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Today is Wedneday...

...and I'm busy scrambling around trying to get everything done! We are leaving for Arkansas sometime tomorrow and the task of getting the house ready, laundry done, packed, etc... fell on me since the hubby's at work. He even has to work some before we leave tomorrow. Plus, since we homeschool I've had to school my oldest. I don't want to take too many days off and know we'll take some around our move. Don't want to play too much catch-up. Anyway, I'm feeling crazy! LOL Such a whirlwind around here. I hope I can make it through. This weekend is going to be really busy as well. We have a lot of arrangements to try to make, a b'day party to go to, and stuff with the church. AHHHHHHHHH!

Good day afterall.

This afternoon I seemed to get ambitious because while I was waiting for DH to get home (early, btw!) I did some strength moves- mostly on my arms... and then I did a 3 mile walk! YAY!


Day 2, Week 2 of Ab Challenge: Complete. Eating has been so-so. Not really bad choices, but I gave up on the Maker's Diet. The groceries are too scarce around here for me to be that intense and then traveling and what-not. So I've been munching on animal crackers, cereal, and chocolate milk. I don't like plain milk, so the chocolate hasn't even been a huge factor- just the desire for the dairy. Basically, I'm just hanging. There's a slim, SLIM chance that hubby will make it home before it gets too dark and I'll get to go for a walk, but I'm not holding my breath.

Official Weigh-In: up some

Today's WI: 227.4 (I think) It's correct in my counter, but I don't remember the point number anymore. It's up some and I hate it. I hate that I've SEEN 219 but can't seem to find it again, but maybe I'll find it. Even if I have to wait until after I move to find it! LOL My goal is to maintain! PLEASE don't let me gain with all this traveling and whatnot... UGH! I'm going to try, but I'm just not real sure. LOL I'm counting my calories again and since I'll be around the internet when I travel I can try to keep track with that... but eating out, just not ever knowing if it's in the database or whatever might be hard. So, we'll see how it goes...

I did some strength training today and my ab workout.

We're moving!

YAY! There's a church that just called Nick to be there pastor, so now it's just a matter of finding a place to live and move! Stress when it comes to diet and exercise but I'm going to try- but I know it'll be easier once we're settled. I'm so happy!!!

I am eating good today- it's day 6 of 40! Of course, we'll just have to see how long this lasts with the move... I plan on walking to in a bit- probably just 2 miles, but still. Something is better than nothing.


I've had a great day so far. Got up this morning and went on a bike ride with Mistic- it's great because even though we don't go fast or far, but it instills in her at an early age the importance of exercise and how FUN it can be! I then had to run some errands with my other daughters. Picked up some movies for the weekend. Should be enjoyable.

2 miles, chili dogs, and Lemon Burst yogurt!

I'm on a roll! I went for another 2 mile walk this evening- after hubby got home from work and we ran to the grocery store! And I'm eating the tuna for dinner tomorrow, tonight we are having chili dog minus the bun! It feels naughty- heck- it has no veggies- but it's phase 1 and what I was craving! I'll eat some carrots for snack tonight and drink water as usual. But I will tell you, I picked up FOUR Lemon Burst yogurts while at the store. They are soooooooooooo good that you don't even realize that it's good for you! My kind of food!

4 of 40- week 1 abs complete

It's my understanding that the ab challenge is a M-F challenge (or 5 days I guess) so by that I've completed week 1! YAY!!! I also went for a 2 mile walk this morning- 3 miles have been nice, but hubby had to be at work earlier and I was trying to get Mistic's school work done before he left so he could help with the baby! I have the option of doing some strength later- but that's IF I chose- I've done what I feel I NEED to for today! YAY! And it's Friday too! Even better!

Today is day 4 of the Maker's Diet 40 days... It's going really good. My temptations and desires are becoming less and less and the memory of dropping weight and really doing it back in 2007 is fresh in my mind. I seem more dedicated this time. I'm not counting calories or anything either. I don't really know, but this time, at least right now everything, this whole process seems relaxed. A good thing. I feel in charge and like I can do this. One day at a time though... Reminding myself that it really does pay to make good decisions!

TOM is here though- the only downside to my post! LOL I'm not even weighing myself. I'll weigh myself Monday and hopefully feel decent about that number and update my tracker. The number isn't truthful, I've gained a bit back so I feel I should update it... but I want to wait until the worse of TOM is over- kwim?

Have a great weekend and stay strong!

Lemon Burst

Ok, so my 5 year old daughter doesn't like the "kid" yogurt (Dora, Diego, Etc...) she likes the "mom" yogurt- Yoplait. So usually I let her pick out a few flavors and she goes for the different ones- orange, lemon, etc. I usually prefer the traditional flavors- like the berry flavors. She tried the Lemon Burst the other day and went on and on about how good it was and since I'm really big on lemons and limes I thought- "why not?" Figured if I didn't like it she'd eat it. Well, tonight I tried it and it is SO good! I think I could eat it instead of lemon bars and be 100% o.k. It has 180 calories, but it's full of calcium and such. Just thought I'd share!

3 of 40 (day 4 of abs)

Today was my kind of day. Hubby didn't have to be at work until this afternoon so I utelized him and went for another *almost* 3 mile walk- it took me about 50 minutes. I loved it! I prefer exercising in the morning- nothing better than starting the day off that way. I came home, did my abs, and hit the shower! YAY!!! And of course, eating has been fine- there's been nothing to be tempted with. Of course, the kids had chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner and I normally nibble/munch on their leftovers, but not today. We had breakfast for dinner and ate dinner at lunch (heehee! since hubby was working tonight). It was omelots! YUM-O!!! And then later when I get hungry I'll eat some yogurt. So yep, another A+ day!