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  • Name: TheStoutSupersta
  • City: Madison
  • Region: Wisconsin
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Height: 162.6cm
Start weight: 190.00lb
Current weight: 187.50lb
Goal weight: 170.00lb
Lost to date: 2.50lb
Remaining: 17.50lb

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Last Blog- Where I'll be now!

I joined Spark People, I find it much more interactive and fun.  Plus, my highly competitive spirit LOVES the Spark Points!


That's How I'm Doin... Since I did, what I done to me...

Yeah, think Dierks Bentley.  Get it now right?

Anyways, I don't think I've had a meal at home lately.... I've done no good.  I've maintained workouts but as far as eating.  Meh.  So a friend of mine and I are going to be accountability buddies.  We're having our own biggest loser contest.  
Oh, I did get my personal trainers certification!  I'm REALLY excited about that!

And oh yeah, check out my new pictures, they need to be done no matter how much I hate them.  I'm entering the Eat Clean Diet 3 Month challenge if you're wondering why there's a magazine in my pictures...


Still Here!

OMG!  Busiest 2 weeks of my life!  I'm still alive and kicking just no time to be here!  

Been working out 4X per week, trying to eat as healthy as possible but not sure how that's going- I haven't been tracking!  EEK!  Haven't weighed myself either, but oh well, I'll get there!

85 to Go- Signing off for the weekend!

I've been sooooo busy this week!  Still eating well but haven't tracked anything.  Just been eating clean, packing meals and stopping when I feel full.  

This weekend is my personal trainers certification!!!  So I'll be MIA till Monday!  Keep your fingers crossed, I'm leaving a woman, coming back a PT!  

89 Days to Go- Good Morning!

Today it's P90X Plyometrics.  This is one of my faves.  I'm also going to do Ab Ripper X because I forgot to yesterday.  And dammit!  I'm taking my measurements today!  lol... I've been keeping up pretty good with my daily devotions which I like; it makes me think more critically about my life and daily happenings and the choices I make.  

Alright, time to get my workout on.  Stomach is growling, laundry is waiting so I need to get it done so I can start my list of things to do!

Goal today: Track my food BEFORE I eat it, stick to my "low day" goal of 147G PRO, 162G CHO, 34G FAT. 

Have a great day!

90 Days: Sick

So today I was doing pretty good nutrition wise and then for dinner I made spaghetti.  Now at first I was portioned, whole wheat pasta, 93/7 lean ground beef, sauce full of veggies but I made a really good loaf of bread- my plan was to have 1 serving.  But, I though mmmmm olive oil would be tasty to dip the bread in.  And it was.  SO. 3 servings later and a ton of EVO, AND the batter I snuck from making DH treats for work I feel sick.  It's like a drank a bottle of colon blow if you know what I mean.  EW.  I've had a nasty headache today too.  The crippling kind.  I've guzzled water alllll day so I don't know where that headache hit me.  I still have it in fact.

I did P90X Chest/Back and taught TurboKick this morning and also got my body fat tested.  Body fat tested at 39% .  Trainer was great, my goal is 22%.  Step one, get out of obese range.  Step 2, get into HEALTHY range.  I lost 2 1/2 pounds on my weigh in, have yet to take measurements.  

Well time to head out, hubby's gonna be home soon and can't wait to see him!  

T Minus 90.

So this weekend I was not able to workout BUT I had very solid nutrition.  Stayed around 1600 calories all weekend. 

Have decided to start P90X for the final time tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'm also getting my body fat checked, taking measurements, and pictures.  

Well time to practice some Turbo Kick and study up for my PT test.  This will be a busy busy week!

Day 5, Victory is Mine!

Well yesterday I FINALLY got in the 1400-1600 range.  I actually hit 1556 calories.  I guess the big thing is I was very conscious about my nighttime eating. I started getting craving around 930, so instead of eating a crapload out of my kitchen I chose to make a beef veggie soup with beef broth, mushroom, onions, garlic, and 1/2 cup corn.  I made probably 4 servings.  I ate 2 servings with 1 slice of "buttered" bread (spray) and felt pretty satisfied.  I felt pretty satisfied but I was up later studying and decided to try the water trick but my stomach kept growling so I had a piece of bread with 1T peanut butter.  Perfect.  Lasted me the next 1 1/2 hours till bed.  So now here are my Top 2 recipes of the week:

SF Homemade Latte
You'll need 2/3C double strong coffee, 1C milk and 1-2T your favorite sugar free sweetener (I use Starbucks SF Caramel.  It's super!)
1) While brewing the coffee, steam your milk by heating it in a pot till it's nearly boiling or put it in the microwave about 2-3 minutes.  When it's steaming use a whisk and fluff it up.  
2) Pour the coffee into a mug, add the syrup, add milk scooping the foam on top.  I LOVE THESE!  

The second is the omelet I had for breakfast this morning

Fajita Omelet
You'll need- 3 egg whites, 1C thinly sliced or 1/2 C diced peppers, your fave salsa and light sour cream.
1) Saute 1C of peppers in a pan using PAM.  When they are lightly cooked put them in the bowl of egg whites and mix.  
2) Re-PAM the pan, pour egg mixture.  Cover, let set and flip.  Put 1T of light sour cream in the middle along with your favorite salsa.
120 CALORIES!!!  

My entire breakfast consisted of a Latte, Fajita Omelet, 1C zuchinni, and 3oz potatoes sauteed in 1t olive oil.  ALL FOR A TOTAL OF (DRUMROLL PLEASE!)

Day 4, Good morning!

So I have been experimenting a lot by attempting to make some of my fave "eating out" foods at home.  This week I had my first attempt at making homemade lattes- which turned out to be really really easy and tastes incredibly good.  So I will now be saving about $20 a week in Starbucks lattes and still get the great morning pick-me-up.  I'll post the recipe later- ps YOU DON'T NEED EQUIPMENT FOR THIS!  Only a coffee maker!

So yesterday I was doing pretty well until my bout of sleeping problems hit.  I was working on my Facebook page and my website and my stomach kept growling... so I ended up caving and had an oatmeal cookie, ham wrap and chips .  I kept it within portions but my goal today is NO NAPS so I can SLEEP!  

Well, off to try my new workout routine which I will also post later  

Tales of an Insomniac

Can't sleep.  Sucky!  

Had a good day, did Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix.  Tomorrow I'm starting a new weight lifting regime called "German Body Comp".  I'll explain it more tomorrow after I do it.

Since I can't sleep I've been working on a website for when I get my certification.  I'm in love with iWeb.  Soooooo easy.  I really like the idea of marketing myself and such.  I'm also putting together a Facebook business page.  Soon I'll have it up and hopefully you ladies can give me some feedback!