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Now ive gone and done it

LOL oh wow so after 2 months on Jenny Craig and over 20 pounds lost i go and get pregnant...  Ill be taking a break from Jenny till after the baby but ill still be sticking to healthful eating, in fact probably more healthful than ever. 

I kinda have mixed emotions about it all right now, and ill come back to comment on all your blogs tommorow after ive processed all this. *smiles*

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With your metabolism going up with pregnancy, you will probably still finish lower than where you started!  Two surprise pregnancies with PCOS.  God has great plans for you!



i  know you may not feel excited now,  but you will later.  i have a 5 and 6 year old and they are best friends.   you could not have picked a better time to get pregnant.  you have a new healthy attitude about food, work out and eat right and you will be fine. 


I was just reading back on your are really blessed. You lost 20lbs already and with the new approach healthwise, you probably won't gain too much weight.....may you crave pineapples and oranges, like i did with my 2 nd DS's!

hee hee hee

GIRL I AM LAUGHING WITH YOU... LOL  After I had Naomi, I started losing weight, 8 mo later I was pg again with the twins. After the twins I started losing weight, and joined WW, at the 8 mo mark I was pg again with Genesis. 4 babies in 3 yrs. Still working on the weight. Glad God has blessed you and I really want to keep in touch. I'm horrible about doing my blog, but I'm great on chat an emails.  Lets stay in touch.


I was just reading you blogs and you inspire me. You've been up and down with your health and you still keep a positive way of thinking. And you are right, God is being good to you. Congrats on the pregnancy. I know you'll do well with maintaing a healthy lifestyle.

Take Care,


Thanks so much

Thank you all for the kind words and the encouragement. I know i am truly blessed.  I am currently trying to blog on the babyfit web site  under the name sistahsunflower im still so busy i dont get there much but thas where you will find me for the next 8 months or so..LOL! Love you all and much success!!

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