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New Year, New Me!!

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Darn Tom!!

Good Morning Everyone!!  I am so sorry I have not been a good EP friend and visiting your blogs.  Life is very busy right now and I barely have time to log on and post a new posting to my blog.  Hopefully next week will slow down a bit.

TOM cam two days early woo hoo!!  Thanks very much!  So can feel the water rentention coming on.

Have a great weekend!

Oops! Missed a Day!

So sorry everyone,  I missed posting yesterday.  It was one crazy day.  I did very well eating and getting my water in though so not all was lost. 

Watched the biggest loser last night!  So glad the white team is gone!!  I still am voting for the Blue Team with the Pink Team being my second favourite. 

I had thought about starting the Special K challenge but I am not sure about eating cereal for two meals if it would fill me up.  Any thoughts from those who may have tried it?

New Week

I hope you all had a great weekend!  From my google reader I can see you have been very busy and I tried to comment on all of your blogs!! 

I did not do great with the whole water thing on weekend!  Oh well, baby steps.  I will work harder next weekend! 

It was quite a busy weekend!  I had a meeting Saturday morning and a staging appointment in the afternoon.  Sunday was pretty low key we went to my mom's for dinner.  Yum!!

Seems the paperclips chains are catching on....

Goals for the week:  Hard one this week.  I am going to still concentrate on my water along with trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

Paper Clip Weight Loss & Glub Glub Glub

I know you are saying "Paper Clips".  I read about this a long time ago where you can use paper clips as a visual reminder of the weight you have lost.  What you do is for every pound you lose you add one more clip to your chain.  I will be changing colours every ten pounds.  Since I am only one pound down right now I have a lonely little paper clip on my chain.  Here it is:

This paper clip will not be lonely for long as I plan on adding many to it. 

Water:  I did it!! I managed to get in my 8 glasses yesterday!  It felt so go to get this done!!  I am already on my way today to reach my goal.

I have a very busy weekend so I am not sure if I will be abel to post.  If I don't have a great weekend Everyone.

Help I Am Dehydrated!!

Okay not really.  I was only able to get in 2 glasses of water again yesterday.  I think I need to go an buy a larger refillable bottle to tag a long with me during the day.  I had a regular bottle open up in my bag yesterday ugh!! 

I never knew how hard it would be to get in all of my water everyday.  Geez!!

We had some really high winds here yesterday and my power went out just as I was getting ready for work and did not come back on.  Later on I was in the grocery store and same thing!!  Yesterday was just not my day.

Have a Great Day!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Well,  We have made it to the middle of the work week!  Boy I will be glad when it is over.  I need sleep.

The Biggest Loser:  Well, cried again.  I am such a sap!  I could not believe that the black team would not give the blue team those calling cards!!  They are the only team in the house that does not have a loved one with them!  I felt so bad for Brittany, she really wanted to talk to her mom.  As much as I was sad to see the Brown team go home last night I was so elated to see the yellow team stay.  Paul reminds me so much of my father (who passed away at 50) and I know the struggle he must be going through knowing he may not have many more years to live if he does not do something about his weight!! 

I still can't believe how little everyone lost this week!  What happended??

Go Blue Team!!

I doubled my water yesterday to 4 glasses... getting there.  I will be out of the office all day so I am not sure how much I will get in but I will try!

Have a great day!!


Funny how sometimes with all good intentions you don't reach your goals.  I had written yesterday how I was going to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.... Well... didn't do so good yesterday only 2!!  It is hard with my job to drink all of the water in a day as I am on the road and you know what happens as soon as you get into the car... all of a sudden you have to go to the bathroom!!  Oh well... today is a new day and I will try again.

Can't wait to watch The Biggest Loser tonight!!  Go Blue Team!!!

Looking Forward ~ Feeling Positive

Okay weekends suck!!  I have too much time on my hands and I always feel like snacking.  I see others have the same problem.  Don't get me wrong I love the downtime.  I am way too busy during the week. 

I went shopping yesterday and picked up healthy foods only - I already have my meals planned for today - just need to stay on top of it!  I find if I bring healty snacks with me to work I will eat them and not run to the vending machine. 

I love my new friend GOOGLE READER!  It has made staying in touch with all of you so much easier.  Why didn't I use it before?

Here is my goal for the Week:  Drink At Least 8 glasses of water per day! I have been slacking when it comes to this and hence the weight gain.  Need to get it down and stop feeling bloated.

Looking forward to the week ahead and making positive changes. 


What The F***!!

Weigh In: Okay just owned up to my SLACKING ways and weight myself.  229.0 Baby!!  Crap!!  No more messing around this is completely ridiculous!!  Oh well - (((positive vives))).  I can't be upset it is all my own doing for not paying attention. 

Blogs: I cannot get over how long it takes to blog and then check up on all of you.  There has got to be an easier way of doing this

Google Reader: Okay I just put all of your blogs into google reader.  This should be an easier way to stay on top of commenting.  I think some of you use us at well.  Any comments on it?

Hubbies BD:  Thanks to all who wished him a Happy BD!  did not over indulge too much I am trying to be very careful.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Can the Positive Thinking Stay??

Wow!! New Year New Me!!  It is hard to believe that this feeling could not last.  Why is is we all feel so empowered starting a new year?  It is fresh start for all I just hope I can keep feeling this way all the way through 2008 and I wish the best for all of you.

Today is hubby's BD so I don't know how well I will be able to stay on plan tonight.  I will have to be extra good during the day! 

The Celebrity Apprentice:  Anyone else watch this last night?  Interesting dynamic.  I wonder how long these celeb's can depend on their network of contacts to come out and give big donations like that.  I mean $5000 for a bottle of water???

I wish you all the best for the weekend ahead.  Skinny Vibes coming to all of you!!