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  • Name: Lilone1st
  • City: Silver Springs
  • Region: Nevada
  • Country: United States

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Height: 5.7cm
Start weight: 182.00lb
Current weight: 172.00lb
Goal weight: 120.00lb
Lost to date: 10.00lb
Remaining: 52.00lb

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Well It is Official

Hello All 

 Just a Little update on my weight so far I have lost 10.0 lbs towards my goal and I am more than determined to lose this wieght if it is the last thing I do. I really dont like to count my calories becuase usally I go over my calorie allowance and then I do that calorie kick my butt once I 
figured out what I have done.

that is why you really dont see awhole lot in my journal where I am suppose to record all my actions. I walk alot and I am starting to use my weights to tone up and build muscle. 

Soon I am suppose to go to the drs to do a physical I hate those, not only those but I will probably fail because I am not the healithest person on the block and that does not account 
for my weight issue.

I have been using my Bowflex as much as often as I can. and I am doing much better when it 
comes to excercising on that the other day I did 29:45 min and I went 1.17 miles @ 2.8 mph I tried 3.0 mph and that I am not use to yet but I am getting there.

I thought I would just come in and update on my weight loss and see if I lose any next week I will if I can help it. 

Hugs Suzi 

It is working

Whoo Hooo it is actually Working ever since I started using my bowflex I am actually losing weight!!! I cant wait to lose this nasty weight. 

However I do have a goal I am now in size 16 waist I am more and more determined to fit into my size 9 leather mini skirt when this actually happens. 

 Also I think the more I use this tread climber the more I am very happy I quit 
smoking when I did. I was a over 20 yr smoker now I am almost a 3 yr non smoker and I am so happy. 

 Well I thought I would give an update on my weight loss. Hugs Suzi 

I am New and Ready

Hello My Name is Suzi Davis and I am new to extra pounds!!!! So far I like this site it is really cool. Well I think this time It might actually Work this time or more so I will Make it work. 

Starting with Walking my Dog in the Morning and then in the evening I will do my exercises. I just bought a Treadclimber from Bowflex something otta give there. Tonight I did 20 minutes treadmill and then 10 minutes of tread climber. It dont sound like much but let me tell you It Kicks your butt especially if you are not use to all that climbing.

Anyhow I quit smoking almost 3 yrs ago and I went from 115 lb to 182lbs What a freakin difference I beat this weight issue once before and I can do this again. I hope to meet some people while I am here trying to shed the lbs. 

Well Soon I will post My Before picture and when I lose my 62 lbs I will post my after pictures.

Have a Great Night Everyone