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My Weight Loss Journey.

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  • Name: strawberrygirl
  • City: Augusta
  • Region: Georgia
  • Country: United States

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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 279.00lb
Current weight: 275.00lb
Goal weight: 125.00lb
Lost to date: 4.00lb
Remaining: 150.00lb

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Back Home; What A Shocker!

Well, I am back home but not with happy news. Either I gained 5+lbs in one week or my scale measures me heavier than my cousin's scale in CA. My last weight there was 273. My weight on the scale today was 279. What a disappointment but I am not going to beat myself up over it. Just in case the problem is the scales, I am restarting here. Just for my sanity.

Doing Terribly

I am having a tough time this week preparing to go home. I am excited and anxious about my flight and can't stop eating. That is about it. Here's to it. God bless!

Counting The Days

I am counting the days people. I am so ready to be home. Vacation is nice but never again will I go away for more than 1 or 2 weeks. Especially to some place where no transportation is available. It was fun while my 4 year old cousin was here-I was able to play with her and had something to do with my days, but she is now gone and the days are boring and long. Kids truly make the difference. Don't they? Well, here's to Jun 3 when I get on that plane.  


Well, I had a hard, god awful day yesterday filled with regurgitating my dinner. I don't know what it is with me and chicken and rice but I will never eat someone elses again. I never had this problem when I was the cook, but my cousins each must have done something horribly wrong when cooking their versions of chicken and rice because both times the toilet called to me after the meals. So, hopefully I do better today and avoid that trip to the bathroom. Heres to it and good eating. 


I am so psyched to be going home on the 3rd. Can't weight to be able to get to the gym and hopefully increase my weight loss success with some proper exercise. I know you are thinking "Why aren't I exercising now? Maybe walking outside?" Well, I have a phobia about walking outside. I imagine everyone is looking at me and snickering about the fat chic walking down the street. I know I should be bigger that this and walk anyway, but no doing. I tried twice and it was too uncomfortable for me. And surely you are thinking, why don't I believe the others at the gym are looking at me and wondering about the fat chic at the gym, on the treadmill or what have you. Well we are all there for the same thing and for some reason I have no paranoid thoughts about the people in the gym judging and thinking bad things about me and joking about me. Anyway, I have to do what is comfortable for me. Right? Right. So, heres to the gym. I will be getting started right away when I get home on the 3rd. So heres to it and further success.

First Week-Success

I am so proud of myself this week to have lost 4lbs without exercising. But I will get to that when I return home. I am now more determined than ever to give this a proper go. God is with me and I can not let Him down or let myself down. I have a lot of health issues stemming from my excess weight and I have a lot to gain by losing this weight and potentially a lot to lose if I don't do something about it now. So, here goes. Heres to next week and my success and the same for the rest of you; especially, my friends here. God bless and good luck.

On Vacation

I am on vacation and having a time trying to consistantly eat right. My family-the people I am visiting-does not eat healthy and I have no way to make them change the way they cook for my benefit. I can not purchase my own food separately and this is gettting on my nerves. I am thinking of giving up until I return home but do not want to risk gaining weight while I am here. I have enough to lose as is. So I am going to press on and just not eat too much as that is in my hands-as of now. They used to fix my plate for me and I will now do this for myself so I am not over fed and tempted to eat everything on my plate just because it is there. So, heres to it.


Hello to all who visit my blog. I just began my journey yesterday, June 17 2011. I am psyched and looking forward to joining all of you on this trek to a healthier being. I hope to meet those of you in person who are in my immediate area and the rest of you here as buddies. I wish you all good luck and the best as you take your journey. Heres to it and God bless!