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f-factor diet

hi guys,

i know ive dissappointed some of you (especially my friends here) by not writing.  ive just been very busy studying for my boards and NOT really taking this losing weight thing seriously........ i really didnt know what i was going to write here cuz there wasnt anythng to say really.  especially after i got sick and had been visiting the doctor etc.....my whole weight loss mission kinda got thrown of track..

but now have some updated information on me.

for the past 3 weeks now ive been doing the F- Factor Diet.  it is a diet that basically is centered around watching your carb intake, while drastically  increasing your fiber.  the first 2 weeks were quite grueling and i cheated here and there because the restrictions were a bit too drastic for me and my schedule.  now im on step 2 and im finding it very easy (so far) to meet my goals for the day in terms of carbs and fiber. 

that said, it should be known....I HAVE NOT EXERCISED IN FOREVER!!!!

i know this is shameful but its been hard these months and i havent made the time.  with studying and eating right and trying to stay sane i just couldnt get up and move.

yet, thankfully i managed to lose 4 pounds.  i am so grateful to this new way of thinking about carbs and fiber.  i was pretty much a mindless eater not knowing what when in and really not caring but now i assess if its good to eat and if its high in fiber.  and whats interesting is that foods high in fiber end up being really good for you anyway.

i dont know if ill jump on a treadmill in the near future or utilize my gym membership, which is sadly going to waste with each passing month......but im gonna stick to this high fiber, low carb new way of eating.

ive noticed many benefits, and i thought id share:

-im always full...:)

-hardly ever feel hungry except when i wake up.....but thats always a good hunger, ya know.

-i have a sustained amount of energy throughout the day.

-i sleep better

-i hardly ever have hypoglycemic attacks mid-day which was very normal for me, unfortunately.

-im eating healthier foods......less processed, more veggies and fruits in moderation.

-im never constipated (sorry people but its something that has to be said when discussing fiber....i know, too much information) we'll leave it at that.

thats about it......i can probably think of more things but im a little tired right now.

anyway, thanks guys for not getting angry at me for never being around.  we are all busy and i know i should be more regular....and from now on i will try.

heres to future posts.

i love you guys!

hanging in there.....

hi everyone,
well so far im just hanging in there. 

i tried to be active this week.  but so far i havent been able to get on the bloody treadmill.  setting goals for myself, only to fail at them, makes me feel lousy. but i feel if i dont set any goals ill probably slip in to my old bad habits effortlessly.

what do to?

anyway, on a brighter note....ive been fairly good with my diet and meals.  ive been basically staying within 1200 cals.  i guess its not so bad.  but i realy need to stick to it.  im not drinking much water....i dunno what happened.

i was doing soooo good in terms of motivation and sticking to my water, diet and exercise etc.  and now it seems as if im lost or, better put, as if ive lost that motivation and im just searching for it.  it feels pretty pathetic and helpless actually.

for my sake, i hope i find it.....and for that matter for yours' sake as well cuz i dont want you guys reading these depressing blogs of mine anymore.

its ok....its ok....its ok.

tomorrow is a NEW day and ill do better...i promise.

we all have our bad times and we all HAVE tomorrows.  so as long as i stick to this and not lose hope and not abandon all this....i will succeed. 


i cant wait for that day when we all reach our goals and our happy with where we are in terms of weight and self appearance. 

that day will come for us all soon.  and persevere we MUST.


thanks for listening.


hey everyone,

im officially back.

i have nothing but apologies for my looooong absence.

i havent been on the site in a very looong time....and then this week when i decided to get back in to it......ive felt so overwhelmed.....by all the blogs i have to catch up on.....its insane......i put off coming back on even further.


to all my friends....id like to thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart.  i didnt think anyone would even notice me MIA...but you all did and that was more than enough to bring me back.

the reason i wasnt around was because i wasnt really sticking to my diet.....i wasnt losing much weight and for the amount of exercise and energy and watching what i ate that i put into it....i was totally off.  i really didnt know what was wrong but being a doctor i had my suspicions that it wasnt just a lazy metabolism.  i had a feeling i may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome aka PCOS.

i had to see my doctor during this time and i wasnt in a very good place emotionally.  i was worried and was frustrated.

my OB/GYN hasnt confirmed anything yet......and im not on taking anything yet....we want to see how the test results come out.  but going to see her and talking about what i was feeling and going thru has really made me feel better.

luckily, PCOS isnt such a bad condition.  some even say the treatment is diet and exercise....to lose weight.  so, since i was trying that and not getting anywhere i have the feeling i really need to get on something and it might be as simple as oral contraceptives.  which is really no big deal.

whatever happens...i really need all of your well wishes and prayers.

anyway, so this was what was going on with me.  i hope you all understand and arent too pissed at me for not being around. 

i havent been exercising much but ive been watching what i ate and i have lost 2 pounds......the scales actually said a little lower but im just gonna leave the loss at 2 pounds and see where im at on wed.

im gonna try and read everyones blogs and try and get up to speed...but im not that free on time so we'll see how that goes.  but i do intend to get back to each and everyone of you.

thanks for being there for me. 
you guys are great friends.



another WI.....lets see how ive done.

hi everyone,

well today was my WI as you all know.

it wasnt great..but it was something in the right direction.  i lost about 1.4 pounds.  i thought it would be a little more because i had checked on the weekend and my weight was actually at 241.  but thats ok. 

i know slowly but surely  I WILL get there.

sorry i havent been regular.  im a bit of a procrastinator by nature and so i put things off until the last possible min and then by that time im too tired to do it.  and so the same goes for writing on my blog.  i check nearly everyday.  read your blogs, even write back comments but for some reason i put off writing on my own blog. 

but ive put it to mind that i will write more frequently and not just once a week.

thanks for your concern missybelle and joy.  i didnt got anywhere ive just been a big lazy bum.

anyway, last week i was very good with my exercising...didnt miss a day and with my eating plan.....i hope this week goes the same so that i can finally see some major changes.

i promise to write more in the next couple of days.

hope you all are doing great. take care.


WI DAY---- not as much as i hoped for.... :^(

hi everyone,

well today was my WI.  it was at least better then last week.  i didnt go up but i didnt get as down  as i wanted.  just about a pound. 

but im grateful for even that because i know what i did this weekend....and im happy with anything lost.  i was really so scared that things might go up.

anyway, i feel im losing VERY slowly.....i wished for 10 pounds in a month and thought heck id be soooo happy with  8 cuz id be avg 2 a week....but now it seems like this is gonna be a lot harder than i thought.

i have noticed a big difference in my appearance....i know it seems absurd......only 6 pounds lost.....but my waist is getting smaller and im noticing stretch marks.....im happy to see those stretch marks (how crazy am i?) but to me its a sign my tummy is getting smaller and my skin is getting loser in that area.  i see them around my arms and hips as well.

anyway, so this is the new info for the week.

hope you all stick to your plans as well.

thanks for all the consoling.  you guys are really great.  i honestly dunno what id do without you.

bye for now.


hello everyone!

just wanted to inform you guys....just in case you dont know that the NEW YORK GIANTS  won the superbowl.....they were the underdogs and they WON!!!!

as you can tell im excited and elated about it.  its a testament to the fact that if you DONT give up you WILL reach your goals, your destination, your wanted outcome.  no one said they could do it and they defied all odds.  in the last 2 min of the game they made the impossible a REALITY. 

all i have to say is WOW!!!

anyway, my weekend was a lot of fun.  we went over to my cousins house.  she has this beautiful townhouse in the city...we  inteded to watch a movie but instead all we did was talk, gossip, eat, cook and relax.  everything was great except the fact the kids felt they could basically GO CRAZY!!

unfortunately, i wasnt able to stick to my diet.....it was just one day of eating pretty recklessly but im trying to over come it by exercising MORE this week.  i stcuk to my water intake which im happy about and tonite i was able to double my usual 45 min of exercise time to 1.5 hours. 

im trying not to beat myself up about it....because instead of eating recklessly ALL the time ive changed everything around in such a way that now those instances have become few and far between.  and i guess thats life ya know,  you watch what you eat and every so often you do get to indulge yourself A LITTLE.  but as long as you get back to you healthy and active way of life.....everything shoudl be ok.  at least this is what i hope.

i also at less calories today....not really intentional but i guess on a subconscious level i wanted to.  because of this weekend.

anyway, so i hope all of you had GREAT WIs and from what ive read you sure have.  good for you guys...im so proud and i will always look to you guys for inspiration.


heres to fridays!!! actually its sat now :^P

hi everyone,

sorry ivebee  rather missing lately.  ive been a little busy but for the most part i didnt have much to report.

i have a little headache right now, so ill probably keep this short.

my week went well, aside from having a gain in my WI.  but im over it now and figure hey we're all human.  this coming after being quite hard on myself.  :^(  actually im in better spirits because today i check and went down.  im hoping for a good WI come wed.  please wish me luck....i really need it.

anyway, tomorrow me and my sisters (i have two of them) will be going over to one of our cousins houses for a sleep-over.  and there her sister will be joining us as well.  i know i know it sounds like we're kids.  but we havent gotten together in awhile.  and her husband is away on business and so we thought it would be like a girls nite out.  we were supposed to do this last weekend but my sisters were too sick.  anyway, its on for sat night and we're all excited.  we dont know what we're gonna do but whatever it is i hope its fun.  i make a pretty good tiramisu so i may make that and bring it along.  i havent had anything that nice in a loooong time.  but im still contemplating whether ill have any myself.  who knows. 

then sunday is the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!  the bears were no where near getting in this year (they did last year, yay!!)  but since we love football, my dad and sisters and brothers are probably gonna have a little superbowl party.  it should be fun.  as you can tell we are big football (american football) fans.  we are cheering for the underdogs.....at least i am.......i know some of us wont be.  should make it interesting.

so thats my weekend.  its actually interesting after awhile of blah and boring.

anyway, i hope i can stick to my plan and not waiver from it.....even if im sooooooo tempted.  gotta stay in control.

hope you all stick to it as well.  take care everyone.  i gotta get to sleep early, so i can wake up early and try and get some studying in before i go to my cousins.  wish me luck.....my record for waking up early these past few days is pretty bad.


the scales went up!?! wtf!

hi everyone,

well as you can read, i gained this week.  im not proud of this, but my only consolation is that thank God its only 1 pound and not more.  i havent really been sticking to my plan these past few days.  not much water, not much exercising......but foodwise, i havent cheated any.

i plan to stick to it.  i mean what choice do i have....ive made the decision to lose and now im must do whatever it takes to get there.  but sticking to the plan gets kinda boring.  i think im gonna try to plan my meals for the week ahead of time...that way im not thinking, hmmmm, what to eat today.....or im not nibbling here and there.

so wish me luck guys.  i want to see the scales move down from now on.....and not in the other direction.....i mean who wants to see that graphed and charted and recorded........NOT I.

anyway, i wish you all good luck in the coming week ahead.

take care.

after a long time.....

hi everyone!

sorry i havent posted in awhile.  ive just been really busy....and well there really wasnt anything new or interesting to report.

my last weigh in went farily well.

thru the week i kept good with my plan.......drinking water, having my cereal, and eating a healthy dinner (leaving more than 2 hours gap before going to bed).  ive also been allowing myself 2 snacks throughout the day.....i try to keep them low cal usually avg 100 cal give or take 10 or 20 cal.  some nights im hungry and since i usually fall below my daily caloric intake i do allow myself a little snack....but i make sure its healthy and i make sure im still within my calories.

my exercising hasnt been going well though. :(

last week i skipped a bunch of days, doubled up one day in order to try and catch up, and then skipped some more, and ended up doing a lot of walking on saturday....and basically telling myself i broke even.  i dont usually exercise on the weekends....but this weekend i also stopped drinking water.  i hope this isnt the beginning of something bad....like reverting to my bad habits.  today, as well, i only drank half of my normal water intake.  i feel bad about it.  maybe im just tired.  i havent been getting a good nights sleep... you know they say getting a full nights sleep also helps lower weight....i find that so interesting cuz ive always been one to get in only 3 or 4 hours if i had to.  ever since highschool.  maybe this has been my problem all along.  how funny.  who knows? but i pledge to get back on the water wagon tomorrow....and i hope to try and get enough sleep every day.

everyone was sick this weekend......i have two neices and they both had some sort of sniffle and cough.....my sister (the neices mom) came over and slept over on sat.   that would have been fun but she was also feeling under the weather.  i think she needed some TLC b/c the girls were driving her crazy.  the eldest is 7 and the 2nd one is 2.5 years old.  they are a handful but you just cant get enough of them.

anyway, so my weekend was pretty much boring and same old same old.  not much exotic and exciting stuff going on here unfortunately.....didnt study much either cuz for awhile i also felt sick......

i hope this week is good, and i hope my WI for wed is also good. 

i hope all of you have wonderful WI's and good weeks ahead. 

take care.

the scales went down!!!!!!!

hi everyone,

well after 1 very painful day....full of frustrations and not knowing what to do.....i was pleasently surprised this morning. 

the scales went down......im so relieved.  i drank loads and loads of water so maybe that did it...although im still now sure how it works....and i exercised and ate right.  basically i stuck to the program. 

they went down roughly 3 pounds since my last weigh, which was over a week ago. im very happy and trying to teach myself not to get worked up over little increases etc.  its just sooooooooooo hard not to b/c your trying sooooo hard ALL week and you want to see results.

anyway, i would like to thank all of you that comented and cared.....i really appreciate whatever you guys have to offer.  and it helps a whole lot.

thanks again.  keep up the good work everyone.