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Height: 175.3cm
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Goal weight: 199.00lb
Lost to date: 35.80lb
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before and after photos

Not too bad.  I was off work today so had lots of errands and planning to do.  Went to doctor, grocery shopping, dinner (+ enough leftovers for lunch at work this week), P90x workout, then to lake and jog on trail.  Not too shabby!!
Now I will plan my meals for the next couple of days to stay on track.  Tomorrow is WI at WW.  I don't feel great about it.  But with the stress of the last week, I will accept it.  I have tracked and journaled every single morsel I put in my mouth and stayed within points, but who knows? 
I also took my before and after photos.  Good lawd....that is depressing.  But, It is a starting point.  Kind of wish I would have taken them before I lost the 35 lbs.  lol  But, this is okay. I don't know how the rest of you are....but I am never in any photo's.  I am always the "photo-taker" and always the one NOT IN THE PHOTO. 
A few years ago, after returning from Cancun, I was looking at some of the photos and I was in one of them.....funny how pictures don't lie.  They show you for what you are.  OR...the SIZE YOU ARE.  eeeegggaaaaddd.
Talk to you later.....

p90x rotation

okey dokey.  So, for the last  days I have been getting my workout schedule and pantry ready.  For one of my first goals. One of my co-workers thought this was ridiculous. 
First mini-goal after getting below 200 lbs.:
Do one full round of p90x. That's right.  I am at 197 lbs. and I am committing to 90 days of p90x.  How exciting? (or punishment?)  Doesn't matter...I will be no worse for the wear when I am through.  I will continue to follow WW (points-wise)  but will have to add a few calories for each day (= to eating some of AP's - in protein!) Doing this for 90 days will take me pretty close to Christmas.
Will be interesting to see how the weight changes and fluctuates
Talk to you guys and gals later!  Have a great on-plan day/week!

week 3: here we go...

week 3 weigh-in results:  -3.6 lbs.
I do not feel deprived.  LOL  sometimes when dieting/changing the way I eat...makes me feel as though I am missing out on something.  Nope.  It's not true.  I ate clean, I indulged if and when I wanted, and still made time for some type of activity on most days.
Go figure.
let's see if I can stay focused and keep my results headed in the right direction.
Have a great on-plam day/week.

Today's fun-filled fact:

And here it is:  2 egg whites contain 34 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat, and 10g of protein. 
This makes this the go-to food for, obviously, breakfast and great for a quick snack.
Today's workout was fabulous.  Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 2. Click on that and it will take you to the website. Once there, you can scroll down and there is a short video.
Have a great on-plan day, whatever it may be for you!!

week 2 - a grim responsilbilty

week 2 = + 0.6 lbs.
Not bad.  Not great.  Am I going to beat myself up because I was up 6 tenths of a pound a day after Labor Day? A day after I ate 1/2 a bag of Kettle Cooked chips and 4 slices of pizza?  Nope.  Not one bit. 
I am going to be VERY grateful (that is wasn't more)  and honest and at least know that I have accountability with it.  The old me....would have forgone the weigh-in and been in denial.  Would have skipped out on the truth of it.  The new me....well, she is ACCOUNTABLE and can move on from it.  I enjoyed those damn chips and those slices of pizza.  So be it. 
Today, I have slow-cooked some turkey chili to have throughout the week - because it is filling and low in calories and high in protein. 
"Fail to plan....plan to fail."
I am on top of it.
And I am ready for the new week.

FREE Kashi snack

Hey all.
Just thought I would share the link as to where to get a FREE Kashi snack item.  I personally like most Kashi items, but if you wanted to "try before you buy," here's the chance to do so....
KASHI  click right there!

28 small changes for big results

hey there...these are more for me and for my own journaling.  If you want to read and use, feel free.  This came via email from WW.  (give credit where credit due....)  :)

Do sweat the small stuff.
"Making small changes one at a time is a great strategy," agrees psychologist Howard Rankin, PhD, a author of "The TOPS Way to Weight Loss" (Hay House, 2005). "It's not overwhelming, and it results in a slower, steadier weight loss." Think of it this way, maybe cutting the cream out of your coffee seems like a small feat to you. But once you've got that down you can add another small feat, then another.

So, we asked people just like you—on the WeightWatchers.com Message Boards and in meetings rooms—what small steps they've taken in order to make their way toward their weight goals. Here's what they had to say:

… About Small Eating Changes

1. Water, water, water, water. (Your skin will look great, too!)

2. Order half portions at restaurants, or share a full portion with somebody. Or ask for a "to-go" container when you order your food, and pack up half the portion before you even start eating.

3. Cut back on butter and mayo.

4. Limit fried foods to once or twice per week.

5. Use less or no sugar in your coffee or tea.

6. Replace ground beef with meatless products or ground turkey.

7. Try at least one new food every week. If you're bored with what you're eating, you're more likely to give up.

8. Eat fresh, raw veggies with sandwiches instead of chips.

9. Measure your portions until you're sure you know what a cup, a half-cup, and a tablespoon look like. This will help you practice portion control, an essential key to weight-loss success.

10. Try not to drink high-calorie beverages.

11. Dip your fork in a side of salad dressing before each bite instead of pouring it directly on your salad. You'll find that you are satisfied with much less than you usually put on.

12. Find healthy alternatives to all your favorite foods.

13. If you don't really love it, don't eat it.

14. Never eat out of a bag or box. Take out a measured/counted quantity of food and put it in a bowl. This way, you know exactly how much you're having.

15. Always eat something for breakfast.

16. Read food labels. Check serving sizes.

17. Add vegetables to everything.

18. Plan meals in advance; use that information to make out a complete shopping list.

19. Give food to guests to take home.

20. Write down everything you eat and drink, without fail.

21. Plan ahead for special occasions by accounting for higher-calorie foods before you eat them.

… About Small Exercise Changes

1. Take the stairs every single time they're an option. No more elevators or escalators.

2. Make exercise a priority, not an inconvenience.

3. Park far from your destination so you're forced to walk. This works at the supermarket, the mall, wherever. (This also helps you waste less time looking for a parking space!)

4. View tiring chores (shoveling snow, cleaning the house, weeding the garden, taking the garbage out, grocery shopping) as a chance to get in some activity.

5. Take the grocery cart back to the store when you're done loading your bags into your car.

6. If you take public transportation, get off one stop early.

7. Work out with a buddy.


Insanity and sushi

Working out and getting physical activity is NOT the reason why I am FAT.  My eating is. 
Honestly....you guys realize that 80-90% (depending on which dietitian you use) of dieting alone is what you put in your mouth?  True.  So, the bottom line is this.....I LIKE TO EAT.  But I also LOVE TO WORK OUT.  go figure.
Had sushi this p.m.  yummy!!  love, love, love it!!  and stayed within my points for the day.
So, take care peeps.

week 1 = Sam Moon

This week's weigh-in:  -2.8 lbs
Not too shabby.  I honestly didn't think it would be much and I am grateful for that.  My reward???  Well, I am going to Sam Moon tomorrow and I am buying myself some no-nonsense item that makes my heart sing!!  lol  For those of you that have not experienced a Sam Moon....it's a knock-off heaven.  Purses, wallets, baubles of everykind, earrings, you name it.
Workouts have been going well. I need to get in a little more cardio this week than what I did last week. 
Have a great on-plan week...whatever that may be for you!

Scale Nazi

who knew?
I decided a couple of days ago I would let my trainer kick my butt.  Yesterday : 1 1/2 hours of upper body and today 1 1/2 hours of legs.
and that was this morning.
I have to say, my legs are like jell-o when I stand up.  As long as I keep moving, I tend to be ok.  I guess I know what tomorrow morning will bring.
and then Tuesday I decided to get my eating back under control.  I have come so far on my healthy lifestyle and don't want to see it sabotaged just by life events. 
So...back to WW I went and looked at the Scale Nazi straight in the eye, I did not flinch or waiver.  No worries, I have only gained 3 lbs back so not too much self-sabotage over the last 6 weeks.
Have a great weekend!