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Where has the time gone?

I feel so guilty not logging in and blogging for so long but for a while there i was so unmotivated to stay on my diet and excersise.  I almost tanked with a binge on some tortilla chips but im back on track now with a loss instead of a gain. (was a close thing though i went up a pound then came down 3lbs  that next week..whew)  I am not sure what got into me but i know what i have to do to shake the blues next time....and no i dont mean binge again :P

ive missed  those of you who have been so faithful in responding to my posts and im sorry i haven been here for ya.  Seems each day my daughter grows i need to spen so much more time with her while shes this little...and the hubby was complaining that i was online too i cut back big the point of not being on..hmm..between that and the blues i totally tanked, but i have forgiven myself and moved on and am looking forward to a new challenge as i attend a wedding this weekend, where i know all the food is going to be way to count calories frightens me big time but i will be saving calories all week to prepare.  God please let me be able to resist my trigger foods.

*hugs* to all... be well!

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I'm still here

Hope this goes through, something seems a little off with the comment box. ok, its slowly fixing itself now.  I havent even been over to my blog in days. Ty for checking up on me. I need to update my tracker. Well I almost made my goal of 10 pounds. I am down 9. Dont'cha just hate that!!! One measely little pound away. I'm still proud of myself.

 No way to count cals.. I know what you mean. The family reunion is this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow and will return Sunday. I packed foods that I know I can enjoy without the guilt. Keep your eyes out for the veggie trays, thats what I'll be doing!  Well, I better get to my blog before I type everything here.

Ty again for checking up! Do you ever use yahoo messenger?my screen name is xthreeplustwinsx. I need to change it since I now have 6 children.... lol

have fun!

Hey, have fun at the wedding! i have a do you do those virtual pictures at different weights? I can't seem to figure it out :(

Thanks, laura

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