my job, so I am trying to get everything squared away, as well as train the new girl, etc.

I hope that everyone had a healthy and happy new year.  I will have to write more later about mine, but let's just say that it started off on a bang.  My diet, however, has not.  *sigh*

I'll write an update post soon.  In the meantime, this is a call for all FINAL WEIGH INs for the biggest loser challenge!!!!  Try and get everyone possible to post here!!  The more people who post a final weigh-in, the better our results and the more fun this will be.  So calling all partners!!!  ;)

I'll check in soon to get results, and as soon as it seems like I have everyone possible, I will post the results!!

Welcome to 2007, ladies!  Here's to a healthier, skinnier year!

Week 7 Weigh-in

So with the holiday weekend past -- who will be this week's inspiration?  Certainly not me!  Though I am using a new scale, so I am not sure of the accuracy, it is showig a 2 lbs. gain from last Monday.  I'll find out for sure on Wednesday when I am able to weigh in on the regular WW scale, but I'm thinking it can;t be too far off.

Remember that next week is the final weigh-in!  Have an awesome week this week and finish strong!!

I hope that everyone had a happy, healthy, and safe holiday weekend-- New Years is right around the corner!



I'd ask each and every one of you blog readers to please direct your attention to my tracker at the bottom on the page... and notice...





Okay, I know it sounds really stupid to be so excited, but I have been the same weight for about 6 weeks... hovering within 1-2 pounds for that long really sucks!  It was a plateau, and happened at the worst possible time-- just 3-4 lbs. over my first goal of getting under 200!!!

Last night I went to my weigh-in with little expectaions... I know I had had a better week than the last few, but didn't feel that I had done well enough to see a large loss.   I was thinking 1 pound would be impressive.  Imagine my suprise when I saw a 4 pound loss!!  I do believe that some of it was water weight-- I think I was retaining some water for a while because I was eating too much salt, but it can't all be water weight...

THIS number, this number in ONEDERLAND gives me HUGE incentive to do really well over Christmas.  I am DETERMINED not to gain any weight to put me back over that 200 mark again.  I am going to STAY in the 100's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's perfect timing, really, to help me control myself over Christmas!!

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I am sitting here typing this in my new SIZE 16 SWEATER!!!!!  I haven't worn a size 16 top since high school.

FINALLY, I also wanted to let you all know that I got the job!!!!!  Like, the job I didn't get... I got it!!  ROFL  I know you aer all pretty confused.  But one of the challenge girls... I can't remember who, and I'm so sorry for that (please speak up whoever it was).... suggested that I write a thank you note to the guy I interviewed with even after I had been notified that I did not get the job.  So he called me back November 30th to let me know how incredibly impressed he was with the thank you note, and how it showed an incredible amount of class and self-confidence, and he asked me to come in to talk with him again.  So I met with him last Monday and was there for over 2 hours.  He offered me the job!!  WOO HOO!  I start on January 8th... I am SO excited!!!  And the pay raise is HUGE!

So, to whomever it was who suggested that thank you note, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  You have no clue how indebted I am to you!

Soooo.... enough good news for you girls??  GOOD!  It's about time!!

***BTW, I want to extend HUGE congratulations to EllaMcC.  Through this week, Ella has lost a HUGE 19.4 lbs since the beginning of this challenge!!!!!!  That is 176.36% of her initial challenge goal.  Everyone, PLEASE congratulate her... she deserves it!!!!!!!!!

Week 6 Weigh In

Okay, girls, Week 6!!  Please post your weigh-in here!

I should be back this week-- things are settling down, now.

Also, Since Christmas falls on Monday, I am pushing next week's weigh-in to Tuesday.  Feel free to post on Monday (before all of the bad foods conglomerate into fat), but I won't count you as being late until Wednesday.

EAT WELL this week!!!!  We ALL need a little push right now, I think!  I know that I did better this past week, but we'll find out if it paid off at my weigh-in tonight.  I'll let you all know!

Week 5 Weigh-In

Please post your weigh-in for Week 5 here.

Sorry I have been a little absent-- lots going on here, and yesterday my aunt was given 3 days to live.  We are supposed to be getting together with my extended family on Saturday to celebrate Christmas-- looks like it may be for a funeral instead.  I may not be around much, but I'll keep you posted.

Girls, we really need to get some motivation in the house!!  The weight loss has slowed down significantly for a lot of us, including me!  I didn't post it last Tuesday, but my personal weigh-in last Monday was for no gain, no loss.  I stayed the same.  So did a LOT of you, and there were quite a few gains.  Congratulations to those of you who DID lose last week-- keep it up!!

Please remember to post your weigh in this week!  Last week we were missing quite a few, and with everything goign on with me, I did not have the time to follow up with those who were missing.  I probably won't have a whole lot of time to do it this week, either.  So PLEASE follow up with you partners, and with all of  your team mates who you don't see posting their weigh-ins.  Also, remember that after 2 missed weigh-ins, you will be dropped from the challenge.  So far the follwoing actions have been taken:

1. Helona has been dropped due to missing weigh-ins. 

2. Yaima missed her second weigh-in last week, but because I was not able to follow up with her, I will give her one more week to weigh-in.  If you don't see her around, get her here to post, please!

3. Popur (Geraldine) has dropped out of the challenge due to lack of time and stress in her life right now.

The following people did not weigh-in last week - missing this week will be detrimental to thier particpation in this challenge: MissyW, Alisa, GirlCEO2Be (Carol), Yaima, Bailey06 (Lisa), Ladeegee (Gloria), and SexyMoma24 (Wendy).

Also, I had someone e-mail me last week with a question.  The answer is that YES, you may weigh-in early if you need/want to... as long as you weigh-in, I will be happy! 

Let's have a great week, ladies!!  Good luck to all!  I will post some stats through the end of last week as soon as I get a little bit of time-- last week was the mid-point of the challenge!

It's weigh-in day!

Please post your weekly weigh-in here.

I am proud to report that we got everyone's weigh-in from last week, finally!    It only took until Saturday...

PLEASE remember to weigh-in by end of the day today-- I would really LOVE to get you guys some timely results, for once!!  If you don't see your partner posting-- track them down!!  Thank you!

Holiday in Review...

Well, I had a decent Thanksgiving... I ran my butt off and managed to feed 12 people at my house AND work a 6 hour day at the restaurant feeding a hundred or so other people.  It wasn't great fun and all, but it really curbed my appetite since I was around food ALL day, you know??  I did not, however, eat well enough that I could even convince myself that I was pretending to eat well.  LOL  I really was convinced that I had done horribly-- I mean, I didn't eat as well as I usually do... but then again, I probably ate 10 times less than I usually do on Turkey Day, so that is a major accomplishment!!

In the end, though, when I went to my WW meeting on Monday night, I had LOST 3 FREAKING POUNDS!!  How the hell do I explain that???  I ate French Silk Pie (3 slices over the weekend) and lots of Pumpkin Cheesecake that I had made.  The Cheesecake was a WW recipie, but it was still 4 points a slice, and I had one pretty much every day from Thursday to Monday.  AND, I ate turkey sandwiches with real mayo a couple of days, too.  I think that the amount of stress, and the amount of activity I was involved in over the weekend were my saving graces.  OH, but let's not forget the drunken night on Saturday night when I went out with a friend of mine to see a band we know... LOL... 

I am finding myself get back into some BAD eating habits again, though.  I need to get back OP and fast.  I know that last week's loss was a fluke and it won't happen again.  I know that stress and my horrible work schedule (working 60 or so hours a week) are driving these habits, but it's time to take back control.  I have begun to snack a lot more often again, especially late at night, and have gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast.  It's time to get back on a routine... I started working on it yesterday, but had a horrible day yesterday - not with regards to eating, but with regards to life in general.  One of those days you would rather forget, you know??  So, I actually barely ate yesterday... finally had a bowl of soup and a salad and a roll at work last night.  So today, I am back OP.

ANyway, I hope that you guys all had a great holiday... how did it go?  Did you survive??  I noticed a lot of small gains this past week in your weigh-in's, but I also noticed quite a few NICE losses, too!  I am proud of each and every one of us for working so hard at either losing, or maintaining our weights this past week.  Let's keep it going... and lose more!!

Week 3 Weigh-In

Please post your weigh-in for this week here.  I hope to see that everyone survived the turkey dinners without  a gain!  Good luck!

Weekly Stats

BL Challenge Info:

Week 1

Red Team

  • 14 reporting members
  • 1 missing member
  • Total Weekly weight: 2729.1 lbs.
  • Total Weekly loss: 9.7 lbs.
  • % to Goal: 5.10%

Blue Team

  • 15 reporting members
  • No missing members (woohoo!!)
  • Total Weekly Weight: 3407.2
  • Total Weekly Loss: 17.4 lbs.
  • % to Goal: 8.70%

Obviously, last week's CLEAR WINNING TEAM was the BLU TEAM!!!  Congrats Blue Team!!

Week 2 - I am still missing weigh ins from a lot of people - PLEASE get your weights IN!  Remember, after 2 missing weigh-ins, you will be dropped from the challenge!  Here are the stats SO FAR:

Red Team

  • 11 reporting members
  • 4 missing members
  • Total Weekly weight: 2186.2 lbs.
  • Total Weekly loss: 23.3 lbs.
  • % to Goal: 17.35%

Blue Team

  • 13 reporting members
  • 2 missing members
  • Total Weekly Weight: 2861.4
  • Total Weekly Loss: 17.6 lbs.
  • % to Goal: 17.50%

So far, no thanks to me, Red Team seems to be having a huge week as far as losses go, however, the teams are now pretty even when it comes to % to goal!  Great week, Red Team!  If you have yet to post your WI for week 2, please do so ASAP!!

Those who have not yet WI are:

  • Popur (missing) - Blue Team
  • Phattygurl (Declined to report) - Blue Team
  • Raina (missing) - Red Team
  • addy (missing) - Red Team
  • Helona (missing, 2nd week) - Red Team
  • TraHannah (missing) - Red Team

Be Thankful

I know that all of us can have an awesome week this week, even with Thanksgiving included!  Go ahead and eat some , and even some mashed potatoes, but watch your portion sizes, and maybe skip out on the dessert!!  I am making all of the food since everyone is coming over for dinner, so I am opting for some healthier, lower-calorie, lower-fat recipes.  And I vow to only go for one helping.  That is my strategy.  I am allowing myself to eat anything that I make for the meal, and skipping out of the pie and casserole that my MIL and grandmother are bringing.  Oh, and alcohol is out this weekend!



So what is your strategy?



I felt like this post is a good time to reflect on those things for which I am thankful:


  • My health


  • My children


  • My husband


  • My parents and family


  • The roof over my head


  • The love of God


  • The support that I receive from all of you


  • The dedication that I have to lose this weight


  • The future


Have a wonderful turkey day, and be thankful!


Love you all,