A start to a healthier life.

how do i start the process?

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So distracted

Been so busy lately! it's a good thing! one more pound down 45 to go!

End of another day

Went through the entire day again without attacking anything! wooohooo! I like eating just enough. Now im getting ready to go to bed. I thought it would be a bit harder for me but its been alright. Next week i introduce a horrible monster "captain exercise". he doesn't really like me! lol. I need to start introducting it back into my life so that the healthiness can proceed on course. I'm kind of glad that work is giving me really long hours lately because its allowed me to ponder on my bad habits and correct them. This website also helps a whole lot because i feel very supported! thanks everyone for helping me stay on track!.
Well before i take myself to bed I will weigh myself. Haven't done so since the initial weigh-in on the 21st. Be right back!...
I'm in shock! I am now 226. I have lost 6 pounds in 2 days. I think its because of the evercleanse. I'm now on day 12 of the cleanse and Its making me have to go to the restroom alot. I feel better on the inside more than i have in a long time. I'm almost at the point where i'm ready to jog again. but not just yet..lol.goodnight everyone!

Work+no fun=stress eating

Did good today and had a total intake of less than 2000 calories for the first time in ages. I was so happy with myself. Then I started getting a bit irritated close to the close of my work day and i came home and had a snack. At least i didn't attack my fridge. Probably because its telling me to be strong and to stick to my goal. I like it! it's good to me! lol.. now I'm off to bed to start day 2 of my wonderful world of good health!

Tomorrow is the first time I will weigh-in since I saw the scale say 232lbs, wish me luck!

Day 1

Yawn! just woke up, its 2:00 and i'm getting ready to go to work. Wrote all over my fridge so that I fight the temptation to eat my feelings again! I'm determined to beat the fatness this time! will keep you posted of my progress. Thanks for the support everyone. You guys are great!

Tomorrow i start a new healthier me!

I'm so tired of feeling tired!

I'm so over allowing myself to be this weight again!

Living here in Tahoe makes me feel like a whale most times because everyone is superficial. I want to get myself into better shape and start a healthier life so that i can once again have my confidence back.

Its time for me to stop making excuses and start showing results. Started by doing the Evercleanse System so that i could feel better inside before working on the outside.

Now its time to begin! Wish me luck everyone!