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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 240.00lb
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Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 74.10lb
Remaining: 30.90lb

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OK time to try out this dance dance revolution workout, wish me luck...if i dont make it back to this blog you know it was a wipeout instead of a work out :P
God i hope my downstairs neighbors dont kill me for jumping up and down this time of night :P

yay i am down 4 more lbs!

    Im not sure how ...but by all rights i should be up "visitor" is paying me a visit.  Thank God all this working out is reducing my cramping to a bearable level...i usually am in bed heavily dosed.  All of you ladies with PCOS know what im talking about. 
    I have truly been blessed.  PCOS many times makes it very hard or impossible to become pregnant, screws with our hormones and can cause us to be obese and oh man the mood can ask my hubby about those. And forget the cramps... the stories woild curl your toes....and thats if our periods even show up.
    If you are offended by faith in any form you should probably stop reading now...*gets on her soapbox*
I truly have to give God the glory, after being diagnosed with PCOS i was told after years of trying to get pregnant, that my husband and i would need in vitro.  My GYN was going to make one last ditch attempt to jump start my fertility (clomid) when she calls me at my home and prevents me just in time from taking the dosage she prescribed.  She had some kind of concern last she was preparing to sleep, that i should get an ultrasound before i took the dosage.  My most recent Ultrasound before that was normal with only very small cysts but..she claimed to want to double check.  To this day i believe God whispered into her spirit a warning.  The next day she sent me to have an ultrasound that revealed a large cyst on my ovary.  If i had taken clomid the results could have been disasterous.
    I was scheduled for surgery as soon as possible to have it was a mojor surgery as it grew too large from the time it was diagnosed to the time it was going to be no outpatient laprscopy..they had to do a c-section type was not fun healing from that i promise you.  Oddly enough less than a year from that surgery, i woke up from a sound sleep and i kid you not...i beleive i heard God tell me i was pregnant.  I had no sypmtoms that i recall, no morning sickness or dizziness...i just knew...i got out of my bed at 5 AM grabbed a pregnancy test that was part of an ovulation kit that was left ignored when told i was infertile and took the test...
Bleary-eyed i saw the positive pink line, but my mind just couldnt absorb i woke my husband, handed him the strip and told him something was wrong with my eyes could he confirm the test.

He dropped it in total shock and flopped back on the bed so fast i thought he fainted...we blessedly carried to full term and my sweet little girl was born.  I know all the torture ive gone thruogh with the PCOS and my ovaries wasnt in vain, and i know this story doesnt always have a happy ending for all woman...but i have got to thank God for all HIs blessings and for now giving me a way to get healthy, Im totally overcome with the power of Gods Love and Grace through Christ.
Thank you Lord!

I have only two words...

Videogame workout!!!!
ok so i hear about this Eyetoy Kinetic game from a little research...thanks soo much to Gennyfer for blogging about it, you helped me make up my mind :)

I order it and get it today.  Its a total pain to set up but once you do its sooo much fun.   Im so busy playing the game i didnt realize i was out of breath and sweating (and laughing)  till i finished the first workout.

Yes you heard me...FIRST beginner mode...jeeze...ok so i got no points in the second workout but i burned a grand total of  *insert drumroll here*

 400 calories playing a video game!!!!!!!!!

I think ive found my new favorite toy...sure i need to work on my form and my high score :P  but if fitness can be fun who cares!!!!!

Ok i promise no more exclaimation points but im so darn happy that I (a total video game fanatic-how do you think i got so big ?)  have found a way to workout and make it really fun and different every single day...i hate monotony.

I know there is only a tiny section of the population that will totally understand the facination of turning the playstation 2 into a cherished peice of fitness equipment. *nods at the fanboys/girls and computer geeks* 
But trust me it totally ROCKS!!

Oops i let a few exclaimation points slip by on that one..i know you will fovrgive me ^_^

Fat Burners?!

OK so whats the skinny on fat burners?  i was taking and herbal supplement then i heard bitter orange was just as bad as ephedra when it comes to the heart ( my family has a history of heart disease and i actually know someone that had a heart attack as a result of epheadra so im wary of it).  Then i read that they are ALL bad be cause the weight comes right back after u stop them. 
Im so confused.  I see a definite difference in my energy level when im on them, and appetite suppression isnt a concern of mine, and i have SOOO much wight to lose should i stay off them and use them only when i hit a plateau?

 Im curious what's your take on fat burners?

Who knew baby snacks were so yummy!

OK...seriously...i KNOW im not suppose to eat my baby daughter's snacks and food but how can you in good conscience give a child something to eat and not taste it first yourself??  OK now that im done making excuses these organic cookie/crackers arent half bad...they are good...too good.

Now i have another was all so simple when i just kept myself on plan by not bringing snacks into the house i cant eat, but the baby has literally been forcing her half eaten cookies on im not kidding... it was really cute at first that my daughter likes to share but this is getting ridiculous.

If i refuse and tell her to eat it herself that "mommy doesnt want it" she gets this look on her face like.."well then IM not eating it either"  I already have a picky eater on my hands with her but im not ready to add 50 calories to my eating plan because my baby wont eat her

*sigh* ok im publicly declearing baby food off limits ladies...I will not eat another soggy half eaten cookie again no matter how cute my one year old looks as she trying to pry my lips open and feed to me as a token of her deep love and affection

i mean it ...i wont eat another baby cookie...ill tell her to give them to daddy *evil laugh*

Gotta keep the fire burning!

Why does this feeling always find me after a great weight loss triumph.  You know the one i mean , where you get bored with your diet and need something to "spice it up".  I want to try a new workout but im afraid ill fail at it, maybe a new workout suit...though i cant really afforde to slplurge on one...I need something to keep me motivated and though the prospect of swimsuit shopping in a few weeks for my August anniversary vacay does encourage me,  it seems sooo far away :(

What do you do to stay motivated when you are feeling bored with the structure of your weight loss program?

Punishment and Reward?

Today i made a discovery about the way i think of food.  I have set a punishment reward system in place for myself as it relates to my eating plan (diet-if you are old school).  I know im not the only one. 

For instance if i stick to my plan the whole day i think of my JC Lemon Cake (absolutely to die for) as my reward after dinner.
If i eat off of plan i skip the cake (or other dessert) and eat a serving of salad or vegetables. I dont eat my secheduled dinner at all.

Ugh and here i was thinking i was developing a healthy relationship with food!!  Seriously though, Thinking about having a great dessert with or after dinner motivates me on days I am struggling with sticking to plan.  I know i cant have the cake every single day...but is using it as a motivator so detrimental to changing to a more healthful lifestyle?

Ok, i am a confessed veggie hater, but i eat them because i know they are good for me, they fill my belly and they are helping me  to shed this unwanted burden i carry.  But to punish myself if i "sneak" a burger (ok i was a double cheeseburger...with a just a few fries i swear!)??  OK maybe its isnt punishment but i know i shouldnt chow down to a 260 calorie meal at dinner if i screw up and eat 500 at lunch!! 

Part of me tells me its just plain common sense and im "making up for my caloric lapse" but the other part of me tells me im trying to teach myself a lesson by making myself pay for my mistake...veggies for dinner and to bed with no dessert.

OK i totally got a flashback of my mom denying me dessert as a kid as that ive found the root of my Reward/Punishment i take measures to stop it (how can i do that anyway?) OR do i just keep doing it..its helped me lose 10 pounds so far...maybe this is just the way im wired and I better not muck around  too much ofin the psychology of it.

Woot 10 total pounds down!

Im feeling pretty good today, i weighed in at 230 today thats a total loss of 10 pounds since May 15th.  I know its just a start but i have to celebrate :)  Ive decided that for every 10 pounds i lose ill set aside  some cash to buy a whole new wardrobe.  Heck by the time i reach my goal weight ill have like 1k

No seriously though im encouraged to keep going and not give in the way i did this past week...i have to keep thinking myself thin!

Oh man i blew it!

ok i know we shouldnt dwell so much on our failures, so much as we should correct out failings with workouts and resolve to do better for the rest of the week, but i am so angry with myself for being such a pig. 
I was on a trip with my students to an amusement park and as they ate burgers and fries i tried hard to hold on and wait for them to finish so i could eat my salad.  of course one little girl comes to me saying she didnt want her fries and could i throw them away and i couldnt help myself , i cant believe i ate that students leftovers.  Then i found myself buying and eating a double cheesburger. 
Bad news right...well hold on, im still not done...then they wanted to stop at the candy store...can u say pecan covered fudge *groan*.  I really didnt control myself the way i should have.  The worst part is my Jenny Craig "partner" at work also ate off plan but made WAY better choices than i did.  I cant help feeling like i dont even deserve to lose weight.
I feel so bad about it that instead of getting up and doing my workout (which i do without fail daily) i skipped my morning walk.  I am sooo disappointed and need to get ahold of myself but im not sure how.  Feeling totally out of control today :(

Taking Stock

Well im finally putting myself in a position to make my weight loss public.  I hope keeping a blog and posting my pictures encourage me to keep up the good work. 

I joined Jenny Craig on May 13th and in this first month ive gone from 240 pounds to 232.  These 8 pounds are the first of many to go..i am planning to lose 105 total pounds putting me at 135.
Sticking to the meal plan is pretty easy except for the fact that im a veggie hater.  The hardest part is the cravings for foods i love, that i cant create low fat options for. 

Im fortunate to have a loving husband who supports me, and loves me despite the fact that when he met me i wasnt this huge.  I also have a baby girl ( to whom i owe most of this weight) :P

 I plan to take photo's every 2 weeks so i can see the progress i have made.

Here's to keeping it honest!!