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I'm here and I'm not

So I've been back on the diet bandwagon for about a month and I'm making good progress.  I've been doing it pretty unfocused, as most of my life is with 3 kids.  I made good progress for the first bit and lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks.  Now I've been losing the same 2 lbs for the last 2 weeks. I'm hoping to start tracking my food again despite the time it requires, time that I don't really have.  I think it's the BLT's (Bites, licks and Tastes) that are doing me in with weight loss.  I gained 10 lbs over the winter and only now have I gotten it back off. 

Anyway, I'm going to be giving Sparkpeople a try for my weight loss tracking, etc... so I may pop in to update a bit here and there, but I'm going to be putting my main focus on that site.  I find that most of the people I used to follow on here have withdrawn and the support I was getting has disappeared.  So I'm going to be putting my efforts into building a new support network, on a site that appears to be more active.  Feel free to leave comments though as I will be on here from time to time. :)

My name on there is shrrlygrrl as well, if you want to connect with me on there. :)

Fun sized!

Why oh why did I buy Halloween chocolates today?  They're small little things, but one is never enough.  Halloween is a week away, and I just set myself up for failure.  This week is going to kill my willpower.  Kids Halloween party on Saturday, Grown up Halloween Party on Sat. night, then the sacred candy night itself on Monday.  How is everyone else dealing with the loads of Halloween candies in the store?  Oh and did I mention Aunt Flo is visiting. I need a plan.  I need a... miracle.

Anyway, I'm back.  From a summer hiatus, or so it turned out.  Unplanned.  As most of my life has been lately.  I am starting to get some structure back into my week now that school has started again for my oldest son.  My scale bit the dust, so I've been unaccountable for a while.  Finally got another one last week, and I am up, but not as much as I had feared.  About 5 lbs over the summer.  I'm not taking comfort in this though.  My body shape is not what it should be.  The muffin top is back.  I refuse to move back into bigger jeans, so it's back on the diet bandwagon for me.  Time is my enemy though.  I have no energy in the fall as the days get shorter I find my ability to be productive shrinks.  I just can't get into doing anything active unless it's a sunny day. 

On to the positive now. Onward and upward... no make that downward. I signed myself up for Skating lessons!  My Fall treat to myself.  I haven't gone skating for 10 + years.  I had feared being a big Bambi on Ice, with my legs going in independent directions.  I was actually... OK.  In fact, I am the best skater in my class. *cough*of3people*cough*  I feel fit when I'm skating though.  I glide on the ice and I feel like a plus-sized Olympian.  There should be such a thing.  For serious, I would rock that shit.  Plus, I learned to do a spin this week!  A Spin!  My 3 year-old daughter was so impressed.  I'm still crap at stopping though. Which, I guess, is kind of important. Weirdly this requires using my inner thigh muscles, so it's not surprising.

The plan for the week:
- No eating after 6pm
- Take new body measurements 
- Work out at least 3 times for 45 minutes.
- 50 minute skating lesson.
- Avoid Halloween Chocolate.  
  *In fact, I will work on developing a chocolate allergy this week.  That will do, perfectly.


Have a good week!


I haven't been here for a month!  How did that happen?  I'd like to say that I was busy continuing to lose weight while I was gone but it's not true.  I was doing well until the twentieth, but then we took a mini-vacation/road trip to Ottawa, and I ate badly the entire trip and didn't really get back on track when I got back.  My first weigh in after I got back showed me up 5 lbs.  I thought to myself  - that's water retention from eating too much salt/carbs, it'll go back down in a day or two.  It didn't.  So I'm back on the weight loss wagon, not that I should have fallen off in the first place.

I'm sick again, which sucks.  Looking back over the past few months I'm averaging being sick every 6 weeks.  Much of it is because of the kids bringing stuff home from school, but it's getting ridiculous.   I have a raging head cold, runny nose and wickedly sore throat.  Plus i'm feverish on and off since Tuesday. The kids and hubby have been sick too, which is enough work for me, without adding me to the sick list.  I think I may have turned the corner as I'm feeling slightly better as the day goes on.

My new goal is two part;  
1) No eating after the kids are in bed.  I will brush my teeth with them and not eat until the next morning.
2) Blog every two days.

The blogging helps keep my head in the game.  I'd like to say I'll blog every day, but I know realistically I won't have the time. 

Also, I just joined a Women's Softball league!  I'm really very bad, but they don't seem to mind, and I'm hoping I'll finally get to make some new friends.  Since we moved here in September I haven't made any connections I'm hoping this will help.  

See you on Saturday!

Dance Your A$$ Off

Easter was a very off plan weekend but I am doing better now.  I didn't weigh myself on Monday I was just completely off schedule and it didn't even occur to me until I was up dressed and had eaten breakfast.  So I weighed myself on Tuesday morning and was down a lb.  It's kind of a miracle, but I'll take it.  

Hubby and I are moving forward in our renovation plans. This weekend I'll be doing some reference checks on the leading candidates for our general contractor.  I already did my BBB checks on them and the subcontractors.  Any tips from those of you that have done this before would be great.

Also, I need to clean my house tomorrow morning, since my in-laws are coming to visit.  We haven't seen them since early Fall and my youngest has grown so much since then.  I think they'll be surprised.  

So, I was flipping through the channels and found this show called Dance Your A$$ Off, and I got hooked.  It's like Biggest Loser mashed up with So You Think You Can Dance and I love it!  Some of them are surprisingly good dancers.   They are secluded in a loft away from family and friends, on a diet plan, working out, and perform dances every week for marks.  Then they get weighed and they total the dance score and the weight loss percentage to get their overall ranking.  They lose weight, become more fit and flexible and their dancing improves every week. Season one is hosted by the girl who starred in the remake of Hairspray and season two is hosted by Mel B from the Spice Girls.

My dance classes are going well, I've only managed once a week for the past two weeks but it's been fun.  I actually did the running man for the first time in like 20 years!  Normally it's more latin and hip hop but they throw lots of other stuff in too.  We've done disco, tap, and belly dancing too. Every month we get a completely new 1 hour routine, so there's no getting complacent or bored. 

Dance is definitely my favourite exercise.


I've been averaging once a week exercising for the past month and it has not been good.  I started strong on the C25K thing but the day after my second run my ankle started hurting and it lasted for almost a week.  So I've decided to lay off that for a bit.  Maybe after I lose another 10-15 lbs I'll pick it back up again.  

I have started something a bit new to motivate me - Group Personal Training sessions at my Gym.  I did it last Monday and I did again last night.  It costs a bit more, $5 per class (above the cost of my Gym Membership) but the work is good for me.  I'm doing all kinds of things I hadn't thought to do.  Things I wasn't sure I could do.  Like doing a standing jump onto a step almost as high as my knees. Kettlebells, push ups, walking planks, burpies, using those giant ropes, plus all kinds of other things I don't even have a name for.  I have learned that I rock at squats. Ha! I've got the thighs of a weightlifter. :)

Anyway, it's thanks to those 2 classes that I've taken off the pound I gained.  So I'm back to where I was 3 weeks ago. :)  I'm not sick AND I'm motivated again. It feels good.

C25K - Week 1, Day 2

To update you on my last post I did NOT start last weekend as I intended.  I got sick. again.  So I didn't feel up to any exercise until Thursday, when I did the first say of week one.  It was pretty rough, I had to stop three times due to a coughing fit.  But I got through and I felt great when it was done. 

I just got home from the gym after having completed the second day of the Couch to 5K program.  I felt a little bit better today and I only stopped to couch once.  So that was a marked improvement!  I'm actually planning on using these two runs as a "warm up" and starting for real on Monday.  I'd like to try to keep on a weekly schedule and it feels right to start on a Monday :)  Although if necessary I will repeat weeks or days so I may get off schedule quickly.

I had a 1 lb gain this week at weigh in, which is completely my own doing.  Not only did not exercise due to being sick I also ate comfort foods.  Also my 8 month old son has been eating more table foods.  Which means he's been nursing less and I need to adjust to my body's new caloric needs.

On the bright side we had awesome weather today and I so enjoyed the sunshine!  I wore capris and a T-shirt. :)  I even got a bit of a spring clean in which was some extra exercise.

I'll be back on Monday to post about my weigh in and my do-over start of the C25K.

Couch to 5 K

So, I've decided to go for it.  I'm going to start the Couch to 5K program.  I was tempted to sign up for a local 5k, but after checking that it's only 5 weeks away I decided to wait a bit.  I think it would be more realistic to plan for something in June, but wait until May to register for it.  I want to make sure that I make good progress on the program and don't get any injuries.  

It's a 9 week program, and provided I don't have to repeat any weeks I should be ready for a 5K run in June.  June 5th will be my goal date to run a 5K, but if I need extra weeks to get there then that's just fine.  I know I will get there.  I'm going to head over to the Gym tonight and start Day one, week one.

Has anyone done (or tried) this program before?  any comments or advice?

Weigh In

Not much time today, so I'm just posting quickly that I had my weigh in yesterday and I'm down 2 lbs!  

We're off to walk to the Community Centre where I'll let the kids run around crazy for a little bit and have some fun at the play group there.  The sun is shining today and even though there's still snow on the ground it's a beautiful day!

New clothes

I got my new bras in the mail today and they all fit!  In there was the sports bra I was waiting for and it is awesome!  I took it to the gym for a workout tonight and...Best Sports bra ever!  It actually kept my girls locked down!  May have to order another one.   

Also, I forgot to say I went shopping last week, and I bought myself a pair of jeans and a top at Reitman's.  The sales girl suggested I try on clothes from the regular section instead of the pus size section and the Jeans were a Size 15! Granted they were a stretchy material so may not be an accurate size 15, but they are super comfy, look great and I got them for $28, so not too bad at all.   I am going to post a photo of me in my new outfit, (wearing my new underwear too) so you can see how I'm looking.  Here is a link to the Jeans and top (teal) I bought.

It think a new outfit after every 15 lbs is going to be a great reward for myself.

No Weigh in but a NSV

So I didn't change my weight for the week, because I had the stomach flu Sunday and Monday. I did weigh myself and I was most definitely *down* in weight, but obviously it wasn't accurate.  So I will wait to see what my weigh in is next Monday and the average of that weigh in should reflect my loss for this week.  :)

I went and did my first workout in like two weeks tonight.  Yay!  Not just for the workout but because I can finally breathe through my nose!   I feel like I haven't smelled anything in forever.  Although I have to say if you're going to have a sinus infection and be unable to smell for a week, it should be the week your kids have the stomach flu. :P  The workout was good though, I have that nice tired and relaxed feeling you get after a good workout.  

I then came home to a nice sensible dinner.  (I can't believe I just typed that, I feel like it should be in a weight loss commercial for Slimfast).  Anyway, I started dinner before I left and hubby finished it and fed the kids and himself while I was gone.  We had Salmon, mushroom rice and peas.  This is a relatively new thing for me.  I am not a fish person. The only seafood I ate growing up was battered, fried then drenched in ketchup, usually accompanied by an order of chips with salt, vinegar and ketchup.   So in an effort to eat healthier and make sure my kids have a more varied seafood experience, we have started eating fish once per week.  We've got about 5 weeks under our belts now and it seems to be going ok.  We've had Salmon, Haddock, Tilapia and Halibut.  I liked the salmon best.  I also made fish tacos once, which I really enjoyed but no one else did, so I probably won't make it again anytime soon.  If anyone has any Fish recipes they'd like to share please do.  I'd love to make it more interesting and I don't have alot of experience with cooking fish.  Right now I basically just pan fry it either with olive oil or Pam and some Mrs. Dash. I don't like mustard so nothing with a sauce that uses it. :)   I feel great about trying some new things and expanding my palate a bit.  This is what I consider a non-scale victory.  Yay Me!

Also we've been getting bids from contractors and working on getting financing to add an addition to our house.  So that has been something keeping me busy.  Also our brief period of spring weather is gone and we are getting snowed on even as I type this.  It looks like it'll be about 6 inches by morning.  I have a check up at the Doctor for my littlest  and am getting my oldest's ears checked out too. Should be fun with 3 kids in the waiting room!  Envy Me!

Have an awesome week!