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  • Name: fitmama2010
  • City: Pickering
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 211.60lb
Current weight: 203.40lb
Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 8.20lb
Remaining: 68.40lb

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Off To the Local WW location I go.

Okay,  I can't take it anymore!!!  I need the new WW material   I must be nuts.  I have been reading so much about it on the WW boards.  I will be heading to my local WW store today.  I hope they have not sold out of materials like the member kits.  It is a little difficult to get to the store and I would hate to have to go back again   I know that they have probably been very busy this week with all of the new years resolutions and everyone hopping on the band wagon again.  Wish me luck

I had such a wonderful day with DS yesterday.  I cannot believe how much that little guy has changed our lives.  He is such a little angel.  It snowed yesterday and I can't wait to bundle him up and take him out in the snow.  It will be so much fun! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Working on it....

So have been doing a lot of research into the new WW program.  I am very interested but alas... in the mean time I have pulled out my old program materials and have started using those.  It is going to be very difficult to attend meetings right now with the little one. 

I am thinking about getting signed up and at least obtaining the new materials so I have them on hand.  Hey maybe it will be motivation to boost my weight loss. 

I was watching the biggest loser the other night and something keeps repeating in my mind and my motivation for losing the weight.  Aside from being healthier.  Bob was talking about the family obesity epidemic and how he is going to continue to see family's on the show from season to season.  I don't want this for my son nor do I ever want him to ever battle a weight problem.  I am hoping that this will also give me the boost I need to get the job done!

Have a very busy day with the little guy today.  Hope everyone out there does well!

Whoo MIA - WW Points Plus

Wow!! I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted.  This is just terrible.  Although, for some reason I have managed to still lose weight.  That is better than gaining

I was about to pull out my old WW books to help give me a boost and regime to my diet when I found out they have a new program.   So now I am really confused.  Being on Mat Leave I have a very limited income right now and really did not want to go back to meetings right now but I want the new information in my hands.  I had thought about signing up for WW online but I am the type of person who needs to have the actual information in my hands and I am not always on front of a computer.  I would love to hear some feedback from others who are on the new plan.

Journey on until tomorrow.  I have a busy day with DS going to a couple of mommy and me groups

Baby Weight

So as I set out on this journey to lose my excess I was reading in a book called Baby Laughs that it can take up to three periods for the body to let go of all of the hormones and thus enabling you to lose weight!  WHAT!!!  It had better not because it can take a few months to even get your first period after giving birth!!
Geez!!  Oh well,  in the mean time I will still be trying to lose the weight and get into healthy eating habits.

The Beginning

Well I shouldn't exactly say the beginning but for me this is the journey to a new me. 
Life has changed for me so much over the last year.  I became pregnant last fall and gave birth to a beatiful baby boy about 6 weeks ago.  Life will never be the same again...I can't wait to mold my little one. 
 I swore up and down that I would start losing weight again after I gave birth.  I am lucky and have already dropped my baby weight so now it is time to refocus and learn to eat healthy for me but to also be able to instil this into my son as he grows older.  I hope and pray that he never has to worry about weight problems as he grows up.
I guess at this moment he is my inspiration but also I need to be healthy for me and for him.