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  • Name: Sistahsunflower
  • City: New York
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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 240.00lb
Current weight: 165.90lb
Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 74.10lb
Remaining: 30.90lb

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I think I have the hang of this!

Ok, so I finally see a significant loss. I lost 4 lbs this week  and I feel like I'm making the plan MINE.   I attribute this to 3 things I have done differently than the 4 weeks prior.
  • I ate WAY more fiber, and a bit less sugar.  Sorry, I can't give up the sweet stuff completely.
  • I did not eat all my weekly plus points points.  In fact, I followed several members' advice and only used about half of the points and had at least 20 activity points to match.
  • I only allowed myself one indulgent snack a day the rest was either fruit or almonds.
  • I don't know if this will help anyone else get out of a slump but I think it will, my sister did the same thing based on the advice we'd received and she lost 3 pounds. YAY!

    I'm wondering if i should also convert how I'm eating on plan to calories.  I track my menu daily without fail, but it still feels funny counting points and not calories.  Thanks for the words of encouragement all!

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    That's a great news, congratulations!!!!! 


    Congratulations on your loss!

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