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  • Name: tantandiane
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Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 245.00lb
Current weight: 190.00lb
Goal weight: 170.00lb
Lost to date: 55.00lb
Remaining: 20.00lb

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Quick update

Work and life have been VERY stressful ! I have not stuck to my diet and have paid dearly for it with a massive gallbladder attack. The stress at work does not look like it will let up for couple of months. Being the boss really sucks. I am horribly  depressed , which is very unusual for me. I have the over whelming urge to crawl into a closet and never come out. I cry at the drop of a hat and feel totally useless.((this is not who I am I'm not sure how to make it better)). I'm sure I will snap out of this.

 ((the sooner the better))


So the rest of the work week went pretty good in regards to diet. I continued to struggled with not having a lot of energy  most of the week.

Yesterday was an "off" diet day. We drove to the city for dinner and movie . I indulged and went over board. I am not stress or worried about it. I don't even feel bad. I know that I will need to be extra careful for the next few days, but I am okay  with that. 
Hope every one has health Happy week end.

oh boy

Crazy day at work 

started at 6:00am.
Finished at 4:300pm.
RAN RAN RAN and lift all day!!!
Did not eat until 6:00pm 
....I was so hungry that I actual had to put my fork down because I was shovelling it in so fast I thought I was going to make my self sick. And now I feel like complete crap.(wore out, dizzy stomach cramping....blah!!!!!!) and I still have a liturgy meeting to live through at church tonight. Can't wait to crawl in to bed.... =)

I will plan better for tomorrow....I learned my lesson !!!!
Hope everyone is having a Happy health day.

Is it only Tuesday?

Real tiered today. 

I have been eating good. I have gone back to measuring portions. 

Breakfast still seem too be difficult to work in. I have been drinking a boost in the morning at work. However, it does not do a great deal to keep the hunger pains away. 

I also have adjusted my calories down a wee bite to account for the weight I have lost. I'm sure my body will get accustomed to less calories but right now it is not so pleased with me. Don't get me wrong...... I'm not doing any thing crazy like 600 calories a day. I was at 1600 and now have gone down to 1300. I start at 1800 calories,which was what my doctor had recommended ,so I am on the right track. 

Slow and steady will win the race 

Happiness and Blessings to all 

Sunday Sunday

So I did write a blog earlier today but when I went to post it disappeared

So , this will be short. It has been a lazy kind of day. I spent most of it planting flower and sorting through winter and summer clothing.
Yes, in Saskatchewan you actually need two sets of clothing.

On the plus side my children have finally finished grow, which means they don't grow out of their clothing ever season.

My mid back has been killing me. It feels like my stomach is putting strain on my back. Strange, one think that after losing 38 pounds this would not be a issue.
I am going to look for some core work out DVD's on-line. Does any one know of a good one for beginners? 
 I hope everyone is having a happy health Sunday 

Nothing to do with weight loss

So I have noticed that there a lot of profiles here that are not people trying to loss weight. Why is that? I find that this very strange. 

Difficulty giving up

So I have come to the conclusion that it time to give up some of my clothing. My jeans are literally falling off while I walk. I have t shirts that look like the could be night gowns because they are so big!!!

I have a few great friends that I can pass them on too, and I know that they will appreciated them. However I am having a very difficult time with this idea. I can't seem to let go ! 

There is this little voice that keeps popping up saying :"what if you gain the weight back?" or "you never keep the weight off  so why would you get rid you fat cloths?"....and on and on!!!

Then I think to my self ..."well, maybe I'll keep the stuff that fits now and just one size up know in case I have a little slip"......Which I find actually very depressing  because it is like I am expecting to fail !

I  know this is a silly rant but I truly did not think this was going to be part of the struggle . I thought that I would be over joyed at getting smaller. But instead it feels like I am losing a dear friend and that I am trying desperately to hold on to her. 

Weight loss is truly so much more then just losing the pounds for me. This journey is exciting but also scary.Cheers to taking it one day at time <3

Busy Busy

Wow I have been super busy . Lots of hours at work and no stoop meetings at church.

Exercise  is still not happening...GRRRRR. I really need to figure out how to make it a priority in my life.

I have been under eating...there just seem to be a lack of time. So I tend to put of eating until I am crazy hungry. Not good I know =(.

I thinking about joining a group like tops but the meet on the same night as my church committees, so I'm not sure how to fit in.We have 3 tops groups in town but they all meet on the same day. How strange!

The scale has not moved in the last week but I took my measurements for the first since February and was very please. I have Lost :2" on the bust , 4" on the waist and 4" on the hips.....BIG SMILES .....

Just a quick update

Just wanted to do a quick update.

Things went good at the Doctors....but I have to stay on the meds for my blood pressure still.  

Eating has been pretty good this week.

Exercises ...not so good  but me and the dog went for a walk last that's a step back in the right directio

Not much happening today.

Today was a pretty run of the mill kinda of day. 

I have been trying to get out of work on time for change...hoping that will help with my stress level a bit. however today I end up bring a bunch of work home with me. I didn't get most of it done but oh well tomorrow is another day.

I pulled a cross stitch out of closet that I start 3 years ago when I was on bed rest waiting on my knee surgery. I didn't get very far on it....I only had completed 1/12th of the pattern. I figure this will keep my hands busy so I'm not eating. Who knows maybe I even finish'm famous for starting craft  projects and not completing them.  

I am  awaiting the last frost so that I can get out in the garden and plant the seeds I started a few months ago. This is new thing for me and can't wait to see the flowers bloom. I find growing plants very relaxing which has surprised me a great deal.

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday!!!! I not looking forward to it. I have a great doctor with a real bad side manner. He actually uses the word fat!!! What the heck ...I know I'm fat... but could you easy the blow a little and use the term over weight!  

My goal right now is to get off my blood pressure medication. However he will not consider it until I am under 200lbs. Most days my reads are good but every once and awhile they creep back up. It seems to be more stress related then weight at this point. When I went on the medication my BP was 210/ it sit around 120/78. 

Well, hopefully he is not to hard on me for the lake of progress on the weight loss front..... I KEEP TELLING HIM IT TOOK ME A LIFE TO GET THIS FAT....SO SLOW AND STEADY WILL WIN THE RACE TO GET RIDE OF THE FAT.....

Eating good...
Still no exercise...

Hope everyone is having a happy health day to everyone